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This Mortgage Loan Officer is a former RE/MAX Agent, Realtor, Webmaster, Trainer, Speaker, Lead Generating Fool and Blogging Junkie... : )
Popular news sources are reporting that the recession is over.   HOORAY !!! Many bloggers here and elsewhere are waxing dubious about this.  They note that jobs and credit are still both in short supply and predicted to get worse before they get better.   IF THAT IS YOU THEN... KNOCK IT OFF!!! Do...
Seth Godin has a great blog today about online lead generation and whether you should hide your email address and make visitors use a contact form - or promiscuously share your email address.... Many people INCLUDING AR - have decided that the right idea is to NOT share your email address so tha...
Google WAVE is the next big Technology thing.  Unbelievable.  Transforming.  Disruptive.  Empowering. If you don't know what it is, find out at  or  If you do know then GO REGISTER WAVE(CITYNAME).com or WAVE(CITYNAMEHOMES).com DO IT NOW....
An agent wrote me a few days ago asking for help - (This makes sense, since I AM a Real Estate Sales Coach after all) She was having a tough time, and want to know if there were any coaching programs that could be provided free until she started making more money. My heart goes out to agents like...
You mean just THINKING about that canteen won't get you through the desert?   OK.  I am a proponent of Positive thinking - but not a "NegaPhobe".   Positive Thinking + Realistic Thinking = Time to Make Some Changes? Our own Jim Crawford of AR fame wrote an excellent post today on the danger...
This is a great story about the effectiveness of Social Network Marketing, AR in particular!OK....I'm there....FINALLY THE MONKEY IS OFF MY BACK.  I'm real.  I really am a part of Active Rain.  I guess that I've always had my eyes set on the 300,000 point number ever since joining Active Rain two...
Do you have a Google Profile yet?  It will soon be a mandatory item for those who want to control how they are found online - and what they look like.  It's free, kind of like an AR or facebook profile without all the fluff - (yet?) Google has BIG PLANS for these Profiles, combined with Google W...
  Online marketers be advised. Social media participation can trump optimized web sites at Google!  Search Engine Ranking formulas are changing dramatically, in favor of social media over 'search optimized web sites, and will continue to do so.   Googling my name used to get several optimized web...
From the FATHER of MODERN MARKETING:  Seth Godin - His Blog Today ####### "In the free media world in which we're living now, it's so easy to get stuck on not investing, on avoiding outlays at all cost. Frugal is an admirable trait, but being a miser is dumb." ####### It's a Good Read!  In fact.....
Toledo Real Estate - Toledo Homes For Sale - The Fall Market in Toledo Ohio is more active than usual...   Consumer Confidence Increasing Tax Credit Working First Time Buyer Activity now turning those sellers into Move Up Buyers...    Agents who have dropped out of print, or cut advertising budge...

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