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This Mortgage Loan Officer is a former RE/MAX Agent, Realtor, Webmaster, Trainer, Speaker, Lead Generating Fool and Blogging Junkie... : )



Tell everyone you know - IT'S ABOUT TO BE THE GREATEST REAL ESTATE MARKET EVER!!! The ForeClosure prevention steps being implemented by Uncle Sam will stop the inventory oversupply problem that has pushed prices downward. In the next 3 months, credit will become more widely available, and jobs cr...
Want To Be Page One At Google Search Engine for relevant real estate keywords? How does that work?  How can Active Rain Help?  What keywords are the best? Active Rain is such a busy and high quality site that Google Loves Active Rain. If you understand which real estate terms are most used as sea...
Just discovered a free online image editor - sharing with you : ) See It's reviewed as virus safe by McCaffee and Has ALMOST as much power as PHOTOSHOP!  
Well, after all my time in the rain...   I finally spent a few minutes customizing my Active Rain Blog with header and background graphics.  WoHoo!  That was fun.  And FAST! In web design, we say - THE TOP HAS GOT TO POP... How am I doing ?  Want Some ; )  I can help you with that!
There is a fundamental shift in real estate marketing going on, right now. We coaches used to say, "IF YOU KEEP DOING WHAT YOU HAVE BEEN DOING - YOU WILL KEEP GETTING WHAT YOU HAVE BEEN GETTING."  The idea was to follow up with a question - HOW IS THAT WORKING FOR YOU?  WANNA MAKE A CHANGE? Or, t...
Active Rain is an incredibly powerful Real Estate Traffic Engine because of SEO Power that it has become. If you craft a post with title, content and tags that are targeted at SEO Keywords, you can be Page one at Google in only a day or two.  That feature alone is easily worth the price proposed ...
LISTING FSBO'S THE FASTEST, EASIEST WAY EVER By Lonn Dugan, The FSBO Killer Coach at   So you want more listings?  Or maybe you just want more signs in more yards?  Can you handle more referrals?  Would more buyer calls be good?  Want more commission checks?  This article with ...
Many real estate agents have questions about the value of Realtor seminars and Realtor Coaching programs.  A Realtor asked me recently if I thought he should attend a Craig Proctor Seminar for $1300.  My answer might be useful to others, so here it is: Short Answer:   There is a time and place to...
New Active Rain Group Forming - MASTERS OF COACHING - Active Rain Coaches, Trainers, Speakers. Do you coach, train, speak, help realtors inprove their game? This new group is for you! Let's dance in the rain - let pride in our profession show...And help each other help the others! Active Rain Mem...
The Super Bowl is all about real estate... right? Well... this is a real estate blog, right?  And I am supposed to post ON TOPIC - right? OK:  But I am a football fan - and like most of America, even the world: I am celebrating an international holiday known as SUPER BOWL SUNDAY. Just to stay on ...


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This Mortgage Loan Officer is a former RE/MAX Agent, Realtor, Webmaster, Trainer, Speaker, Lead Generating Fool and Blogging Junkie... : )