our faith in action: Wasting Time... - 08/31/16 05:23 AM
This week I am fulfilling part of my civic duty by showing up at our county courthouse for jury duty. This is my third time being selected in the last 5-6 years. I have yet to be selected to actually serve on a jury. No, I am one the exceedingly unlucky ones who are left to wait and rot in the jury selection room. You sit and pass the time on hard wooden chairs starring at a television screen with the sound turned down while your mind and your butt turn numb. Occasionally, they tell you can leave the room to … (36 comments)

our faith in action: I Wish My Words Were Magical - 05/24/16 06:08 AM
 I Wish My Words Were Magical
Don’t you just love all those movies and television shows where one of the main characters is headed down the wrong path and another main character sees what is going on and has a heart-to-heart conversation with that person; and the character headed down the wrong path completely changes his ways. I have to chuckle when I see that sort of thing…as if that happens in real life. I have had so many conversations with my children over the years trying to warn them of the cliff they are fast approaching. You know how many times … (24 comments)

our faith in action: Putting Limits on Love - 05/16/16 06:47 AM
My wife and I absolutely love this stage of our lives. Ah, the joys of being grandparents! We have a total of six grandkids, but we only have one we get to see on a regular basis. We see our grandson, William, 3-4 times a week. Being a part of his life, and getting an opportunity to watch him grow has been a blessing to my wife and me. Being old tends to give you a greater appreciation of life. As grandparents, we savior every minute we have with William.
William is four years old, and he is trying to grasp the concept of … (0 comments)

our faith in action: Measuring Progress - 04/26/16 05:33 AM
As agents, I am sure many of you have shown homes where somewhere in the house; there is a door casing marked with lines, dates, and name’s measuring the growth of the children living there. I have even had sellers want to take the board with them when they moved…considering this growth chart more important their most treasured possessions… their flat screen televisions.
Seeing this growth chart always brings a smile to my face as I recall my own children backing up to the door casing in our home and stretching themselves out in order to have their height measured. As a … (18 comments)

our faith in action: Some People Just Can’t Find a Way to be Happy - 02/17/16 04:43 AM
I recently finished helping a buyer buy a new home, and at the end of the transaction I came away with deep sense of relief, and a deep sense of sadness.
The vast majority of clients I deal with are referrals from former clients. At my stage in life, I like dealing with people I hopefully know a little about before I ever meet them. I figure if this new client is a friend of a former client…and if I like the former client…there’s a pretty good chance I am going to like this new client too. Rarely do nice people have … (4 comments)

our faith in action: Making the Most of Every Day - 12/03/15 11:20 PM
Making the Most of Every Day
The massacre out in California the other day was another reminder of how fragile life is. I am 66-years old, and I am reminded everyday as my back and legs creak trying to get out of bed in the morning that each day is a blessing…a gift. My dad used to tell people when they would ask him how he was doing, that he was doing great…that he was on the right side of the grass. I used to cringe every time he said it, until one day when when he wasn't on the right side … (2 comments)

our faith in action: Where Is God? - 05/05/15 06:15 AM
Where Is God?
I am a news junkie, and I love to read the various Internet headlines each day to sort of get a pulse on what is on people’s minds. If you follow the news like I do, you will notice that we have a difficult time trying to figure out where God should be. Throughout the week, there are stories about the Pope, stories about the decline of one particular faith, stories about the rise in numbers of another faith, stories lamenting about God not being allowed in schools, stories about a particular group complaining about religion overstepping its bounds.
On … (10 comments)

our faith in action: Getting Your House In Order - 03/26/15 04:40 AM
By now the whole world has heard about the German flight that crashed into the Swiss Alps. Speculation is rampant as to what happened. The leading theory as of this morning is that the co-pilot deliberately crashed into the side of a mountain; while the pilot pounded in vain on the cockpit door desperately to regain control of the plane.
If you are like me, I bet you have imagined yourself on that flight…strapped into your seat and literally watching your world come crashing to an end. I have been on flights where there has been a mechanical problem, and you … (0 comments)

our faith in action: For Better, or For Worse… - 03/06/15 04:30 AM
I just saw a study posted on the Internet which sort of broke my heart. According to a study conducted by Iowa State University; in marriages where the wife becomes gravely ill, there was a higher percentage of those marriages ending in divorce than if the husband was the one ill.
The Journal of Health and Social Behavior, in its March issue, reported on 2701 marriages over a period of 20 years and discovered that the incidence of divorce was six percent higher if the wife was seriously ill, versus the wife being in good health. The study was focused on … (7 comments)

our faith in action: The Choices We Make - 03/03/15 05:23 AM
Many of us feel like we are simply going through the motions with our lives. We are so embroiled with our day-to-day activity that we fail to consider there might be a big picture. We don’t see ourselves acting proactively to anything.  Instead, we may feel like we are constantly reacting to our environment. We may even feel like one of those shiny silver balls bouncing off rubber coated bumpers inside a pinball machine, tossed around from side to side until our ball falls between the paddles at the bottom.
We have had bad things happen to us. Some of those bad … (0 comments)

