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This blog is to share tips and ideas with real estate professionals across the U.S. and Canada. Real estate is done differently in different markets. Yet, at the end of the day real estate is a numbers game and people business. My aim is to provide timely topics, innovative ideas and strategies, inspiration and motivation, and a smile from time to time. My goal is to assist you in growing your business while continuing to grow mine. I hope you will visit me often.
Back on 09/21/08 (over a year ago) I posted a lengthy blog post called 10,000 Points and the Company You Keep.  As I said in that post, "I don't ‘blog for points' per se, but I do use points as a measurement to see if I'm doing everything I can to grow my business and stay within my budget.  Blog...
What are the basics?  Guess that depends on who you ask.  What's my plan?  Good question! As I mentioned in my post, Make the Move Has Arrived, earlier this evening, I recently received a copy of Claudia Wick's new book Make the Move.  This of course got me thinking both about my business and the...
OK, so I haven't actually, completely arrived yet BUT.... Saturday I received a wonderful surprise in the mail!  It was a copy of Claudia Wick's (RE Base Camp) new book Make the Move: How to Move Your Real Estate Business Online.  Having made plans to buy the book as soon as it was available, it ...
Kerry~  Thank you, thank you, thank you!  I found this post on NETWORKEDblogs so helpful and easy to understand that I had to share it again via a Re-Blog.      ~~~~~     ~~~~~     ~~~~~     ~~~~~     ~~~~~     ~~~~~     ~~~~~ Here's the link to my FaceBook Blog:
Earlier today I realized I hadn't visited some of my usual web sites in awhile.  So I stopped by RE Base Camp where I found that my dear friend and mentor Claudia Wicks had been selected by the Seattle King County Association of Realtors as Instructor of the Year for 2009. YAY Claudia!  You Go Gi...
Last evening my husband and I spent a little time really reflecting on, despite how tough this past year has been, just how lucky we are.  We had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  We are so fortunate that we were actually invited to two Thanksgiving celebrations, and we were able to attend both.  In spi...
Well, my bio line reads: Tracie Mason Holton is a coach, trainer, writer and part-time VA.  She is "The Happy Wife (THW)." But I'm not sure that answers the question completely... In the past, I was a Senior Coach and then Distance Learning Producer for HouseValues.  After leaving HV at the end o...
Sadly, as I mentioned in my earlier post this afternoon, I've been away from AR taking care of family matters for awhile.  But tonight I got back to blogging.  I also got hit over the head with the realization of how much "new stuff" there is on AR. While this will be my first re-blog, after rea...
OK, so it's really been one year and 44 days.  But who's counting, right? In my last post "Where's Tracie been lately?", dated 10/13/08, I shared a few of the new and exciting things that had taken me away from Active Rain for about a month.  I also shared some thoughts on where my VA business mi...
First, thank you to all of you who thought of me while I was away (a couple of AR associates even sent me emails).  It's nice to be missed...  :-) The first week I was away because my new mother-in-law came to visit from Ohio; and my sister-in-law flew up from Del Mar, CA to surprise us.  :-) (I'...

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