sustainability: Seeds Trust – Enhancing Sustainability in Local Farming & Ranching - 05/17/10 11:01 AM

Seeds are just amazing things.  From a very small shell of all shapes and dimensions comes beautiful and delicious fruits, vegetables, nuts, grains, and flowers.
Healthy seeds, non-GMO seeds, and heirloom seeds are a very important component of preserving agriculture for future generations
Seeds Trust is a 25-year old, family-owned seed company that has very helpful information and resources for those interested in saving seeds, growing a garden, and basically preserve man-kind by preserving agriculture as we know, or used to know it.
Visit Seeds Trust HERE.
This post originally appeared HERE at "The Good American Post" blog.

sustainability: Loving Land & Liberty - 04/02/10 10:41 AM
Today I wrote this brief article for our Good American Post Blog because of the very troubling duality of people, when ALL of us should be concerned with our families, communities, and countries, because WE ARE ALL AMERICANS.  And we are in this together, in my humble opinion.
What does this have to do with real-estate?  Well, when it comes to customers and fellow agents, I think it is important to be willing and able to work with folks who both love land and love liberty, because that is an inherent component of property transactions of all types, particularly farm and … (0 comments)

sustainability: Protecting Land, Wildlife, Hunters, and our Constitutional Rights - 03/13/10 11:54 AM

Now, it may seem like a stretch to group all of these together, but in fact, it is all part of the same discussion.
Today I have become aware of a bill in the House of Representatives (HR-4289) the Colorado Wilderness Act of 2009, that threatens the ability of hunters and wildlife and habitat management people to access land, which could have detrimental impacts on the ecology of these forest areas (you can read more here:
Our land - the soil and water that we are completely dependent upon for how we live and how we eat - must … (4 comments)

sustainability: My First Post - 04/17/07 05:02 AM
It is raining and the sky is overcast - this is a beautiful day.  The rain has a wonderful way of washing away what is wrong and bringing to light what is right.  Although there was a tragedy yesterday in our country, today we wake up to a new day with not only questions, but expectations and hopes.
I am fulfilling my dreams today writing on this blog, telling people about how I feel and asking how we can work together to make a difference in our communities and our world.  Real estate is a remarkable example of something that you and … (23 comments)

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