jonesboro arkansas: 8 LEAST EXPENSIVE PLACES TO LIVE in U.S. JONESBORO AR #4 - 11/04/13 04:06 AM
CONGRATULATIONS JONESBORO ARKANSAS!!! WOW....What a Great compliment to my hometown.  This is all based on research conducted by the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics. Jonesboro has a unemployment rate of 6.5 percent, which is very strong compared to the national level. We have our great manufactors of Frito-Lay, Nestle, Butterball, Nordex and others to thank for the unemployment being that low. Jonesboro also has great medical facility in St. Bernards and our new NEA Baptist Hospital and their employment. Yes, Jonesboro is a GREAT place to call HOME. Cost of living is low compared to other places as well. I am … (0 comments)

jonesboro arkansas: DRESS YOUR HOUSE FOR SUCCESS JONESBORO ARKANSAS - 03/19/13 05:17 AM
Spring is here and lot of homeowners   are thinking, it is time to put their home on the market. Now that the decision has been made to sell your home, you'll want to look at it differently. It's now a house "for sale"  and you have to look at it through a "buyers" eyes. Dressing your house for success doesn't have to be expensive or time consuming. First, lets start with outdoors....spruce up all around the house outside, trim shrubs, weed garden beds, clean off your outdoor furniture, fix doorbells and door knobs, and any broken windows need to be replaced. Let's … (2 comments)

jonesboro arkansas: HOUSING MARKET FOR 2013 - 01/24/13 01:41 AM
The housing recovery is continuing to be strong going  into 2013. The interest rates being the lowest in over 40 years, has been a huge factor. I know our market in Jonesboro, Arkansas has not been affected as much as other places. Jonesboro Real Estate continues to be strong. We have a great manufacturing industry that is food related, which is going strong. I am looking forward to working with both buyers and sellers in 2013. I hope all my fellow Realtors  have a booming year.

TEAM(tem)n. a group of people working and playing together.
Teamwork n. joint action by a group of people.
Did you notice there is not a I in the word team or teamwork.
Selling a home or property is a team effort. It is both Realtor and Sellers responsiblity to work together until property is closed and check is in hand. As I list I tell seller first and foremost we are forming a "TEAM" to get this listing SOLD. If any of you have ever played sports you know how important your team mates are. I have  played sports all my … (0 comments)

On Friday, September 23 the Jonesboro Board of Realtors had a food fight. Sounds bad, does'nt it!! It was a fundraiser for our local Food Bank. Did you guys know that 25% of the people served are children under 18, 89% of the people served are below the official poverty level.  In 2010, the Food Bank distributed 2.6 MILLON pounds of food, yep,  you heard right...2.6 MILLON pounds!!!  So, the Realtors Food Fight was putting agency up against agency, and you guys know how COMPETITIVE us Realtors are!! We each had our own way of raising money and canned goods for our … (2 comments)

jonesboro arkansas: FUN THINGS TO DO IN JONESBORO ARKANSAS - 09/09/11 07:56 AM
With the weather starting to cool down here in Northeast Arkansas, outside activities are a must. Jonesboro offers all kinds of fun outdoors. We are home to Craighead Park, which has fishing, walking trails and an awesome play ground for your Children. Arkansas Game and Fish has the nature center, if you havent visited this it is a must see,   it is educational and FREE. Also this Oct. 1 our Downtown is hosting Jonesboro BBQ fest on Main St. beginning at 11 am. You can enjoy a variety of music, activities of all kinds and of couse BBQ. So come check … (0 comments)

jonesboro arkansas: CENTURY 21 and CAKE BOSS!! JONESBORO ARKANSAS - 06/05/11 12:31 PM
How many of you watch "CAKE BOSS" on TLC?  Please, tune in to TLC on Monday, June, 6th at 9PM. This is a special episode with Century 21. The Century 21 organization turns 40 years old and CAKE BOSS made it special for us. So, please tune in for this special  episode.

jonesboro arkansas: JOBS JOBS JOBS!! JONESBORO ARKANSAS - 01/10/11 03:18 AM
Jonesboro is known all over the south for is quality workforce and job choices. We are close to Memphis, which is a major hub for trucking. This is very important to our manufacturing. In fact, in 2010 Jonesboro was one of only 14 regions in the  country to experience job growth. So, whatever your expertise, you will be amazed at the opportunities that are available here. If you are looking for a job change or just looking for a job, please come check out our jobs here. Come grow with us!!

jonesboro arkansas: LOOK WHAT JONESBORO ARKANSAS HAS TO OFFER - 01/08/11 07:09 AM
Jonesboro is a great place to live, raise a family and play. As a Realtor you often get ask "What makes Jonesboro unique?"  To me it is "The People" Jonesboro is filled with people who truly give back to the community. It does not matter if it's the pack the bus with school supplies in August for  children or if it is to help send Christmas gifts to our WONDERFUL  service Men and Woman that are in service to this great Country. The folks in Jonesboro and Craighead County,  always amaze me at their eagerness to dig deep in their pockets for the community. 

