johnny football: Looking for a Negative Business Model? Look No Further Than the Cleveland Browns - 01/27/15 10:05 PM
If you are looking for a business model on how not to do things…then look no further than the Cleveland Browns!
To those of you following football, you are well aware of the problems the Browns have had with quarterback Johnny Manziel, and wide receiver Josh Gordon. To those of you unfamiliar with the situation of these two players and the Browns, here is a little refresher course.
Johnny Manziel was a first round draft pick in last year’s NFL college draft. He was highly successful in college, breaking all sorts of records at Texas A&M. He was a Heisman Trophy … (2 comments)

johnny football: Identifying the Person Holding Back Your Career - 12/31/14 01:16 AM
Identifying the Person Holding Back Your Career
OK…the minute you read the headline you knew who I was going to identify as the person holding you back from achieving your dreams. Collectively, let’s all say it together. Ready? One, two, three…the number one person holding me back in my career is…MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!
I am a big advocate of self-help tapes, CD, videos, and books which provide valuable information on how to be successful.  Without exception, they all say that we sabotage our careers more than anyone else. We know that instinctively. We didn’t need to spend $25 to have Tony Robbins tells … (0 comments)

johnny football: Holding Yourself Accountable: The Saga of the Cleveland Browns and Johnny Manziel - 12/30/14 02:45 AM
Holding Yourself Accountable: The Saga of the Cleveland Browns and Johnny Manziel
I love following sports because it is a microcosm of what is right…and what is wrong with today’s society. How we “play” on a field often mirrors how well we play with others off the field.
Oh, us poor souls who grew up following Cleveland sports teams. We have been forced to look at the bigger picture, to ponder the philosophical aspects of the game; because nothing good rarely happens on the field. We have been forced to find the silver lining some place besides the old ballpark. Sadly, … (22 comments)

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