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The brick and mortar of this blog is the expertise, insights and experiences I have gained as one of Chicago's top real estate professionals. With my team The Real Estate Lounge Chicago I am affiliated with @properties. My success is partly due to hard work and market knowledge, but mostly it’s old and new clients choosing me. I hope you enjoy. I also hope when it’s time for you to buy or sell a home that you turn to me.



The auction team came last week. Mostly men, mainly white. Their hands showed the markings of occasional manicures. And they had a propensity to stand with feet splayed, arms crossed, hooking their thumbs in the crook of the opposing arm. Chewing mints as they nodded, always looking away from the...
Back in the day the best reads in the Chicago papers came on Thursdays or Fridays when Roger Ebert was presented with a really bad movie. One of the finest of film reviewers in America, Ebert was at his best (and funniest) when he had a chance to sharpen his pencil and scribble notes about the wh...
Synchronicity? When apparently unrelated things occur. But when all is said and done it turns out that the things weren't all that unrelated after all. I thought of synchronicity today. It turns out The Elysian in Chicago has decided to rescind contracts for 130 or so hotel condos at the property...

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