our faith in action: Never, Ever Give Up Hope - 01/16/15 04:48 AM
Never, Ever Give Up Hope
We humans, we think we have learned just about everything there is to know about ourselves and the world around us…then you come across something like what I am about to tell you, and you quickly realize, we actually know very little. It’s important that we maintain a little bit of humbleness, lest we get served up a big piece of humble pie from our Creator. We have certainly gained tremendous insight into the way things work versus our ancestors; but several decades from now, our relatives are certainly going to look at us as primitive … (0 comments)

our faith in action: The Media’s Fascination With Pope Francis - 12/15/14 05:46 AM
 The Media’s Fascination With Pope Francis
I use Yahoo as my web browser, and I find it interesting that there usually are 4-5 articles each day about Pope Francis’s comings and goings. Pope Francis said this…Pope Francis is coming to the United States…the Pope did this… the Pope did that…the Pope said pets go to heaven too.
I am Catholic, so I am naturally inclined to check these stories out, as they are of interest to me. There are a ton of us Catholics, so I understand the media’s need to report on his activities. However, I don’t remember Pope … (2 comments)

our faith in action: Just Let God Sort It Out! - 11/10/14 11:02 PM
Just Let God Sort It Out!
I spend a great deal of time reflecting back over my life. Being a real estate agent, we spend a great deal of time in our cars driving about. I like to listen to books on tape during those endless hours behind the wheel. It’s a way to productively make use of what could be wasted time. I try to listen to thought provoking books…things that cause me to grow as an agent and things that can help me grow as a human being. When I come across something I consider profound, I will turn … (8 comments)

our faith in action: There Is No God - 11/04/14 03:40 AM
There Is No God
At least, that is what Stephen Hawking recently declared. The renowned astrophysicist gave an interview a few months ago in which he stated that there is no God. He continued that miracles stemming from religious beliefs are “not compatible with science.”
"In my opinion, there is no aspect of reality beyond the reach of the human mind." Hawking added. He went on to state that he has a firm belief that the universe was the work of scientifically explainable phenomena, and not that of a supreme being.
What is interesting is that, while Mr. Hawking seems to … (10 comments)

our faith in action: We Should Call Adoption Something Else - 10/07/14 04:26 AM
We Should Call Adoption Something Else
I was on a listing appointment last night and the topic of adoption came up. The couple whose home I was listing picked me as their agent because of my online profile. In my profile, I mention that that my wife and I are adoptive parents, and that I have served as a board member of an adoptive agency in Brazil for quite a few years. These kind, and wonderful people selected me because they too, are adoptive parents.
There have been quite a few agent friends, whose opinion I value, who have told me … (10 comments)

our faith in action: What Do You Say? What Do You Do? - 10/02/14 11:32 PM
What Do You Say? What Do You Do?
God gave me a gentle reminder last night that being a real estate agent isn’t all about buying and selling homes…the number bedrooms or bathrooms a place has…the list price versus selling price. We are all in and out of so many houses throughout our careers that we sometimes forget that people live in these houses. These are people’s homes. These things we sell are vessels which contain people’s sadness and joy. It is where children were raised. It is where people mourned the loss of a loved one. It is where tears … (54 comments)

our faith in action: God Isn't Finished With Me Yet - 09/26/14 05:08 AM
God Isn’t Finished With Me Yet
How many times throughout any given day do we get frustrated with a loved one, a co-worker…even a passerby on the street? They say, or do something which is not up to our standards; and we get upset with them.  Sometimes that frustration becomes so severe; we may even want to write that person off…muttering to ourselves, “They just don’t get it, worse yet…THEY ARE NEVER GOING TO GET IT!!!!”
Comically, that judgment we impose on others-we somehow never seem to reflect on the fact that the very people we are judging may be thinking … (2 comments)

our faith in action: We Are All on a Reality Show - 05/22/14 02:04 AM
Love them , or hate them…reality television shows are everywhere. You can’t help but turn the TV on to some show about cooking, or real estate, or remodeling, or decorating, or baking a cake, or a half a dozen shows about the housewives of this place or that. The vast majority of us watch, or refuse to watch them; but we never think that we would ever be a participant in one.
I would like to suggest this to you; perhaps we are all a part of a reality show each and every day. Remember the show Candid Camera, produced by … (9 comments)

our faith in action: Was it God, or Was It Just Luck? - 10/02/13 04:48 AM
Was it God, or Was It Just Luck?
Back on August 12th I wrote a blog about a young girl critically injured in an automobile accident in Missouri. In the article, I wrote about paramedics and police on the scene describing a mysterious man who appeared at the accident scene to help comfort the accident victim as she fought for her life. Police said this mysterious man seemed to appear from out of nowhere, and then seemed to vanish into thin air when the girl was transported by helicopter to a trauma center. The story went on to say that, when … (4 comments)

our faith in action: Three of our Better Angels. - 01/25/13 01:51 AM
Our world can be a pretty harsh place…especially, our schools. There was just another campus shooting the other day in which two students were killed. We know all too well, the bloodshed of Sandy Hook, Columbine, Virginia Tech…and unfortunately, the list goes on far too long.
We also know that guns aren’t the only weapon of choice. We hear stories of teenagers being driven to kill themselves rather than continue to face the hateful words coming from a bully’s mouth. With this constant drumbeat of violence coming from our learning institutions, it is easy to become cynical, and think the … (35 comments)

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