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Pam Stout of Ann Arbor, Michigan is the author of "Beyond Just Mom" - a blog that reveals the thoughts and musings behind the person driving Practical Parent Workshops, organizing a life filled with 3 children and a devoted husband.  She has a B.A. from Stanford University, an M.B.A. from Univers...
During Thanksgiving, one of the wonderful things that happens is the opportunity to catch up with what loved ones and what they are doing.  Pam Stout has a business that teaches parenting skills in a positive, uplifting fashion.  Her lessons are derived from her daily life as the mother of 3 chil...
Bob Stewart - this market report's for you! Here are the basics:  you can get a home in the $140,000 to $300,000 and up in this development.     The community has a common HOA fee in the mid-$50/month range, more if the property is in a gated community (gotta pay for the gate, folks!). Homes are ...
Growing up on my family's farm near Las Cruces, New Mexico, cotton was a major factor in our lives.  It put food on our table, paid the mortgage on the land, provided my first job, a place to play...you name it, cotton was part of it.  My first trip to DisneyWorld was to a cotton convention, even...
"We're on the rooaad to nooowhere..." (apologies to Talking Heads)   While out looking at home with a client today, I saw something in a vacant lot down the street that caught my attention.  Since I was early, I jogged down (okay, I walked...sue me) to check it out. Someone had left a bridge layi...
Enchanting Vistas at Tangerine Crossing in Marana, Arizona On Wednesday I got a phone call from a person in Florida, asking me about availability of a specific floor plan in a particular neighborhood in the Northwest area of the Tucson Metro (Oro Valley/Marana).  The name of the subdivision rang ...
Dear Santa, I've been a pretty decent boy this year.  I'm not going to lie to you and tell you how perfect I've been, just so I can get a new wii unit & a GI Joe with the Kung Fu Grip in my stocking...wouldn't work anyway:  you know different. All in all, when you put it up on a spreadsheet, I ha...
I see them sitting in the office all the time.  Send them to out-of-town clients, hand them out to prospective customers...and take them for granted. What can be useful about them...to me?  I've lived here for years!  I'm an expert about my town!  I don't need any information they can provide! No...
Yes, folks...the holidays are fast approaching...like it or not! With all of the news of "Tough Times Ahead" and uncertainty for the future, how can one keep focused and truly feel good about what you are doing?  Simple...do something positive.  For someone else.     This is a call to action for ...

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