My request...lets honor and respect each other and work to provide feedback when showing homes AND as listing agents set up your lockbox/supra so it triggers a request with your property identified.  With the use of the supra here in CA, as long as the listing agent has it set up and "connects" t...
"Why, when I'm just renting, is the agent of the homeowner asking me for very private documentation?" I don't know what you guys ask for in other states, but in CA it is common for a lease listing agent/homeowner/landlord to request and expect the following documents for a lease. 1. Bank statemen...
I'm welcoming input. friends of mine have been discussing selling and buying and having me facilitate both. We've been looking at homes for a couple weeks to give them a taste for whats out there so they could determine if they would find something in their price point...they determined they can....
Our 21 year old will be moving back home to finish up her last year of college...and our 17 yr old is counting the days til he's 18 and out of Highschool and is free to "leave" as he puts it. As I'm prompting him for why he's so anxious to depart what I feel is a loving family, he promptly shares...
Check out its a program that you as a Realtor and affiliates can join to honor those that serve. HEROES are TEACHERS, MEDICAL PERSONNEL, FIRE FIGHTERS, LAW ENFORCEMENT AND MILITARY. As agents we give back 25% of our commission to the HERO and 5% more to the homesforheroe...
Yesterday our immediate family gathered at Doheny beach, CA to remember and honor my mom. Mom left earth and went to heaven march 12, 2104. I had the privilege of being with her all night and at 5 am just after the morphine was replenished I read her devotions from her devotional my Dad had left....


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