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An insider's perspective on the topics which affect the Real Estate Industry - from a Title perspective
Title Industry Update – New Rates for Title Insurance in New Jersey! The NJ Depart of Banking and Insurance has authorized a “Title Rate Simplification”, which will become effective for all NEW Title Applications made on or after March 1st, 2009. The existing “Basic Rate” and “Reissue Rate” are b...
If you are considering a Reverse Mortgage, you will need an experienced company which is qualified to handle these complex transactions.  In a reverse Mortgage, the Lender needs to be insured for their interest in the property and a Loan Settlement is a requirement.   Make certain to choose a Tit...
The Title Company of Jersey has been in the business of providing top notch Settlement Services since 1972.  We are very well versed in exactly how to facilitate a closing involving a distressed property in foreclosure as well as those which have been approved for a Short Sale.   These type of cl...
2009 may be the best opportunity in a generation to refinance at rock bottom rates.  The same applies to rates for a new home purchase.  The government is compelled to do everything in their power to help facilitate these matters to help us emerge for the current economic malaise. As a consumer, ...
Cape May is experiencing a tremendous summer season.  The merchants and restaurant owners are saying that this is the best season in recent memory.You have to get down here and see for yourself!
There are a few options on how you can receive your documents pertaining to Real Estate Settlements. 1. Of course there is the good old USPS.   In this fast moving environment that is akin to the "Pony Express"                                                                2. Many professionals s...
About 10 years ago I took my son to the Cape May County Zoo, which is located in Cape May Court House, just of of Route 9 (Exit 11 on the GSP).  I was shocked at what a great place this was to visit.  Even more shocking was the fact that it was right in my home County.  It had always been there, ...
 The Lobster House is located at Fisherman's Wharf, but it is really in Lower Township only a few hundred yards from Cape May.  When you come to the end of the Garden State Parkway, follow Route 109 over the Cape May Bridge and you will see this sign at the bottom where you turn left.            ...
I recently spoke with a very successful REALTOR about how they choose a Title Company.  I was told right up front that he/she did not prefer the company that I work for.  Rather he/she preferred a competitor because they have great sports tickets which they would give out to induce business.This ...
The Short answer is "You Usually Don't"...When you made your last Real Estate purchase, were you offered the opportunity to choose from several "reputable title companies", when signing your agreement of sale?  Was the Title Company where your settlement was held already pre-typed into the contra...

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An insider's perspective on the topics which affect the Real Estate Industry - from a Title perspective