homeowners: Arlington MA Real Estate Update - 09/11/09 03:27 AM
Week Ending 9/10/09
The average price per square foot for Arlington MA was $283, a decrease of 12% compared to the same time last year. The average sales price for homes, condos, and multi-families in Arlington MA for the period 8/10/09 to 9/10/09 was $411,196 based on 96 home sales. Compared to the same period one year ago, the average home sales price decreased 17%, or $85,260, but the number of home sales increased 71%.
There are currently 41 resale and new homes in Arlington MA (not including bank-owned or pre-foreclosure properties). The average listing price for single family homes … (1 comments)

homeowners: Cook with Gas, Save Some Dough! - 09/09/09 04:07 AM
Of all your household appliances, which one do you think uses the most energy?  If you said refrigerator, you're right!  Among the other high-usage appliances, dishwashers, washers, and dryers rank right up there (see the Energy Star web site for more info). In fact, up to one-third of a households total energy consumption occurs in the kitchen and laundry areas.  But what about your gas stove?
According to the U.S. Department of Energy, cooking accounts for only 4.4% of a household's total energy consumption (Buildings Energy Data Book).  It's so low, in fact, that Energy Star doesn't even calculate an optimal … (0 comments)

homeowners: Would you refuse a listing? - 08/11/09 04:34 AM
I've seen a couple of discussions on various group blogs about curb appeal and staging of a home prior to listing.  I think we can all agree, these elements are of utmost importance when listing a home.  However, I can't believe the number of pictures on the MLS I see with cluttered bedrooms, overgrown outdoor shrubbery, kitchens with dishes piled in the sink, etc.  I just can't believe the agent even has the nerve to post these pictures.
But this leads me to my question - have you ever, or would you, decline to take a listing because the home owner … (7 comments)

homeowners: What is a 203(k) Loan and How Can It Help You? - 07/08/09 04:01 PM
For some reason, I’ve been attracting a lot of buyers interested in finding a rehab property lately. Perhaps it’s because there are so many foreclosures on the market now, it’s the prevalent type of property to grab at a good price. I’m surprised, though, at the number of people who aren’t familiar with the 203(k) Rehabilitation Mortgage program, available through the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).
Here are just a few details on the program:
203(k) mortgages can be used for both single family purchases as well as condos. However, there are certain restrictions regarding the condo loans, … (1 comments)

homeowners: Looking for money to make home improvements? - 07/03/09 07:43 AM
Are you a home-buyer who's looking to get "more home for your money"?  What buyer isn't, right?  Or perhaps you're a current homeowner who would like to make some much-needed repairs to your home.  If so, keep reading...
A HUD-insured 203(k) loan may just be the financing tool you need to buy or create your perfect home!  With a 203(k) loan, available through any FHA-approved lender, you can purchase or refinance a property PLUS include the costs of making repairs and improvements (not just energy-efficient improvements either).
You could also combine the 203(k) financing with other financing options as well.  Consider … (0 comments)

homeowners: Saving Money By Sealing Your Home - 07/02/09 03:13 PM
Don’t think of this as just a “winter” topic either – you can save money on your cooling costs starting now by taking some simple steps to seal (or “tighten”) your home.
Air leakage amounts to 30-40% of a home’s heating and cooling costs. Stopping air leakage is important not only for energy savings, but also for protecting your home from the damaging effects of moisture and resulting mold. When air leaks in through walls, it carries humidity. When it hits a cold spot, it condenses and causes insulation and the surrounding wood to get wet, resulting in wood rot and … (0 comments)

homeowners: Arlington, MA 2008 Drinking Water Report Released - 06/24/09 03:01 PM
From my blog on 06/23/09:
"The Massachusetts Water Resources Authority and the Arlington Department of Public Works have released their annual Water Quality report for 2008, as mandated by the EPA. The results are excellent – we’ve got some of the best drinking water in the nation! For the 120 contaminants that are tested for, utilizing thousands of samples every week, every EPA standard was met and the lead test results show that MWRA has exceeded the federal Lead Action Level standards."
For more information, read my blog at CyberGreenRealty's Blog on Wordpress.

homeowners: Arlington, MA Median Listing Prices Up Over Quarter - 06/19/09 03:22 PM
From my CyberGreenRealty blog on 6/19/09:
Despite the perception the market is still languid, the median listing price for single-family and condo properties in Arlington, MA is up 10% over the last quarter (3/19/09 – 6/19/09), to a healthy $439,450. The average listing price is currently $476,684, a 5% increase over the same time period.
To read more and see the data, visit CyberGreenRealty's Blog.

homeowners: Cambridge, MA Median Home Sale Prices Increasing - 06/18/09 11:18 AM
From my blog on 6/18/2009:
The most recent Cambridge, MA, single family median sales price data show prices have jumped a healthy 12.7% compared to the same period last year. Arlington, MA and Somerville, MA have each experienced small declines in pricing (-5.2% and -6.3%, respectively). But combining all three locations, we find the median sales price has dipped only -1.4% compared to last year.
For more, read my blog at CyberGreenRealty's Blog.

homeowners: How Much $ Could You Save by Going Solar? - 06/17/09 12:35 PM
Let’s calculate some savings for you with a case study:
Assumptions for Mr. & Mrs. Homeowner with 2 teenage children; Average monthly utility bill: $230; Annual utility rate increase: 5.5% per annum (avg. of last 30 years in CA) Mr. & Mrs. Homeowner get a qualified energy audit done of their home (appx. $500-800, depending on your part of the country) and it’s recommended they install a solar system to help heat their home, hot water, and even supply excess energy BACK to the energy grid (think of this as your roof making money!).
Mr. & Mrs. Homeowner decide to go … (1 comments)

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