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Have you started today with the power that's required for you to have an extraordinary year? If you haven't, why not? Now's the time to change that! Register for complimentary Tom Ferry Live Orange County March 18th  ... it only takes 30 seconds to sign up online!
I just recorded an important message about my upcoming event in Las Vegas March 3rd that you need to hear: Click here to listen to a message from me Remember, if you want change, you need to be the change! It all starts with a simple step ... Register here for the March 3rd event at the Green Val...
Two things for you today:  #1. A Reminder about FOCUS #2. An Audio Program GIFT from Tom- Short Sales Mastery- register for the f'ree gift here.  Let's start with the reminder ...  If you want something that you never had, you need to do something that you've never done, right?  So forget all the...
This week, my family and I are enjoying a few days away in the mountains, where we are all are having fun snowboarding and skiing. When I read this headline this morning, I was particularly touched. Paul Schipper, an avid skier who hit the slopes every day of the season for more than 24 years, ha...
Like most Americans .... my family loves watching American Idol.  Whoever thought Simon would give something to blog about late last night!   Last night at about  half-way through  the show, Simon Cowell, the notorious critical judge asked one of the favorite male singers (with a great voice) .....
I just finished reading an article about the great Troy Aikman, Dallas Cowboys, Hall of Fame Quarterback ... that I think we can all learn from! Although he has had an illustrious career on the field and now he's a popular broadcaster, he promised his mother one thing almost 2 decades ago ... Tha...
Good Morning Active Rain! I just wanted to reach out and ask two simple ... but important quesitons: Are you seeing any change in your market? What's going on where you live? Can't wait to read what's happening near you! A lot of our coaching clients are starting to see a swing up in the market ....
Happy Friday to All! You know, in a couple months, I will be interviewing some of the top agents on the West Coast ... at an event called "Focus". What questions do you think I should ask them about how they run and market their business??? I would love to hear your feedback! thanks! Tom Ferry ww...
Happy Friday! Take the next 5 minutes to listen to the audio message I just sent out to our coaching clients ... you gotta hear this! I think you will be glad you did! Passion Rules! Tom P.S. I can't wait to blog on...
If  you will be in the San Jose area February 24 ... I want to see you!!!! Join us for a FREE event-  Tom Ferry Live at Villa Ragusa. Register here, so we have your name on the list! Here's what I will cover: Share the most current,...

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