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This Mortgage Loan Officer is a former RE/MAX Agent, Realtor, Webmaster, Trainer, Speaker, Lead Generating Fool and Blogging Junkie... : )



  Yesterday, I decided to "DO SOMETHING" with my twitter account.  I invited Active Rain Network Members to FOLLOW ME!  Some of you did, and I thank you. One of the first to follow me was my city's newspaper....  Now that is interesting... Because of Twitter, I now have a direct line to my paper...
Well, I have done it. I am oficially twittering now. This will give my Active Rain Network the nod for first invites to follow. Let's consider it a little social experiment to see if you can out follow my facebook feeple who will be invited later this week Let's see where this goes... Please foll...
A Brief Primer in New Age Lexicon : ) If twittering friends are called twits, and facebook people (peeps) are called feeps, Then - if you both twitter, and use facebook, Your twits are feeple too : )  
This Story came to me titled "Pickup in the Rain"It illustrates the importance of serving/treating each client or fellow human being the same regardless of appearances:One night, at 11:3 0 p.m., an older African American woman was standingon the side of an Alabama highway trying to endure a lashi...
As much a techie / webhead as I am - (don't google my name or you will find out) I just never got into twitter. Can somebody tell me what I am missing?  Why should I tweet? I am hardly all thumbs.  I have used a pocket computer or digital PDA for nearly 20 years, starting with one of those HP bri...
Do You Twitter?  Why? Then what?The AIG fiasco has been the focus of much opinion and emotional conversation.  My nephew posted a thought about it on his Facebook page and I made a quick uninformed comment.  My niece (his sister) responded with a lot of interesting points about what is really goi...
The short sale process is Grinding To Halt, or at least chilling to a slow freeze. The banks just keep moving slower and slower.  Can You Hear the sound of money, rotting? I have friends who wrote on a short sale almost two months ago.  Not my clients - I referred them to somebody who is TOP NOTC...
It has been written: "Life Imitates Art"  Hmmm.... I wonder if Real Estate Imitates Art As Well - especially when it comes to agent compensation? The public often thinks Realtors are overpaid.   The "Million Dollar Round Table" designations have contributed to this - as though all members are mi...
SHAME ON POINT2AGENT.COM Point2Agent's formerly Free web sites have all been disabled now. This is their right.  But did they have to post a message to all the disabled free sites that make it look like the agent has failed to pay their bill? WHAT'S THIS ABOUT?  In the beginning, ...


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This Mortgage Loan Officer is a former RE/MAX Agent, Realtor, Webmaster, Trainer, Speaker, Lead Generating Fool and Blogging Junkie... : )