digital marketing: Are We Entering The Post-Pandemic Comeback? - 04/07/21 09:17 PM
Are we entering the post-pandemic comeback? Socially, it feels like it - in terms of real estate, the situation isn't so clear.
Despite uncertainties about the future market, when I woke up this morning the birds were singing, people were active outdoors, and spring was here. Everyone I'm close to has been vaccinated - and the few colleagues that haven't are planning on it.
People are finding work again - jobs are rebounding in the economy, and despite a massive wave of debt from pandemic spending, household income should at least be starting to stabilize.
Businesses are re-opening. My wife's preschool is back in … (10 comments)

digital marketing: CDC Moratorium Extension & REO Market - 04/06/21 10:02 PM
The US government just extended the eviction moratorium for another 3 months, according to an article in Forbes, which extends the rental moratorium deadline to June 30th, as well as protecting homeowners with Federally backed mortgages.
According to Forbes, "Landlords can still charge fees and penalties for not paying rent, so tenants should be aware that back rent along with potentially other late charges will be due once the moratorium is lifted. Landlords can demand payment in full immediately unless you make installment or other payment arrangements."
Presumably, when the moratorium ends we can expect to see a substantial increase in evictions and … (2 comments)

digital marketing: If You're Going To Sell On LinkedIn - Fill In Your Profile! - 04/06/21 08:20 AM
I'm very active on LinkedIn, and as a result I get approached frequently by B2B salespeople from a wide variety of organizations trying to either sell me their product or service, or else attempting to get me onboard to promote it to my network.
I've noticed something interesting about these folks, however. They seem to be so focused on "the art of the deal" that they neglect to fill in their online profiles. Some are missing profile pictures - many more lack descriptive statements of who the person is and what they do.
Why they're contacting me is no mystery: a slew of … (5 comments)

digital marketing: Do You Have A Digital Marketing Strategy For 2021? - 04/05/21 08:41 PM
Do you have a digital marketing strategy mapped out for 2021? We're well into the year already, so if you don't have a structured plan in place yet for digital marketing, now is the time to do it!
A digital marketing strategy provides a framework for online marketing in your business, along with how to achieve its goals, acquire new customers, retain existing accounts, increase sales, etc.
Planning an effective Digital Marketing Strategy requires the following steps.
Define your brand. Identify your ideal customer.  Create measurable, achievable & realistic goals. Choose the digital strategies that are best for your business. Set a budget. … (1 comments)

digital marketing: SEO Strategies to Generate More Website Leads - 03/30/21 09:03 PM
A great source of real estate leads is through your website. According to the National Association of REALTORS, more than 80% of prospective homebuyers search online to find their prospective agents as well as their prospective dream houses.
With that kind of lead volume flowing online, it makes sense to optimize your website to capture both the highest  quantity and quality of leads available - but how do you do it? The answer is to maximize your organic SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategy.
Here are a few tasks that can help you maximize your online SEO:
Make sure your website works on both … (2 comments)

digital marketing: Five Must-Have Social Media Networks - 03/30/21 08:59 PM
The days of "going viral" on social media are long gone, but it still holds real value as a shortcut for reaching out to your audience without spammy email, paying for ads, or SEO elbow-grease.
After all, your goal is to tell people about your listings - and social media gives you an easy path to reach not only the personal contacts in your network, but their friends & family as well.
A recent study on the number of social media users on popular networks shows some impressive figures:  Facebook – +2B users worldwide; YouTube – 1.5B; Instagram – 700M; Twitter – 328M; … (1 comments)

digital marketing: The Best Days & Times To Publish On Social Media - 03/30/21 08:58 PM
It's well known in the marketing world that there are better & worse times of the day to run ads. The same is true for marketing niches, such as email marketing - and not surprisingly, there are peak times for maximum social engagement as well.
Let's take a look at what the statistics tell us about the best times to post on the top social media networks:
Facebook:  The best days to post on Facebook are Saturdays and Sundays (both register 32% users) and Tuesdays and Fridays (both register 18% users.) The best times to post on Facebook are 9AM, 1PM (the most … (5 comments)

