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This Mortgage Loan Officer is a former RE/MAX Agent, Realtor, Webmaster, Trainer, Speaker, Lead Generating Fool and Blogging Junkie... : )
Received this today from my subscription of daily motivational thoughts, from  It seems highly appropriate to encourage all Realtors as we strive to serve in the Noble Profession that puts client interests ahead of our own....        Some of the coolest dreams that ever came true, Lon...
Do you use STEALTH or DOORWAY SITES to increase traffic to your main web site?  Does it seem to improve google page rank, or SERP at Google or Yahoo?  Curious, how many other sites do you have linking to your main site? Also, do you have more than one main site?  Do you post listings on the doorw...
I am looking for some good places to blog.  Please post links to some of your favorite real estate blog sites - not authors, per se, but blog sites.... 
THIS BLOG IS A GLASS HOUSE and we are fish in a bowl for a watching world.  Some blogs, and Active Rain is generally not one of them, tend to get mean spirited and contain a lot of personal attacks or mean spirited comments that really are not deserved.I happen to be embarrased for the profession...
Time Management is one of the biggest issues for a successful agent.Have you ever organized your time using a formal time block system?  Do you already do something like this?  Is it helpful?  Mine is shown below.  I used MS Excel because it lets me block and use color codes.  Click Image for Lar...
Blasting at Rocks or Chasing Your Dreams? A Modern Parable About Following your dream vs fighting the immovable....  A man felt especially capable one day and decided to climb a mountain.  Along the way, he made great progress until he found his path blocked by a large, immovable rock.  He could ...
Housing Starts at 10 Year Low - Good News For Some? Housing Starts Down to 10 Year Low - But That Might Be Good News For Some:CLICK HERE FOR Complete article about housing starts and new building permits being down to a ten year low.  EXCERPT:NEW YORK ( -- Housing start...
  Banks Crying Like Spoiled Babies - Over 98.5% Success Rate ??? First, they gouge EVERYBODY on closing costs.  Then they cry like babies over foreclosure rates, THE SKY IS FALLING, THE SKY IS FALLING...  when fewer than 1.5% of all mortgages go into foreclosure.  In ANY other business, that woul...
Are you a REALTOR ON FIRE? Want to burn so bright you shine even in a rainstorm? Do you even want to be that Realtor? Maybe so, maybe no.  Read On!For this article, REALTOR ON FIRE means closing at least as many deals as you could ever want, on a weekly, monthly or annual basis, all the while mai...
  Why Do Some Blogs Look More Like Message Boards ? Q.  Why do some Real Estate Blogs look more like message boards?A) Could it be because the blog software encourages discussion?B) The blog web address is easier to get to? C) because the blog owner allows discussion?Or... .D) It's not about the ...

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