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My first manager in mortgages told me the Cockroach story as an example of a great sales moment.  I think it s more than just a good story, you be the judge.My manager is taking an application from a married couple. The loan officer is wearing a suit and tie and the client is blue-collar and in h...
 Smile training is my term for meetings where real issues are not discussed. Sales people and staff are told to "just smile" without soliciting input from the group. In a group dynamic, there is pressure to conform with the group. Conformity is the obstacle of Creativity. To build a world class ...
watch video Video Description Brief discussion on options for people that are looking to buy their first homes. Topics include resources, credit and budgeting. There is a tremendous need right now to think long term about sustainable, affordable homeownership. Once people have had a foreclosure,...
How would you handle it if you had a direct order from your manager or broker, to do something that you thought was dumb. What do you say? Do you really speak your mind or do you agree and try to get away from them as fast as possible? Since we have the instinct of self preservation you might be ...
I would like to invite you to my 4 hour course regarding Affordable and Fair Housing in MN. This course discussion based course addresses the history and future of affordable housing. Assistance programs and resources available to your current and past clients. What effects the economy has on aff...
....and listen to your gut!In times of chaos, it is natural to be indecisive. Should I go this way or should I do that. Do I stay in the business or do I cut my losses and go back to a previous industry? One day you tell your spouse you are going back to school and then the phone rings and its a ...
Since we work with numbers I thought it would be fun to point out in numerology, that the year 2007, means 2+0+0+7=9. 9 in numerology is the completion of a cycle. 2008 means 2+0+0+8=10. Since you have to keep adding numbers together until you get a single number you take 10 1+0=1. 2008=1 in nume...
I was trying to explain the concept of Ego to my 9 year old daughter. She was upset that she was not picked for a part she wanted in the Christmas play. After struggling with it for awhile I came up with "Ego: The Little Green Man". Ego: The little green man is in side of us and when we lose or f...
The mirror is the center of one of my favorite movies, "Snow White". When the Queen is mirrored in a way she does not like she becomes filled with rage and jealousy. Which leads me to my point...Was I the only one who caught Inside Edition where a male, real estate agent in Florida lost a listing...
Got your attention?I have a tradition that was shared with me by a good friend. Every New Year, make a list of all of the "crap" you don't want to bring in the New Year and on the other side of the paper write down all of the things you DO want in the New Year. Then put it in a fire safe containe...

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