digital marketing: Useful Tips For Higher Website Conversion Rates - 03/30/21 08:56 PM
Odds are, you've spent a lot of time & money putting together your website. Add up all the photos, blogs, listings, and other elements of your online presence, and it totals up to a hefty sum of time & labor.
The last thing you want to is to lose the race in the final moments by losing your online visitors. They should be converting into online leads - not boiling away to your competitors! Here are a few importants tips to help increase your website conversion rates:
1. Make sure your site loads quickly. Kissmetrics tells us that 40% of your visitors will … (8 comments)

digital marketing: Critical Real Estate Lead-Generation Channels - 03/30/21 08:47 PM
You don't want to put all of your eggs in a single basket when it comes to generating leads. Too many things can go wrong, and leave your business high and dry. Here are some tips on how to build a diversified lead-generation portfolio to ensure that you always have new leads regardless of market conditions:
Phone Prospecting: Phone prospecting can be a powerful tool for lead generation, but it requires practice & perserverence to start getting results - and those results will get better over time as you develop your phone prospecting routine, polish up your scripts, and perfect your delivery. … (4 comments)

digital marketing: Be Where Your Competition Isn't - 03/30/21 08:24 PM
Earlier this year, I had a conversation with a very wealthy, very well known real estate industry executive. He was reminiscing about the early days of his career, and mentioned that he always prospected during the holidays.
"Around Christmas," I asked, "but that's a pretty dead time of year. In fact, a lot of agents simply pack it up then until spring."
"Exactly," he replied. He went on to explain to me that Christmas IS a pretty dead time of year, but despite there being a lot fewer leads, there are also a ton less agents competing for them.
In other words, be where … (3 comments)

digital marketing: Are You Overlooking Local Marketing Sources? - 03/30/21 05:27 PM
In today's world, we spend so much time on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other digital media that it's easy to overlook more trusted & traditional venues for marketing.
Engaging, local content helps to inform and educate your prospects by speaking to all aspects of their lives. It also helps support local business to advertise or at least contribute to it, and it reaches people in a way that common digital media may not. It's all about being where your competition isn't - as well as stay top of mind where they are.
Strategically tying together compatible marketing efforts and platforms (websites, blogs, emails, … (1 comments)

digital marketing: Do You Have A Content Marketing Strategy? - 03/30/21 05:24 PM
Have you outlined a strategy for content marketing yet, or are you just shooting from the hip, hoping that if you put enough material online you'll reach prospective clients?
Here are some suggestions to consider for creating content marketing strategy. Try to answer all of the questions below for yourself, and if you're not able to, do a Google search to find more answers - tons of information on content marketing is available online.
Who is your audience? Define your audience by demographics, home buying/selling experience, budgets, investment goals, and other factors. You want to address the specific needs within your audience … (1 comments)

digital marketing: 7 Useful Real Estate Lead Generation Techniques - 03/30/21 05:20 PM
Leads are the lifeblood of any real estate business - it seems like you can never have "enough", and if you ever do reach that point it's almost time to hire an assistant to handle them. In fact, that might not be a bad idea, since working leads does require a fair amount of work, and you may want to invest your time in closing deals rather than prospecting for them.
There are two types of leads, paid leads and organically generated leads.
Paid leads come from a variety of websites, including Zillow,, Trulia, RedX, Landvoice, ZBuyer and more. These are really … (1 comments)

digital marketing: How To Increase Your Self-Confidence After The Pandemic - 03/30/21 05:15 PM
Building self-confidence can be difficult. It's not an inherent attribute to your personality -  confidence or self-assurance comes from your appreciation of your own abilities or qualities. Confidence translates into trustworthiness, reliability, a quiet inner knowledge of capability, a radiation of positive energy.
It may help to think of confidence like a muscle that requires exercise to make stronger. Preparation is the key here. The more prepared you are, the more confident you will become.
The more skills in your toolbox, such as market knowledge, presentation or negotiating skills, the more confidence you will have at your disposal to tap into when you … (0 comments)

