title insurance: Unemployed Again… Life of a Salesman- End of Month/Year - 12/20/17 06:55 AM
End Of month/Year    Which one are you…. The DRIVEN or the Scared by this… yes Tic Toc, Tic Toc! It comes down to perspective, you can beat the month before, erase a tough month, year, or continually improve! I am probably not the only one that loves and hates the end of the month/year, or is that what drives us? Yep, New Year, New Month, and we are starting at ZERO. Ha ha ha! Unemployed & New Opportunity begins! For some this battle can be daunting, and unbearable, and others seem to THRIVE in this environment. I love this opportunity, I THRIVE IN IT.. You … (0 comments)

title insurance: Exposed! - 06/11/13 10:56 PM
It is normal and customary practice at most escrow branches to make a photocopy of the earnest money check at the bottom of the system–issued receipt and provide a copy of it to the listing agent, selling agent, mortgage broker and lender.
In one escrow branch they did just that, only to find out from the buyers the information from the earnest money check had been intercepted by fraudsters who attempted to write more checks using the same exact check number in various amounts to different payees.
In February 2013, the buyers wrote a check to Chicago Title Company in the … (0 comments)

title insurance: Short Pay Lenders Are Serious! - 05/13/13 11:24 PM
Short pay lenders are serious about the principals upholding the terms and conditions placed on them by the short sale agreement. One of the most common conditions reads, "The property will not be sold within 90 days of the closing date of the subject real estate purchase contract." Short pay lenders enforce this condition by checking the chain of title post–closing to verify the property owner matches the buyer shown on the settlement statement provided them at closing.
When the title to the property is in the name of someone other than the buyer, they immediately ban the closing agent from … (0 comments)

title insurance: Committed To Stopping Fraud-Stealing Foreclosed Properties - 01/22/13 10:47 PM
Below is an article about a man who stole foreclosed properties from large lending institutions in Southern California. Mr. Boucher identified REO properties in Los Angeles, Riverside and San Bernardino Counties and executed grant deeds as the lender's "authorized representative." In many instances, the individuals he deeded the properties to were the very persons upon whom the lender had previously foreclosed.
In February 2012 Eldred Sotello, a Western States underwriter, prepared confidential memorandum #2265 which identified Boucher and many other individuals and entities with whom he collaborated. Eldred also directed an email alert to be issued to the Company's operations … (0 comments)

title insurance: Assisted Living- Elder abuse in Real Estate - 12/13/12 10:32 PM
Assisted living facilities are staffed by caregivers who manage personal care, medical care and financial affairs on behalf of individuals who can no longer manage on their own. It is thought to be a noble profession — one of caring, understanding and patience. In this story, however, find out how a caregiver used her position to attempt to bilk her patient out of the equity in her home.
A buyer and a real estate agent came to Chicago Title's La Quinta, Calif. office to open a For Sale by Owner with a rush closing in five days. Tamara Blackford, an escrow … (0 comments)

title insurance: Drama- How divorce can kink a transaction! - 11/14/12 01:44 AM
It is amazing how a divorce can affect a closing. Many people believe their domestic problems become the settlement agent's problem and often look to the settlement agent to be the tie–breaker for them. It is important for a settlement agent to take a step back, stay out of the drama and never lose sight of the proper escrow procedures and underwriting requirements.
This story illustrates how a simple refinance turned into a whole lot of drama — other people's drama — and our Company was continually asked to take on unnecessary risks. Read on to find out why it is … (2 comments)

title insurance: Role Play: Powerful tool, but why are so many scared to do? - 10/30/12 11:56 PM

Fact:  Role Play, The single most useful tool to improve any sales persons success rate. 
Fact: Only 21% of sales people use role play to improve? 
Question: WHY?
Fear... What do we miss out on when we let Fear dictate our lives? 
Its crazy that one of the best and most relevant tools is so often over looked because we are afraid of looking bad in front of our peers.
When was the last time that you role played?  Positive/ negative? Were you better at your presentation afterwards?  Take the step, put the fear aside and dive in and be … (5 comments)

title insurance: Involvement in Professional Associations- Get Involved? or not.. - 10/24/12 12:12 AM
For Better or Worse! 
Sounds like something you might say after walking down the aisle, right? However, it is a mindset as well. You see, we as career professionals need to help the industry that provides greatly opportunity for us. 
Most would agree that although this industry can be quite challenging, it is also quite rewarding too. If we take this seriously as a career, should we not give back the industry that gives so much? 
In a competitve environment, your involvement and influence can separate you from your competition. How do we better plug into our industry, and challenge ourselves … (8 comments)

