our faith journey: Wasting Time... - 08/31/16 05:23 AM
This week I am fulfilling part of my civic duty by showing up at our county courthouse for jury duty. This is my third time being selected in the last 5-6 years. I have yet to be selected to actually serve on a jury. No, I am one the exceedingly unlucky ones who are left to wait and rot in the jury selection room. You sit and pass the time on hard wooden chairs starring at a television screen with the sound turned down while your mind and your butt turn numb. Occasionally, they tell you can leave the room to … (36 comments)

our faith journey: Putting Limits on Love - 05/16/16 06:47 AM
My wife and I absolutely love this stage of our lives. Ah, the joys of being grandparents! We have a total of six grandkids, but we only have one we get to see on a regular basis. We see our grandson, William, 3-4 times a week. Being a part of his life, and getting an opportunity to watch him grow has been a blessing to my wife and me. Being old tends to give you a greater appreciation of life. As grandparents, we savior every minute we have with William.
William is four years old, and he is trying to grasp the concept of … (0 comments)

our faith journey: Measuring Progress - 04/26/16 05:33 AM
As agents, I am sure many of you have shown homes where somewhere in the house; there is a door casing marked with lines, dates, and name’s measuring the growth of the children living there. I have even had sellers want to take the board with them when they moved…considering this growth chart more important their most treasured possessions… their flat screen televisions.
Seeing this growth chart always brings a smile to my face as I recall my own children backing up to the door casing in our home and stretching themselves out in order to have their height measured. As a … (18 comments)

our faith journey: "Piece By Piece" by Kelly Clarkson: A Message For Fathers - 04/15/16 04:11 AM
Piece By Piece
The headline for this post comes from a song written and sung by Kelly Clarkson. I first heard the song, Piece By Piece, just a few weeks ago on American Idol. The song is an autobiographical look back on her childhood and the abandonment by her father when Kelly was 6-years old. The song juxtaposes her father’s actions against her own husband’s promise to always be there for her and their children. The night she performed Piece By Piece, Kelly could barely manage to get through the hauntingly painful lyrics. Those of us listening, including one of the judges … (0 comments)

our faith journey: A Mentor of Mine Passed Away - 02/19/16 12:32 AM
Thirty-seven years ago, one of the first men to greet me as I began my first day on my new job was a man named Bob. Bob was one of 5-6 stockholders running the company I was now working for. While I met dozens of people that day, Bob made a lasting impression on me. I think it was the way he had looked at me as he shook my hand. His look wasn’t superficial. We have all had those introductions where the person on the other end of our hand was distracted, thinking about anything else but meeting us. Bob … (2 comments)

our faith journey: Some People Just Can’t Find a Way to be Happy - 02/17/16 04:43 AM
I recently finished helping a buyer buy a new home, and at the end of the transaction I came away with deep sense of relief, and a deep sense of sadness.
The vast majority of clients I deal with are referrals from former clients. At my stage in life, I like dealing with people I hopefully know a little about before I ever meet them. I figure if this new client is a friend of a former client…and if I like the former client…there’s a pretty good chance I am going to like this new client too. Rarely do nice people have … (4 comments)

our faith journey: The World Is Updating Today… - 02/09/16 11:54 PM
The World Is Updating Today…
In addition to being a real estate agent, I am part owner of a food brokerage company in Cleveland. For those of you wondering what a food broker might be, it is a lot like a real estate broker. Instead of selling houses, manufacturers pay you a percentage to sell their goods rather than have their own sales staff. Our company started in 1907, and I have been here for 37 years.
I got the bright idea to get into real estate when I relocated our office 12 years ago. I fell in love with the real estate … (4 comments)

our faith journey: Making the Most of Every Day - 12/03/15 11:20 PM
Making the Most of Every Day
The massacre out in California the other day was another reminder of how fragile life is. I am 66-years old, and I am reminded everyday as my back and legs creak trying to get out of bed in the morning that each day is a blessing…a gift. My dad used to tell people when they would ask him how he was doing, that he was doing great…that he was on the right side of the grass. I used to cringe every time he said it, until one day when when he wasn't on the right side … (2 comments)

our faith journey: To Realize The Value of Something… - 06/03/15 04:13 AM
To Realize The Value of Something…
I received the following email from my brother-in-law this morning, and I just loved it because it encompasses such tremendous wisdom. Why?  For one to know the real value of something, a person must experience the pain of losing something of importance. Sadly, it is not a lesson that once learned, you never have to be taught that lesson again. We humans tend to take things for granted. We think that just because a person, or thing was there yesterday, and it was there today…that it will be there tomorrow.
It seemed ironic to me that my … (6 comments)

our faith journey: Where Is God? - 05/05/15 06:15 AM
Where Is God?
I am a news junkie, and I love to read the various Internet headlines each day to sort of get a pulse on what is on people’s minds. If you follow the news like I do, you will notice that we have a difficult time trying to figure out where God should be. Throughout the week, there are stories about the Pope, stories about the decline of one particular faith, stories about the rise in numbers of another faith, stories lamenting about God not being allowed in schools, stories about a particular group complaining about religion overstepping its bounds.
On … (10 comments)

