tucson market: The Real Estate Hall of Shame - How Not To Use Equity In Your Home - 07/20/11 08:15 PM
The Real Estate Hall of Shame - not sure if anyone has built one yet, but I found a property today that could qualify as a good place to house the "How Not To Use Equity In Your Home" exhibit.  I think it used to be Homer Simpson's place.  He lost it to foreclosure.
Lets take a peek behind the scenes and see how this property might qualify for Poster Child status on the Real Estate Hall of Shame:
Lets see...Homer bought it in 2001 for a little under $300,000. Bear Stearns got it for $465k last fall.  Don't see any … (7 comments)

tucson market: "Can I Put In A Really Low Offer On This House?" - 07/19/11 04:07 PM
Buyers often ask me "Can I put in a really low offer on this house?"  The short, simple answer to that is that anyone can offer whatever they wish on a property.  What really matters is if the offer will be looked at...and even considered.  A few times I've had clients who really, really liked a particular home, but ended up heartbroken because, in their attempt to "get a steal" because "it's a buyer's market," they either poisoned the seller against them or wasted time in a competitive foreclosure market by offering w-a-a-y below asking price.
Lets take a look at … (17 comments)

tucson market: If There's A Recession On---Why Are There So Many Cash Buyers Right Now? - 02/23/08 02:06 AM
Driving to the office the other day, bored with the usual morning chatterboxes, I was surfing the old radio dial when I ran across a local guy talking with great vehemence about the "economic idiots" spewing doom & gloom at every opportunity.
He went on to castigate expert after expert, refuting their findings without a whole lot of supporting evidence to back up his alternate opinion...until the callers started chiming in. 
Call after call was a business owner or manager talking about how business wasn't booming, but was steady and strong.  I was beginning to think that he had stacked the … (50 comments)

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