bucktown: A Baby's First Sequence of Steps (and the Chicago Real Estate Market Continues Moving Forward) - 05/10/08 11:57 AM
See the orginal expression of this post at TheRealEstateLoungeChicago.com Cinco de Mayo Makes me smile It's it's the day when my baby Lucas Walked with style... And like a battle-weary boxer reeling at the end of the fight, he staggered and jostled toward multiples of steps in a row. Congratulations on another feather in your cap! By the way, I noticed earlier in the day at Trulia, where consumers have the opportunity to ask questions of real estate professionals this inquiry. Here's the thing - despite proclamations regarding the demise of the market, the market has not met its demise. I … (1 comments)

bucktown: A Jittery Video of Bucktown Luxury Duplex Condo - 05/08/08 06:43 PM
More and more lately I carry my video camera with me. It sits in my briefcase, bulging an unsightly bulge that oddly bumps into me when I heave the leather satchel upon my shoulder. I suppose what this camera represents to me is what the notion of a diet is to someone with a few pounds too many. It's a good idea. And there's always an intent to proceed. But the intent is commonly dragged down by a lack of will and an absence of action. And so the Sony collects dust and lint as it jostles for space with my … (0 comments)

bucktown: The Tossing of Nader's Hat - Things Relevant & Irrelevant in Chicago - 02/25/08 05:57 PM
Ralph Nader Sunday left the wintry hole that I think he shares with Puxatawny Phil somewhere in the Pennsylvanian hinterland. Upon emerging he saw his shadow and evidently that proved to be the deciding factor as he declared his intention to throw his hat into the presidential ring. All 157 of his supporters across the nation cheered madly. Other saner people shook their heads as they collectively tried to remember the last time that Ralph did anything relevant.
Upon hearing the news my nearly one-year-old son Lucas sat speechless. Just shy of his first birthday Lucas puzzled over why a 74-year-0ld curmudgeon … (2 comments)

bucktown: Single Digits - A Chicago Salute - 02/19/08 05:50 PM
Two-thirds of the way through February and here in Chicago we seem no closer to the end of the season.
Just two weeks ago the furry critter made famous in Bill Murray's movie "Groundhog Day" popped out his hole, saw his shadow, and thereby inflicted upon us an additional six weeks of winter.
Oh Punxsutawney Phil , say it ain't so!
Alas, the single digit temperature earlier this evening as my wife and two sons headed out toa dinner had me contemplating a single digit salute to Mother Nature from Chicago's Edgewater neighborhood. But discretion reigned supreme and I merely I gritted my teeth against … (1 comments)

bucktown: Places to Insert One Thin Dime - 02/13/08 09:44 AM
There are any number of places where you might insert one thin dime. But one place I hadn't considered is a gap in a hardwood floor.
Earlier today I met at one of my under contract new construction listings to meet with the buyer's agent and my seller's flooring guy before he started stripping and staining a white oak floor as was negotiated in our contract.
One slight problem, though. The buyer's inspector had used inaccurate terminaology when he walked through the single family a week or two earlier, referring to a couple gaps in the hardwood floor as cracks. When it comes to … (2 comments)

bucktown: Buying Peace of Mind - The Home Inspection - 01/31/08 08:51 AM
When is a swimming pool not so cool? When it is in the middle of Montrose Avenue in the middle of winter. That was the case a week ago Tuesday when a 100-year-old water main ruptured at about 1 in the morning, leaving a gaping 80 foot wide chasm some 15 feet deep filled with water that swamped the basements of nearby businesses and homes. With more than 4,200 miles of pipes beneath the city, there's no way this infrastructural break down could have been detected early. But still I shook my head as I drove by the barricade at the … (0 comments)

bucktown: The First Busy Saturday in a Month of Saturdays - 01/31/08 08:45 AM
If today is any indication it looks like the Chicago housing market is picking up steam amid the January chill. Unlike any of the past 30 or so Saturdays, today my schedule was jam-packed from start to finish with showings. 1934 Thomas, a new construction two bed/two bath a block south of Division in the East Village witnessed six buying parties (with one returning for a second showing before tomorrow's open house). And a value-priced Edgewater junior one bed across from the lake near Loyola was witness to five buyers and one offer we are in the midst of negotiating. Plus … (0 comments)

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