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This Mortgage Loan Officer is a former RE/MAX Agent, Realtor, Webmaster, Trainer, Speaker, Lead Generating Fool and Blogging Junkie... : )



Toledo Real Estate - Toledo Homes For Sale - The Fall Market in Toledo Ohio is more active than usual...   Consumer Confidence Increasing Tax Credit Working First Time Buyer Activity now turning those sellers into Move Up Buyers...    Agents who have dropped out of print, or cut advertising budge...
"People may not remember exactly what you did, or what you said, but they will always remember how you made them feel." ~Mother Theresa   Do people know who you are?  What do they think of when they think of you?  What do they remember. It's pure gold to anyone in Sales to have this concept and ...
Still selling old school? The final bell has rung.   NAR says 87% of buyers use INTERNET and not Print. Cable TV is an even better Choice! In Toledo Ohio, Choose HomeFinder Channel 100 - Ask Your Agent !   Newspapers are Dying Faster than a RUN DOWN NEIGHBORHOOD According to their Own Report (New...
  The human mind can achieve what it can concieve and believe     - Napoleon Hill ### Thoughts become things.  Choose the good ones.      - Mike Dooley,  ### Time only goes in one direction. Forward!   If standing with one foot in yesterday and one foot in tomorrow then how can you wa...
The posts of others here at Active Rain often trigger comments from me that end up becoming posts in their own right on my own blog.  This is one of those : ) The Dinosaurs are Dying.... No - the sky is not falling.  However, there are "hallowed" marketing techniques in the real estate world tha...
Clients want the best commission deal they can get.  Who can blame them?  If you can make a believable case that 7% or even 8% is the best deal, then they will list for 7% or 8%. Is it ok for Clients to ask for a discount or reduction?  Sure it's ok for them to ask.  How can you blame them for a...
Tom Peters said: YOU CANNOT SHRINK YOUR WAY TO GREATNESS. I say SLOW WON'T GROW (sm). copyright 2009 Lonn Dugan all rights reserved. Both sayings have something to do with beating this economy if you are in real estate or related field. Cost cutting can lead to invisibility in the marketplace. In...
This market calls for more creative approaches to real estate.      Many agents and sellers are opposed to a Lease Purchase Sale.  It works like a land contract but is available even for sellers whose mortgage has a due on sale clause (most do - effectively preventing a land contract sale which ...
  August 6, 2009 - PRESS RELEASE - FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE   Buckeye CableSystem                                           Contact: Lonn Dugan 5552 Southwyck Blvd                                             Real Estate Manager Toledo OH  43614                                                 419-724...


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This Mortgage Loan Officer is a former RE/MAX Agent, Realtor, Webmaster, Trainer, Speaker, Lead Generating Fool and Blogging Junkie... : )