homeowners: Drywall Repairs: Practice with Peanut Butter - 01/21/11 08:53 PM
Applying drywall mud is like spreading peanut butter?
You spread joint compound with a taping knife. Your goal is a smooth coating, to hide the seams joining 2 pieces of sheet rock along with the screws or nails used to hang the drywall. The smaller putty knife is used for repairing small dings and holes in the wall.
When making a peanut butter & jelly sandwich, you spread the peanut butter and your favorite jelly with a butter knife. You've got steak knives for cutting steak.
Homeowners might think contractors speak a foreign language ... and they're right, sort of. We … (12 comments)

homeowners: Fantastic Realtor Resource List - 01/29/09 02:52 PM
Wow, now I'm embarrassed as I just stumbled on the BEST!!! list of homeowner resources I've ever seen on the web, from a realtor in Seattle. Not even an hour since I wrote my earlier post about my electricians & plumbers ... oh it's a different world today. The only thing I might add here are web site addresses.
Congratulations to Kim Wesselman for a job well done (and now I'll check her profile here).


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