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This Mortgage Loan Officer is a former RE/MAX Agent, Realtor, Webmaster, Trainer, Speaker, Lead Generating Fool and Blogging Junkie... : )
Search Engine Optimizaton For Real Estate Web Sites, Realtors, Online Agents REALLY WORKS! SURVEY FROM MY WEB SITE:How Did You Find This Web Site (A) Search Engine (B) Newspaper Ad (C) Harmon Homes (D) Yard Sign (E) Postcard or Mailing (F) Friend (G) OtherHave you surveyed your Real Estate Web Si...
If you are doing SEO or Search Engine Optimization for a Real Estate Web Site, then it is important to know whicfh search engine to optimize for....  It is widely reported that about 70% of all search engine results are produced by Google, either directly or as the "search engine behind the searc...
Yahoo Beats Google For SEO Traffic in August 2007 at my main Real Estate Toledo Listing Site at !  Yahoo sent 374 visitors to my site.  Google sent 265.  These numbers might sound low to you, but remember, this is TOLEDO OHIO and not Chicago, Columbus, or Cleveland... Results n...
How would an aspiring Real Estate Coach / Trainer enroll in a Real Estate Speaker's Bureau?I would like to offer FSBO listing program, or SEO training to MLS Boards, Brokerages, Seminar and Convention Managers.Any Advice ?See examples of my FSBO Listing Techniques, with FREE FSBO CALL SCRIPT at w...
Are you a Real Estate Blogging Fool?How many blogs do you maintain?  Fess Up !What is the address and purpose of each?I work about 8...  Some more active than others...  There is ActiveRain, Reliberation, 3 inside my Point2Agent listing/sales site, one stand alone for promoting my SEO eBook, and ...
Just received a nice unsolicited email from a real estate coaching client...  Here is what she said:############## Just wanted you to know I googled, Sell House Cumming Ga   my  was #1  my was #2 and my main website was #4 on ...
Wondering about community sense of fair play here at AR...What do you think about COACHES and TRAINERS who blog?  By this I mean those who are able to contribute from area of expertise, who share some of what they know, what can be shared in bits over a blog, while at the same time setting limits...
Please share any Rules For Blogging that you think make sense.Should we always be professional and polite - or can we just be ourselves?  Should we avoid personal attacks at all costs?  Should we never disagree with a blogger in order to avoid appearance of attack?IF we feel attacked, ad hominem ...
Some authorities say you cannot get a short sale done when there is a second mortgage.  Some say it works fine.I am 5 of 6 for shorts with only one lender, and 1 of 3 for shorts where there were 2 lenders...Typical hangup is at least one of sellers lenders has an appraisal higher than actual valu...
FIRST, LET ME SAY THIS:I know that we make our own luck and make our own markets. We have to keep our head out of the doom and gloom newscasts.  I do not participate in water cooler whining about a down market...  So far this year was shaping up as my best ever...  so I have been keeping my attit...

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