jonesboro arkansas: ARE YOU THINKING OF BUYING A NEW HOME??? JONESBORO ARKANSAS - 11/21/10 03:35 AM
If you are thinking of buying a new home, let me give you some reasons that will make you really want to buy. First, the Mortgage interest rates are at a all time low. And that is what determines what your payment will be,  and what you can afford, hence, lower the rates, the lower the payment. By purchasing a home now, you will lock in a low interest rate that will benefit you for the term of your loan. Other reasons to buy now is the fact that houses are priced right due to the housing market down turn. Also, … (4 comments)

jonesboro arkansas: NEW LISTING JONESBORO ARKANSAS 105 HUNTER LANE $173,500 - 03/26/10 02:35 PM
This is a new listing in Jonesboro, Ar. close to ASU. This home is 4 bedrooms, 2 bath, fenced back yard, lots of storage. Check it out go to   MLS# 10037316

jonesboro arkansas: 2010 WILL BE A GREAT YEAR TO BE A REAL ESTATE AGENT!! - 01/04/10 02:25 PM
Hope everyone had a great New Year. I think 2010 is going to be an AWESOME year to be a real estate professional. If Friday, Jan. 1 is any factor as to what the year will be for me, then I will be having a good year. I started getting calls early Friday and by that afternoon I was showing property. I got several out of state internet calls of folks wanting to talk about property here in Northeast Arkansas. It feels so good to see the excitement of buyers and sellers again. I know the past year we had  several … (14 comments)

jonesboro arkansas: CENTURY 21 INDIAN REALTY, JONESBORO ARKANSAS - 10/12/09 02:55 PM
 This is our 2009 Homebuyers and Sellers Extravaganza that was held Sat. Oct. 10th. in our Century 21 parking lot. We all worked very hard on this project. We hope it did educate our buyers and sellers. We really enjoyed visiting with everone. Would like to thank all our lenders, title companies and home inspectors for their participation. Hope to do another one in the spring.

jonesboro arkansas: 2009 HOMEBUYER & SELLER EXTRAVAGANZA, JONESBORO ARKANSAS - 10/08/09 02:54 PM
Century 21 Indian Realty in Jonesboro, Arkansas is having a Homebuyers and Sellers Extravaganza. It will be held Sat. Oct. 10th from 10-2 in the C-21 parking lot on Grant Street in Jonesboro. We will have several lenders for on site pre-approval. And for the sellers we can do a market search to see what your home could be listed for in your area. Free food and prizes...Please come join us for the fun....and lets take advantage of the low rates, and the free tax credit. Hope to see you there!!!!!!!!!

jonesboro arkansas: FAIR BOOTH CENTURY 21 INDIAN REALTY JONESBORO ARKANSAS - 09/23/09 03:43 PM
The Craighead county fair is this week   Sept. 21-26. Century 21 Indian Realty has a booth in the fair.  As I mentioned in the previous blog, we all  worked long hours  on the doll house to be given away. 
I cant wait to draw the lucky winners name.....good luck to all who signed up!!


The Craighead county fair is this week. Starting Monday Sept. 21-26 is fair week. Time for great fun, food and rides. For several years Century 21 Indian Realty has had a booth at the fair. This year as our door prize we decided to build a doll house. After many hours of glueing, painting, cutting, sanding and putting it together we have finished the doll house. So if you are at  the fair this week, dont forget to sign up for our doll house drawing, who knows  you may be our lucky winner. I will post more pics of the … (5 comments)

jonesboro arkansas: MY ACTIVE RAIN SUCCESS STORY!!! JONESBORO ARKANSAS - 07/18/09 02:39 PM
Are you ready for this....Here is the power of Active Rain. I have made alot of friends, learned so much from all my fellow real estate agents, lenders, and all who have written such great post. I have also made some great connections and have several referrals from Active rain. In June I had my first closing from a Active rain contact. So yes, Active rain does work. My clients are on the internet looking for a real estate agent in Jonesboro, Arkansas. They contacted me, they drove to Jonesboro from another state on Monday and on Friday we had an … (11 comments)

jonesboro arkansas: INFO BOX OR NOT? - 05/24/09 07:24 AM
I would like to know how other real estate agents feel about information boxes on yard signs. In our office some of our agents use them and others dont. I do use them, in fact several of my sellers have requested them. My idea for using a info box, is that the more information the buyers have before they call you the better. If they already know how many bedrooms, baths, square feet, and price then the buyer is informed and serious about looking. So what do you think info box or not? And what are the reasons you choose them … (10 comments)

jonesboro arkansas: JOBS IN JONESBORO ARKANSAS - 03/22/09 01:41 PM
 Jonesboro is home to several  manufacturs to list a few we have Nestle, Frito-lay, Thomas-Betts, and our new Nice-pak is calling Jonesboro home. I know the economy has a bit of a slow down and the news media is always reporting about job loss, but Jonesboro has several places that are hiring. The new  AT& T customer service company Startek is hiring in April along with Nice-pak. So if you are making a move to a new town to look for a job, you may want to consider Jonesboro. We do have jobs available, our housing is affordable, our schools are … (7 comments)

jonesboro arkansas: CENTURY 21 STATE AWARDS GALA - 03/01/09 01:01 AM
The Century 21 state awards for Arkansas was held Saturday Feb. 20-21. The gala was held in Little Rock at the Hilton. Our very own Century 21 Indian Realty held some top honors. Darrel Cook received the Centurion award. The Centurion award is only given to the top 5% Century 21 agents nationwide. Darrel is also the #2 Century 21 real estate agent in the state. Congratulations Darrel!! Peggy Meeker and Joe Banks both received the Masters  Emerald level, a top award for number of units sold. Neva Kunke received the Sapphire award, for units sold, along with Wanda Mills and … (7 comments)

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