ryan orr: Meet Lori, Cust Service Extraordinaire - 02/02/18 09:27 AM
Its all about the people!
When it comes down to differentiating companies, it truly comes down to the people and the service they give.
Over the years I have found that the really good ones become like family. Lori truly rocks! Watch this video and get to know her a little better, and how to use best practices to get what you need and more importantly WHEN you need it!
Common Requests: Farms Labels Profiles Tax Roles Zoning Permits Investor Searches You always have options when working with us, be it the personal touch, or tools like www.TicorOnline.com & mobile app Ticor Elite to … (1 comments)

ryan orr: Cannabis & Real Estate... Implications, do you know? - 01/17/18 05:19 AM
Interesting quandary in in California, and several other states that have legalized Cannabis at the state level and the implications that come with it are quite, hmmm different.. Now, this talk is neither whether I am for nor against the legalization and more about dispelling a few myths, and or challenges with the "Marijuana Business."
Just over one week ago I had the please of hearing one of the best escrow attorneys in Southern California speak. Rose Pothier has arguably got to be one of the most respected, and referenced in her field, and to hear her take was extremely eye opening.
A … (4 comments)

ryan orr: Being Intentional... Choose Wisely! - 01/02/18 07:48 AM
Be Intentional… Its a new year and new opportunities are before us. HOW WE RESPOND is up to us.
You see this blog post is simple and based on a philosophy my dad would always tell us…. ” Absolutely, you have a choice, however, what you decide will have implications.” -Jim Orr
You see this concept transfers to ALL areas of life and I am continually reminded of this almost daily.
We need to be careful as to what we allow into our life and how we allow for interruptions! YOUR TIME IS VALUABLE!!! We are told its the most precious asset we … (1 comments)

ryan orr: Unemployed Again… Life of a Salesman- End of Month/Year - 12/20/17 06:55 AM
End Of month/Year    Which one are you…. The DRIVEN or the Scared by this… yes Tic Toc, Tic Toc! It comes down to perspective, you can beat the month before, erase a tough month, year, or continually improve! I am probably not the only one that loves and hates the end of the month/year, or is that what drives us? Yep, New Year, New Month, and we are starting at ZERO. Ha ha ha! Unemployed & New Opportunity begins! For some this battle can be daunting, and unbearable, and others seem to THRIVE in this environment. I love this opportunity, I THRIVE IN IT.. You … (0 comments)

ryan orr: Geo-Farming on Steroids... Are you plugged in with this? - 12/16/17 06:50 AM
#GeographicFarming redefined!! This tool with dramatically increase your results through #TargetMarketing “Your” Area, by staying “Alive,” and or up to date as the market (people) move in and out! If you have not seen this tool, even if you won’t use it, you will want to take a 👀 to see how simple it is and how it allows us to easily target different market segments.. For more info, call, text or email me.. let’s schedule the time, and get you dialed in. 
Top Reasons you want this tool!
Simplicity Farm stays actively monitored, and update Ease of use to mail merge Hyper-targeted markets w one Click! … (1 comments)

ryan orr: Stop Talking, Start Doing... Talk has become so cheap! (or expensive) - 12/16/17 06:40 AM
Are you one of those thats says... I just don't get it? Well, you are not alone. However, YOU have a choice! 
Just like travel agencies & many other industries they got swept up in the, "we will always be here." How well did that work out for them? Hello Expedia, and the countless other travel sites. 
How Social are you? Will you take the Online Challenge? #Bold#StepOut #DoSomething #Branding Team Title Guy  As we close out the year, Surround yourself with people who push you to be better! #Inspire!
Do You: Youtube Channel, Podcast Social Presence BLOG Do PEOPLE ENGAGE?
Looking for True Leaders to collaborate with … (2 comments)

ryan orr: Family Gatherings- Opportunity? R U Prepared - 12/16/17 06:32 AM
As I sit with so many clients, many will say that they want to grow their business yet they don't want to "SELL" their family members/ friends. 
If your friends or family are going to "BUY," then they are going to buy. Whether it is with you or not is a choice you have to live with! PROVIDE VALUE, EDUCATE, and ALWAYS look out for their best interest and all will win! #GameOn 
Make sure you have the tools that can help you win! 
Lets make sure you are ready to rock!
So the choice becomes yours, HOW WILL YOU respond to the … (3 comments)

ryan orr: BK & the Real Estate Transaction... Deal Killer? - 04/15/17 08:17 PM
PODCASTS now Made LIVE!!! BK & RE!!!  Podcast of our Meeting with Masters BK & Real Estate!!! Next Class is coming up on May 23rd! Huge thank you to Aruna Rodrigo & CKB Vienna for the support today!!! Great Content! #Bankruptcy#RealEstate #TitleInsurance  Click HERE for PODCAST of event!  In our Series of events with with be opening the conversation on Bankruptcy and how it impacts the real estate transaction. We are honored to have Aruna Rodrigo of CKBVienna out with our Underwriters to discuss the implications, and how to work through these issues.   DO YOU KNOW: Difference Ch 7 & 13th Whats TRULY … (0 comments)

ryan orr: ReVive 2017: RE Market Forecast, and more - 04/01/17 04:33 PM
REvive began with Citrus Valley Association of REALTORS® as the sole presenter. Now in its 5th year with 11 associations participating, REvive has grown into a phenomenal event where real estate industry professionals can hear from nationally-recognized speakers about the latest laws, issues and trends in real estate, network and gain knowledge that can help them be successful in their business.
“We are so excited to have such an amazing lineup for what will be a remarkable conference this year,” said Epstein, who’s lead the REvive organizing team since its inception.
For the complete lineup of speakers and more information on REvive, go … (0 comments)

