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Identifying the Person Holding Back Your Career OK…the minute you read the headline you knew who I was going to identify as the person holding you back from achieving your dreams. Collectively, let’s all say it together. Ready? One, two, three…the number one person holding me back in my career is...
Holding Yourself Accountable: The Saga of the Cleveland Browns and Johnny Manziel I love following sports because it is a microcosm of what is right…and what is wrong with today’s society. How we “play” on a field often mirrors how well we play with others off the field. Oh, us poor souls who gre...
As Time Goes By Last night, my wife and I attended the calling hours of our former dentist.  Actually, he was more than just our dentist. He was once our neighbor, and friend. Andy and his wife, Joyce, lived a street over from us. All the homes built on the final two streets of the neighborhood w...
What's it all about, Alfie? You have to be working your way towards retirement to have any idea what this headline means...or you have to be a movie buff with a passion for old movies. I was following the breaking story of the terrorist attack in Pakistan in which at least 130 people were gunned ...
 The Media’s Fascination With Pope Francis I use Yahoo as my web browser, and I find it interesting that there usually are 4-5 articles each day about Pope Francis’s comings and goings. Pope Francis said this…Pope Francis is coming to the United States…the Pope did this… the Pope did that…the Pop...
A Very Strange Listing Appointment Over the weekend, I was involved in a very, very strange listing appointment. I had received a phone call asking if I could go out to a home in the country and inspect it and get back to the owner about what it might be able to be listed for.  It seems that the ...
Don’t Leave Anything on the Table! From time to time, I skim back over my blog to sort of get a feel of the direction I am heading with this thing. I don’t really have a goal in mind when I write. Many times, something just pops in my head during Mass on Sunday, and I begin to formulate how I wan...
Savor Every Holiday Moment Christmas is right around the corner, and if your household is like mine, there is tremendous hustling and bustling going on in anticipation of Christmas morning. I have a thirty-something son, who is our family’s version of Peter Pan. Christmas is for him, is exactly t...
Be Kind to One Another My wife and I were on a Southwest flight this past Wednesday, heading to Tampa to spend Thanksgiving with two of our sons.  The flight attendant on the flight was really funny, and actually made the normal “vital flight information” about how to wear your seat belt, or how ...

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