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For first time homebuyers there is a fantastic program available that very few people are taking advantage of:  The Pima County Bond Program.  Can you imagine getting a 30-year fixed loan today for 5.99% ?  That is what you get through this program!  With 100% financing available?  Surely someone...
Every month, the Pima County Sheriff's Department publishes a newsletter for the public.  In the August edition, featured information includes: *  Arizona's Bicycle Laws *  Upcoming SHRED-A-THONS (prevent against identity theft) *  Bullying Prevention...and more! Visit the Pima County Sheriff's D...
Water is life...especially for those of us who live in arid climates.  Whether you are "Environmentally Conscious" or not, reducing water consumption is not only smart, but in some places it is becoming law.  Green building is no longer a dream or a bastion of the Birkenstock set...it is an econo...
Freeway construction is a beautiful thing!  When it is finished.  The headache of it though is the hassle of finding routes around the bottlenecks and construction zones as work moves along.  Especially for people visiting from out of town, who don't know about it or have no idea how to avoid it....
"Gee, I would like to make my home more energy efficient...but the cost is just too much." "Putting in a solar system is a good idea, but unaffordable." "By utilizing local incentives, I found it was well within my budget to build a Green Home." These statements are being heard more often nowaday...
My friend & colleague, Paul Dunn, is a big proponent of the USDA Rural Development Loan program - and is quite knowledgeable about it.  USDA Loan Program Can Save You A TON Of Cash!  In this day and age, finding a true zero-down loan is going the way of the albatross, but this loan program offers...
  Usually I don't like to use other people's work on my blog, but this is important stuff! Since Jeff Belonger (FHA Guru to the world!) gave permission, I want to share this with as many people as possible.   FHA loans can help you not only make your home 'Green', but save you money. Saving money...
Ever since I heard about the $7500 tax credit actually being an interest-free loan that had to be paid back in 15 years--finding out how the payback works has been a serious challenge! Perhaps I've been looking in the wrong places, but FINALLY I found some answers on how this is going to work: 2 ...
    Growing up on a farm outside of Las Cruces, I have to admit that I yearned to leave the first chance I could.  Having spent years in various parts of the United States, many touched a nerve but none captured my soul like the Desert Southwest.  Tucson is my home now and I love "The Old Pueblo...
Most cities have a network of parks and a few recreational activities offered through the municipal government--we pay for it through taxes and come to expect it.  I've noticed through the years that Tucson seems to offer more than a lot of other places I've lived, but until yesterday, never real...

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