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  Give Yourself the Gift of Optimism This world is hard. It can beat you down. It can wear you out. It can cause you to become cynical. It can make you come to believe that tomorrow will be just as bad as yesterday. It can make you see the glass as always half empty, instead of half full. How we ...
Have You Ever Had an Out of Body Experience? I am almost hesitant to even discuss this…in fact, I am not sure I have told more than 10 people what happened to me…and here I am, posting it in a blog for all to see! About 10 years ago, I broke a filling; so I called my dentist to see if I could get...
Compartmentalizing God I wonder how many of you have undergone the same metamorphosis. Earlier in my life…in an effort to fit in, I tried to please everyone. To the buddies I bowled with, I was one person. I could be crude and lewd with the best of them. To my fellow workers, I could be Mr. Cold ...
The Enormity of God I saw an article yesterday on Yahoo regarding a new discovery by the Hubble Telescope. Coming on the heels of the Hubble’s 22nd anniversary in space, officials announced the sighting of the largest concentration of stars ever discovered. The Yahoo story said, "30 Doradus is th...
You  Can Still be a Great Agent and be Nice Too I try my very best to treat everyone I meet as I would like to be treated. In an effort to be 100% honest and completely objective…there are times when I fail miserably. We all do. We are mere mortals…but that shouldn’t keep us from trying to be nic...
Last week I told the story of my little granddaughter, Casey, telling her teacher how she wanted to ride in her dad’s fire truck on spring break. Well…I have pictures to share with everyone!!!! Little Casey having fun on her dad's fire truck Chloe driving the fire truck My son, Steven, and his wi...
This past Sunday, members of Al Qaeda shot to death an American teacher in Yemen. Witnesses say that assailants in military uniforms drove up alongside his car on motorcycles and opened fire, killing him instantly. This U.S. English language teacher, Joel Sharm; according to a text message sent t...
It’s Easter Season…the Pews are Starting to Fill Up! I was sitting in Mass on Palm Sunday, and I noticed the church was a little more filled than usual because of the Easter season.  I thought back to a Sunday in church some 36 years ago… I had just taken a job in King of Prussia, and my wife and...

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