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Dead?On page optimization matters very little anymore.Alive?Optimization has moved into link optimization whereby your inbound  links are what will get your pages found/indexed by the engines. And what passes on value to your pages.No links and your gorgeous website or blog are dust in the digita...
The Battle For Who Cares the MostThousands of homeowners are on the brink of disaster. Yes, because of risky/aggressive lending practices of the past few years many of these people are one or two payments from a mess. One jump in the Prime rate or other indexes and these people are out of luck.Pe...
Do you ever feel like the entire weight of your business falls squarely across your shoulders? Some times as Entrepreneurs we might even carry that weight with pride. This is your baby after all.After time, if you have had any success at all that baby grows and your shoulders surely grow weary fr...
Although a webpage can get 200 elements looked at as Google spiders thru, I mention some of the more important ones below. Even so, it has been proved that you can get into a top position on links alone with even a blank page. So I came up with a few "gotta haves" that should be in all your webpa...
7 Blog MythsWe just finished the blog myth series. Call me nuts, call me the anti blogger-blogger. One thing you will find is that I don't drink the commonKoolaidbeing served up by most of the stuff online. There is a reason my blog, more importantly my websites make money. That is the point righ...
A friend who is a VA has just become available. She wrote an article over here:"Virtual Assistant "The qustions shouldn't be "What can a Virtual Assistant do for me", it should be "What CAN'T a Virtual Assistant do for me?"  Yes, it's a little cliche, but, oh so true.Virtual Assistants (V.A.'s) h...
Too Much Information Runnin' Thru my Head StingThat was the 80's and Sting was professing information overload. I believe it was the early 90's that the Boss (Bruce Springsteen) professed that there was "57 Channels and Nuthin On".I am sure if I sat down we all could come up with a ton more metap...
Some news for you to peruse:The LA Times has declared the Bubble a leak instead of a burst.A few articles I recently posted on the so called bubble:Conflicting data  // Realtors Making Money // On the Illusion of BubblesWe have run an ongoing series of the top ten SEO Myths. We are finished excep...
Merry Christmas everyone!The above title is merily a cheap attempt at a keyword stuff to get real estate keywords and hit tail key words into my blog post about a real Merry Christmas. SEO is more complicated than this isn't it? Certainly it cannot be as easy as writing about a topic on a realty ...

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