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CONGRATULATIONS JONESBORO ARKANSAS!!! WOW....What a Great compliment to my hometown.  This is all based on research conducted by the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics. Jonesboro has a unemployment rate of 6.5 percent, which is very strong compared to the national level. We have our great manufactors...
Spring is here and lot of homeowners   are thinking, it is time to put their home on the market. Now that the decision has been made to sell your home, you'll want to look at it differently. It's now a house "for sale"  and you have to look at it through a "buyers" eyes. Dressing your house for s...
The housing recovery is continuing to be strong going  into 2013. The interest rates being the lowest in over 40 years, has been a huge factor. I know our market in Jonesboro, Arkansas has not been affected as much as other places. Jonesboro Real Estate continues to be strong. We have a great man...
I have a wonderful book on my desk at the office "SUCCESS"... One day at a time.. By John C. Maxwell. It is such a I GET IT book. Meaning, you ever just read something so simple and you say..Oh yea I GET IT!!!  This book is one of those, nothing fancy, just simple word of wisdom. Some days I just...
TEAM(tem)n. a group of people working and playing together. Teamwork n. joint action by a group of people. Did you notice there is not a I in the word team or teamwork. Selling a home or property is a team effort. It is both Realtor and Sellers responsiblity to work together until property is clo...
I know I am not the only Realtor that gets these calls? Each time I get one I ask the same question. I get numerous answers, some are understandable " YES, if your credit score is below 400 you probably need to rent. But, I am so surprised at the callers that say "I don't know" I guess I really h...
What is a Pre-Approval letter? I get this question ask alot, especially comes from First Time Home Buyers. What is so important about a Pre-Approval letter. As a Realtor let me help you with these questions. First of all, if you are a serious buyer it is a must to get pre-approved. This determine...
I would like to know if any Realtors have a business plan for 2012? If so, how is it different than yours from 2011. Did you add more prospecting time, decide to blog more or is it all about the same. I always have a plan, because I am a person who has trouble sitting still, so focus is a problem...
On Friday, September 23 the Jonesboro Board of Realtors had a food fight. Sounds bad, does'nt it!! It was a fundraiser for our local Food Bank. Did you guys know that 25% of the people served are children under 18, 89% of the people served are below the official poverty level.  In 2010, the Food ...
Calling on all home buyers in Northeast Arkansas. Are you ready to take advantage of these remarkable interest rates? The rates are historically low and NOW is the time to BUY!! If you are renting, the rent you are paying could be more than owning your own  home. If you are wanting a larger home,...

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