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The brick and mortar of this blog is the expertise, insights and experiences I have gained as one of Chicago's top real estate professionals. With my team The Real Estate Lounge Chicago I am affiliated with @properties. My success is partly due to hard work and market knowledge, but mostly it’s old and new clients choosing me. I hope you enjoy. I also hope when it’s time for you to buy or sell a home that you turn to me.



Much has been made about the Chicago real estate market, as if a city of this size can be morphed into one sensible equation. Again and again I offer my experiences which underscore the fact that things are selling here in specific locations. And again and again I offer my experiences of buyer af...
A few months back I received a phone call from Ann. She had received my contact info from friends who suggested I would do a good job for her and her husband listing their condo in Chicago's Lakeview neighborhood. Ann and I spoke and I emailed her one of those top-heavy real estate emails with to...
We cleared the 5.30 threshold Saturday night and somehow we figured we were ahead of the game. The diaper bag was packed. The boys were strapped into their seats. Westward ho went the four of us, tracking down a barbecue joint new to us but universally acclaimed by those many who preceded us to i...
The Chicago real estate market is a challenging place to find a great home for under $1,000,000. Some folks may shake their heads when reading this, but those folks who are engaged in a strategic and dynamic search of properties trying to find a home for under a million bucks are well versed in j...
See the orginal expression of this post at Cinco de Mayo Makes me smile It's it's the day when my baby Lucas Walked with style... And like a battle-weary boxer reeling at the end of the fight, he staggered and jostled toward multiples of steps in a row. Congratulati...
More and more lately I carry my video camera with me. It sits in my briefcase, bulging an unsightly bulge that oddly bumps into me when I heave the leather satchel upon my shoulder. I suppose what this camera represents to me is what the notion of a diet is to someone with a few pounds too many. ...
Remember the Dave Matthew's song "Satellite"? Spinning high above us all they weave their paths, beaming back beams that stitch together electronic tapestries overlaid with human tidbits like the location of restaurants, grocery stores, coffee shops and the like. So I turn to google and invite yo...

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