ryan orr: Stand Out In a Crowd! #CreateYourOwnLuck - 03/24/17 05:41 AM
Stand out in a crowd! There is a difference, and we take it to heart... Lean on us, and we believe if we know you, we can grow you!  In the title industry, our product is extremely plain, vanilla, and fees are regulated by the DOI. We work hard and smart daily to bring value to our clients and strive towards the theory of #KnowYouGrowYou!   … (0 comments)

ryan orr: Let the Light Shine On! #SpringForward - 03/07/17 05:21 AM
Let the light #Shine!! It's upon us this weekend!! Wooo whooo.. more time outside with family and friends! More showing hours!! Let the Spring Selling season move forward!! #SpringForward #TTG 
So as we look for inspiration and opportunity, may we let our lights shine bright. May we give all the that we have in our daily efforts, and may we help others reach thier goals, and dreams! 
Spend your time wisely and help others! 
God Bless! 

ryan orr: Supporting Families of the Deployed, Share the LOVE! - 12/01/16 05:39 AM
OPPORTUNITY: Help us share the LOVE with our local Military Families. 
Operation Community Cares is excited to partner with the City of Rancho Cucamonga, Victoria Gardens, and Good Day LA/ Fox LA, to raise awareness and help make their season bright! 
We will be collecting items for the next 10 days! 
Thank you in advance, and God Bless the USA!

ryan orr: Passion, Purpose, & Dedication.. Day in the life of the The Title Guy! - 11/13/16 10:05 PM
Here is a snapshot into my world and a day in my life...
There is much to be done, and I take this opportunity with great honor and respect.. Gonna leave as little to chance as I can.
When YOU win, WE WIN

ryan orr: Reminder: Death & Real Estate- Implications - 11/06/16 01:45 PM
Do Not Miss This Class!
Tuesday November 8th 
10:30 - 12:30 pm 
Red Hill Country Club 
RSVP: Click Here 
When YOU win, WE win! 
Sell, Buy, Refi, Specify Team Title Guy! 

ryan orr: Training Series continues- Death & Real Estate! - 11/01/16 10:10 PM
When: Nov 8th 
Time: 10:30 -12:30 pm 
Location: Red Hill Country Club
8358 Red Hill Country Club Dr
Rancho Cucamonga, Ca 91730
We have room for 75.. Join us and RSVP on our Team Title Guy FB Page!


ryan orr: Alternative Real Estate Investing- TTG Training Series Continues - 09/26/16 10:34 PM
Join us For the next class in the line up to learn and grow! 
Register Here 
This class will have an excellent expert and Taxes and Investments, who has been helping folks find additional ways to get involved in investing in Real Estate in a different way. Come to heat how they are doing it, and learn if its something you or your clients might be interested in! 
To know you is to grow you! 
When YOU win, WE win! 

ryan orr: Thank you to the best Clients in the world! - 09/20/16 12:04 AM
Aug 15-17, 2016 Bellagio, Las Vegas
As the invite came a few months ago to come to an event hosted by our parent company FNF to be with some of the top folks in the nation as it relates to title, I was humbled and honored! Attending the event was quite incredible and seeing the folks that run our company was eye-opening and refreshing. It was awesome to gather ideas and a methods that my counter-parts across the nation are helping their clients WIN!
Lions Run with Lions...
As the awards banquet started on Friday night, I realized that our clients had promoted us to the 
TOP … (2 comments)

ryan orr: Updates/ Training 2x per week. 45 mins - 09/14/16 09:12 PM
Weekly Training Series Offered at- Hosted by Team Title Guy
Looking for opportunities to grow and learn? We have created a schedule of training classes that we focusing on ONE item, and keeping the training classes to approximately 45 mins in length.
These classes are hands on, role play, practical application of the best tools in the industry!
We have room in each class for about 8 people, and that is perfect. We DO advise bring your laptop, and your mobile devices so we can personally walk you through the tools and allow you to get a comfort level with the tools! 
We truly believe … (0 comments)

ryan orr: Ca Assoc of Realtors Gov Hutchinson Exceeds Expectations - 09/14/16 08:15 PM
Gov Hutchinson speaks at the West End Real Estate Professionals 
 Sept 9, 2016  At least once a year we are honored to have Gov come out and speak to our group, and he never disappoints. He is witty, informed and to the point as to what is relevant and pressing in the real estate industry! As Assistant General Counsel for the California Association of Realtors he truly has his finger on the pulse. Fortunate for us, one of our attendees did record the event itself, and it is definitely worth watching.  
 On this day we had 123 real estate professionals in attendance, and we could … (0 comments)

ryan orr: Love this home, do you know what the tax rate is? - 08/19/16 12:10 AM
PROPERTY TAX: Its not THAT big of a deal, RIGHT? 
$600,000 x 1% = $6,000 = $500/month
$600,000 x 2% = $12,000= $1,000/month
(Might this impact buying decisions?)
So here it comes the question, a common question. Sounds like it should be so simple, but, is it? So many times I here the answer oh, I just tell them its about 1.5%. That does not seem like a great answer, but I guess its all you got if you don't know the answer and you have not done the research.
My team and I have a simple solution. Its quick and painless.
When YOU win, WE win! 
Sell, … (0 comments)

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