title insurance: Vision Board- Power Of Focus - 10/23/12 12:58 AM
Power of Focus 

As we round out 2012 And we start running or business for 2013, are we thinking big and dreaming even bigger. Are we clearly mapping out what it is that we would like to achieve over the next 12-15 months.. 
In the real estate industry our paychecks are usually a delayed gratification by 2-3 months, so realistically creating our 2013 income by our actions today! 
A great question is: How is your year going to start? Is your head in the game, and are the … (1 comments)

title insurance: Power Of Focus Journaling- - 10/18/12 04:36 AM
Well it as been said that there is great power in FOCUS. That we tend to go to and get what we think about. Some call it the SECRET, or the Law of Attraction. Others will contend it is a firm roadmap and leads us to where we want to go!
The Catch: Our focus can lead us where our head is at, the question is: Are you focusing on the right things?
I have been working diligently by reading, and journaling and putting in action the things I need to do to be successful.
Success is easy Those that … (1 comments)

title insurance: Accountability- Mastermind Groups- Value - 09/25/12 10:40 PM

If you are like most people reading is an essential part of growth and knowledge! The #1 challenge can be the application of what you are reading and how to apply it in your business or life.
The Power of a mastermind group is one that allows you to see the full picture. Its is a 360 degree look at the content, and not only how it relates to you at that time, but others too. This allows you to see the content from more than just your rose colored glasses. 
We at Ticor IE are starting a mastermind group … (1 comments)

title insurance: Live your Dream & Avoid the Vampires! - 09/19/12 10:31 PM
Ever noticed how as you go out to conquer the world, how many people come out to tell you it cannot be done? 
Why is that? 
Is it true that misery loves company? 
Not quite sure why, but I can tell you that I refuse to buy into the NAYSAY, and so should you. We need to contunue to surround ourselves with other people who are succeeding and who will continue to support our VISION, DRIVE & FOCUS.
I have found that by a few simple statements or questions, (that can challenge the individual) that when asked appropriately will SHIFT the … (2 comments)

title insurance: Fake- Bank of America Short Sale Approval letters? - 09/11/12 12:20 AM
Short Sale approvals get verified before closing and here is why! Fraud has plagued the B of A approvals w crafty individuals creating fake approval letters.
In an effort to prevent the reoccurrence of such fraud going forward, Bank of America will now give our representatives the ability to verify approval letters without a title–company–specific Third Party Authorization already in place.
Below is a telephone number settlement agents or title officers may call to verify certain key data points for approval letters where the original loan balance exceeded $500,000. This original loan cutoff amount was selected because, thus far, fraudsters have … (3 comments)

title insurance: Eminent Domain- Mortgages- In San Bernardino County - 08/13/12 09:20 AM

title insurance: Local Market Update- Rancho Cucamonga & surrounding areas. - 08/08/12 03:32 AM
Here we go with your update..
Listings do you have em? Inventory seems to be the challenge, however, if you can get the listings, you surely can sell them. Here is a snapshot as to what has been happening over the last 7 days. Schedule your appointment with Team Title Guy today to get your farm established, and start capitalizing on this sellers market. 
There is business out there to be gotten.. 
Challenge yourself to get your unfair share!
Rancho Cucamonga
Short Sale
Closed transactions … (2 comments)

title insurance: Personal Branding- Too Dangerous a time to blend in the Crowd! - 07/31/12 11:52 PM
No matter what field you are in, ask yourself the question, 
Why should someone use me as compared to my competition? 
Personal Branding/ Growth
Do My Actions reflect what I say my brand is?  To dangerous of a time to blend in with the crowd! Competitive Edge It's not who you know, its who knows you. All About them Do we sell in terms of the Client. How you can help them Challenges = Opportunity Professional Sales vs Rep  Self Education Bill Gates dedicates an hour a day to reading/ Education do you?  Many people say the they are too … (0 comments)

title insurance: Market Update- Rancho Cucamonga and surrounding cities! Last 7 days - 07/25/12 03:31 AM
Market update on activity 
Did you know, are you informed?
New listings- get yours!
Knowledge they say is power. Are you leveraging the market to increase your listing and closings! See the numbers below, use them. If you would like to connect to see what tools I have at my disposal. We would be honored to do so!
Short Sale-34
Rancho Cucamonga

title insurance: West End Real Estate Profesionals- 3rd Annual Day At Races - 08/15/07 03:40 AM
Who: Real Estate Professionals & Friends
What: Day At Races-Rancho Cucamonga/ Upland Day
Time: 12:00 pm
Where: LA County Fair
Date: Sept 12th
Cost: $35 pp
Check out www.yourtitleguy.biz or www.ranchocaravan.com
Or Call me!
Stay tuned for more upcoming events, including, IE Loan Origination Expo, Jeffrey Gitomer!!!

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