title rates: New Title Rates for New Jersey - 02/26/09 12:08 PM
Title Industry Update – New Rates for Title Insurance in New Jersey!
The NJ Depart of Banking and Insurance has authorized a “Title Rate Simplification”, which will become effective for all NEW Title Applications made on or after March 1st, 2009. The existing “Basic Rate” and “Reissue Rate” are being merged into one new rate called the “Standard Rate”. This new “Standard Rate” will be used in all circumstances where an Owner’s Title Policy is issued. The new “Standard Rate” will be lower than the old “Basic Rate” and will be higher than the old “Reissue Rate”. Title Companies may not … (0 comments)

title rates: Buying a Home or Refinancing a Loan in 2009? Use Title Company of Jersey for your Settlement Needs! - 01/06/09 03:38 PM
2009 may be the best opportunity in a generation to refinance at rock bottom rates.  The same applies to rates for a new home purchase.  The government is compelled to do everything in their power to help facilitate these matters to help us emerge for the current economic malaise.
As a consumer, you have the right to choose a Title Company that represents YOUR best interests, not necessarily those of a professional who may be compensated to "STEER" business in a certain direction.
At The Title Company of Jersey, we will charge you exactly according to the best available rates as posted by the NJ State Department of … (1 comments)

title rates: Consumers - How do you know if you were overcharged by your Title Company? - 04/02/07 02:12 PM
The Short answer is "You Usually Don't"...
When you made your last Real Estate purchase, were you offered the opportunity to choose from several "reputable title companies", when signing your agreement of sale?  Was the Title Company where your settlement was held already pre-typed into the contract?
Were you "steered" into using an affiliated company of the Real Estate Agency you used?  Did you sign any disclosures stating that there was any business affiliations between those companies?
In New Jersey, all Title Companies are supposed to be charging the same rates for equivalent services.  The truth is....that there can be quite a disparity among what those companies actually charge.
If … (0 comments)

title rates: All Title Rate Quotes are NOT Created Equal! - 03/06/07 12:26 PM
 When someone calls me for a quote for Title related charges, my Spider Sense begins to tingle!
 That usually means that the Realtor or buyer is "shopping" in hope of securing the best rate.  This is interesting, because in New Jersey, there is only one approved set of rates which is established for all Title Companies.   That being the case,....theoretically, there should be no difference from one company to another.
The truth is......that you can call several different companies and get a different quote form each one!  The important thing to remember is to get an "apples to apples" comparison.


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