buyers: Sure I can! But, should I? - 09/20/11 10:06 AM
Sure I can!  But,should I?
Our profession has a few grey areas and if we're not careful, every once in a while one will jump up and bite us in the bum!
With many thanks to Greg Nino for his thought provoking post!
You've shown a home to your prospective Buyer Clients and the Seller has called you for feedback.   This is NOT your listing.  According to the COE, if the Seller has initiated contact you may speak with them.  Of course, some states may have different laws and you need to be certain of what they are before you … (9 comments)

buyers: Would you buy this house? - 05/12/11 05:35 AM
Would you buy this house?

I don't know how many times I've had a Buyer ask, "Would you buy this house?"  I appreciate that they value my opinion, but it's kind of hard to answer.  After all, I'm not in the market for a new home, so I'm not looking at the house in that light.  We're not viewing homes based on my Wish List, we're viewing homes based on theirs and I never project my wishes or what I would consider a requirement in a home on my Buyers. 

I can tell them if I think it's a great deal based … (18 comments)

buyers: The house isn't the only thing Buyer's are looking at! - 03/03/11 02:54 AM
The house isn't the only thing Buyer's are looking at!
Spring is in the air and if you're thinking of selling your home, NOW is the time to spruce up your yard and outdoor living spaces.
Buyer's are certainly most concerned with the condition of the home.  But a well-kept yard is also very important, especially in an area like Wrightsville Beach NC.  Here, we are Blessed with good weather for most of the year and we love our outdoor spaces! 
Just a few tips to make your home more appealing to Buyers --
1.  Trim all trees and shrubs.  … (14 comments)

buyers: Just another Neglected Listing -- or 3 or 4 - 02/21/11 01:13 AM
Just another Neglected Listing -- or 3 or 4
Lucky me showed property yesterday.  Un-lucky me didn't get to preview beforehand. 
Now, normally, I preview, especially for out-of-town Buyers -- saves me from what I experienced this weekend and respects their time.  Unfortunately, these folks called at the last minute and only had the afternoon to look.  This happens frequently at the beach -- I believe many of you call it the Pop-Tart Agent Syndrome?  I call it -- Let's Make a Sale!  I pulled up some properties which met the criteria they gave me and off we went to see some houses!
Now, I … (17 comments)

buyers: Why hasn't my house sold? - 02/07/11 12:39 AM
Why hasn't my house sold? 
Oh, to have an easy answer and quick fix for you.  There are so many factors to consider; current market conditions, pricing of the property, condition of the property, marketing . . . 
Let's start with current market conditions.  This is something you really cannot control.  And neither can Real Estate Agents.  This is controlled by buyer's.  They buy, the market improves.  They wait, it remains stagnant.
How do you get buyers to quit waiting and make a purchase?  Price, condition and terms.  Plain and simple.  And these are things you CAN control!  That's good news, … (15 comments)

buyers: AND WE'RE NOT HAVING FUN, WHY? - 09/27/10 01:54 AM
Something occurred to me yesterday.  Not really sure why it hit me like a bolt of lightning, but it did. 
When did buying a home become so arduous?  When did it become such a chore?  We're not having fun, why?
I remember working with buyers when we had FUN!  We were a TEAM, and we were on a mission!  It was about the search, the hunt -- the thrill of finding THE ONE! 
We'd see some duds, and laugh.  Some of the wallpaper I've seen!  Some of the "artwork"?  Oh, boy!  And what was with the one that had the toilet IN … (20 comments)

buyers: Twilight Tour of Homes Update - 07/31/10 12:29 PM
Our company just kicked-off our first Twilight Tour of Homes this past week -- about 20 of us held Open Houses from 6:00 P.M. to 8:00 P.M. on Thursday evening.  Our intention was to allow people the opportunity to view homes they drive-by on a daily basis, but might be precluded from visiting on the weekends.
In our infinite wisdom, my Assistant and I agreed to hold a vacant home open.  Well . . . sometimes we're just not so smart.  It was a sad and lonely vacant home.  Do I need to tell you the home needed to be cleaned?  … (2 comments)

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