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I just had a discussion with my step-father and about the finanical crisis, the election and where the hell is all of this money going from the bail-out. Why are we here...I think in part because America has lost her sense of identity. Let's look at the 3 main types of Governement practiced in th...
This is an email response to a friend of mine who forwarded a power point presentation that was done to explain the current economic crisis. The basis of the presentation was that most of our troubles started with Bill Clinton in 1998 and because Barack Obama was a recepient of money from Fannie ...
I am in the plannng stages of a new business and I had a thought about staffing and payroll. What if everyone that worked there were all paid the same salary, including myself as the leader.  The sum $20 per hour came to mind plus bonus. But, I mean everyone...receptionist, janitor, ect. The prin...
I tried recently to go an entire day without telling one lie...including white lies.Here is my list of the lies that I really missed. 1. Mommy doesn't know where the paints are (of course I do) 2. I thought I already took care of that (Actually,  I just thought about taking care of it) 3. I know ...
Why is there so much pressure to have the perfect thing to say in life? Why do we always think of the appropriate response in the CAR? I don't really have a lot to say at this moment other than.....SAY IT...STOP DELIBERATING...GET IT OFF YOUR CHEST. "let the cards fall where they may" isn't that ...
I was just reading a post about the real estate agent that was killed in Canada a few days ago while on duty. I have my Bachelor of Science in Law Enforcement so, this is an area of extreme interest to me. There is a book that was written about 10 years ago by a man named Gavin DeBecker called "T...
My first manager in mortgages told me the Cockroach story as an example of a great sales moment.  I think it s more than just a good story, you be the judge.My manager is taking an application from a married couple. The loan officer is wearing a suit and tie and the client is blue-collar and in h...
 Smile training is my term for meetings where real issues are not discussed. Sales people and staff are told to "just smile" without soliciting input from the group. In a group dynamic, there is pressure to conform with the group. Conformity is the obstacle of Creativity. To build a world class ...
watch video Video Description Brief discussion on options for people that are looking to buy their first homes. Topics include resources, credit and budgeting. There is a tremendous need right now to think long term about sustainable, affordable homeownership. Once people have had a foreclosure,...
How would you handle it if you had a direct order from your manager or broker, to do something that you thought was dumb. What do you say? Do you really speak your mind or do you agree and try to get away from them as fast as possible? Since we have the instinct of self preservation you might be ...

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