our faith journey: For Better, or For Worse… - 03/06/15 04:30 AM
I just saw a study posted on the Internet which sort of broke my heart. According to a study conducted by Iowa State University; in marriages where the wife becomes gravely ill, there was a higher percentage of those marriages ending in divorce than if the husband was the one ill.
The Journal of Health and Social Behavior, in its March issue, reported on 2701 marriages over a period of 20 years and discovered that the incidence of divorce was six percent higher if the wife was seriously ill, versus the wife being in good health. The study was focused on … (7 comments)

our faith journey: Don't Leave Anything on the Table! - 12/04/14 11:18 PM
Don’t Leave Anything on the Table!
From time to time, I skim back over my blog to sort of get a feel of the direction I am heading with this thing. I don’t really have a goal in mind when I write. Many times, something just pops in my head during Mass on Sunday, and I begin to formulate how I want to approach the subject, and away I go. I don’t have an audience in mind, other than God. It really makes no difference to me if anyone even reads my post. My blog is just a way of formally … (2 comments)

our faith journey: Be Kind To One Another - 12/03/14 02:44 AM
Be Kind to One Another
My wife and I were on a Southwest flight this past Wednesday, heading to Tampa to spend Thanksgiving with two of our sons.  The flight attendant on the flight was really funny, and actually made the normal “vital flight information” about how to wear your seat belt, or how to use your seat cushion as a flotation device worth listening to. She had some great one-liners…but I thought the best line from her comedy set was when she ended with, “Please sit back and enjoy your flight…and don’t forget to be kind to one another.”
Here … (2 comments)

our faith journey: Just Let God Sort It Out! - 11/10/14 11:02 PM
Just Let God Sort It Out!
I spend a great deal of time reflecting back over my life. Being a real estate agent, we spend a great deal of time in our cars driving about. I like to listen to books on tape during those endless hours behind the wheel. It’s a way to productively make use of what could be wasted time. I try to listen to thought provoking books…things that cause me to grow as an agent and things that can help me grow as a human being. When I come across something I consider profound, I will turn … (8 comments)

our faith journey: It's a Mad, Mad, Mad World - 08/18/14 01:54 AM
The world seems like such a crazy place right now. I saw a Yahoo headline yesterday morning saying the group of terrorists raping and pillaging Syria and Iraq had just been found to have murdered another 700 people...beheading many of them. This is on top of crucifixions, stonings, whippings, and who knows what else against innocent people caught in their path.  
What I find interesting is that it has been 45 years since man has walked upon the moon…and in 2014, Jesus’ admonishment about he who is without sin cast the first stone has to be taken literally, and not figuratively.
It is so sad … (2 comments)

our faith journey: The Life of Matthew Stanford Robison - 07/28/14 12:22 AM
My wife’s cousin posted this picture and story to his Face Book page, and the picture took my breath away. I have a smidgen of artistic ability…just enough to appreciate a real artist’s efforts…but not enough to actually have someone want, or buy my work.
Great art is more than just a representation of something, or someone. Art should cause an emotional reaction, or connection. Millions have stood in front of the Mona Lisa trying to determine what that upturned corner of her mouth meant. Speculation to its meaning continues on, even to this very day.
While this sculpture is no Mona Lisa, … (28 comments)

our faith journey: Getting Your Meds With Your Pizza - 01/12/14 11:13 PM
The Fundamental Goodness of Americans
I saw the following article on the Internet, and I just had to share it with you.
If we aren’t careful, we can become hardened by all the stuff we see on television and the news. The constant barrage of reporting on the horrible actions of a few, if we are not careful, will completely overshadow the goodness of the vast majority of us…the unsung heroes who get up every day to fight the good fight to provide for the people we love.
Sometimes that fundamental goodness stretches beyond the confines of a person’s home…sometimes it … (8 comments)

our faith journey: Do You Sometimes Feel Powerless? - 12/22/13 10:51 PM
Do You Sometimes Feel Powerless?
It’s easy to feel like you are powerless in the world. The world is so big, and there are so many people, and there is a constant barrage of bad news on the 24-hour cable news shows. The Internet is filled with horrible stories of man’s inhumanity towards his fellow man.
You hear and see all this, and you just want to shrivel up in a corner with a blanket over your head. You say to yourself, “What am I supposed to do? I am just one person…how can I make a difference?”
And yet you … (4 comments)

our faith journey: It's About Time - 12/03/13 12:55 AM
For the past several weeks, I have been devoting my postings to the subject of time…more importantly, how we spend our time. This story is about Bob Feller, one of my baseball heroes. He played for the Cleveland Indians his entire career, and eventually was elected into the Baseball Hall of Fame.
Bob Feller grew up on a small farm in Van Meter, Iowa. Back in the 20's and 30's, Bob's father, Bill, set up a makeshift backstop between the house and the barn, and taught his son the game of baseball. It was here that Bob learned his famous … (4 comments)

our faith journey: I Once Was Blind - 12/01/13 11:59 PM
I Once Was Blind…
The rest of the headline, as many of you know, goes like this; I once was blind, but now I see. It is from John 9:25 in the New Testament. It deals with a blind man, who had been healed by Jesus, and the man is trying to explain to onlookers what happened. Despite one’s faith, there is a message here for everyone. There are all types of blindness in the world.
I’d like to take a few moments to touch on one form of blindness. It is called Perceptual Blindness. Our eyes send a tremendous amount … (4 comments)

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