digital marketing: Success in Real Estate vs. "Getting Rich in Real Estate" - 03/29/21 11:10 AM
"I'm going into real estate, and I'm gonna get rich". Bet you've never heard that one before, huh? Buying a home is the largest purchase most Americans will ever make, and the large sums of money involved tempt many to get their license in the hopes of "getting rich" in real estate.
So, if so many people get into real estate to get rich, then why does the average Realtor® make only around $50,000 a year? What's the hidden drag that slows so many people down? It's a single word: work.
Every career agent that I know works their butt off. I've met … (0 comments)

digital marketing: What Can A Marketing Agency Do That We Can't Do In-House? - 03/29/21 10:13 AM
Re-envision your company. I’ve done this a number of times, approaching the existing marketing of a firm from an outsider’s perspective, and carefully weighing their strengths & challenges against their competitors.
Some problems with doing your own marketing are:
Implicit bias towards your own products & services, which makes it difficult to correctly position yourself in the marketplace. Overlooking & failing to leverage social proof such as testimonials, online reviews, etc. Not clearly expressing what you do to outsiders because you’ve internalized it so well that it’s obvious to you. Three recent examples of this from my own clients are:
Company A: They were having … (0 comments)

digital marketing: How can I motivate a growing sales team? - 03/26/21 10:29 PM
This is an enormous question - there have been entire books written on how to motivate a sales team, and for good reason: if you can setup the internal dynamics of the team correctly, you can double or triple the sales you'd see in a group of "average" performers.
Here are some techniques used in company's I've worked at:
Determine Achievable Goals. You probably already have a couple of sales reps, so do an average of their daily/monthly/quarterly sales to set some benchmarks for new staff. Take into consideration training & ramp-up time so that they have achievable goals. Commission + Benchmarked … (0 comments)

digital marketing: What's the Best Way To Spend $1,000 Budget For Online Ads? - 03/26/21 10:26 PM
Online advertising should be bifurcated between "local/regional" and "national" advertising - although advertising platforms like Google or Facebook typically require you to specifically narrow your ads to a local level.
So, speaking locally, $1,000 is more than enough to get you started. In fact, I'd recommend doing a few tests with even smaller amounts. You can boost a post on Facebook for $20 and see if it gets traction - so why not play around with some boosted Facebook posts to your target audience & then put real money into the top-performing post? It's safer for your wallet!
You could also put that … (0 comments)

digital marketing: Has Your Social Media Marketing Quit Working? Here's How To Fix It! - 03/26/21 10:23 PM
In online marketing, especially in a competitive industry like real estate, anytime you find a channel that truly works for producing leads it's a good bet that it won't last.
Part of the problem is "saturation", which happens when everybody who was going to take action on your message already has. Don't get me wrong: repeat exposure to a message keeps you top of mind, and changing consumer needs mean that your marketing channel will never completely dry up - but when you reach saturation, your lead flow drops rapidly & it's obviously time for change.
Another issue is competition: your competitors are … (1 comments)

digital marketing: What Will Happen In Marketing In The Next 10 Years? - 03/26/21 10:20 PM
When you look at e-commerce as a percentage of US GPD over the past few years, you’ll see that it continues to grow. So over the next decade, we can expect to see advertising in all forms continue to grow & become more competitive.
Market competition will continue to increase, which will drive up advertising costs on channels like Adwords. This in turn will lead to 4 things:
Higher costs in mainstream ad channels like Adwords will drive more spending in lower return channels as their relative ROI becomes more inline with Adwords higher prices. We’re already seeing this with Facebook Ads, … (1 comments)

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