henry ford: Closing a Chapter of My Life - 12/07/16 07:15 AM
Long before I became a real estate agent, I was a partner in a food brokerage company. What is a food broker? It is very much like a real estate broker, only this time you are selling cases of food instead of houses. A food broker represents a manufacturer so that the manufacturer doesn’t have to hire their own sales staff. The broker earns a commission on every case they sell. If you don’t sell anything, then no commission is earned…that’s where the manufacturer saves money versus having a staff they must pay regardless of selling anything. Sounds pretty much the … (6 comments)

henry ford: Learning From Our Mistakes - 04/24/14 01:06 AM
Learning From Our Mistakes
I have always preached to my children that you learn more from your mistakes than you do from your victories. Usually, it only takes one time of burning your hand on a hot stove to learn the hard lesson that you should avoid touching hot things. Perhaps, you have told your children the very same thing.
This week, I was reading an article about billionaire Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks NBA basketball team, and star of the hit television show Shark Tank. Cuban gave the very same advice…that the biggest business lessons he ever … (10 comments)

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