Greetings ans Salutations to every activerain memberOnce again I am amazed at the help that exists at my fingertips.For years I used to say that "Consistency and lack of talent will always outweigh all the talent with no consistency"Sounds great? I had a chance to reflect on this from one of my n...
Hello my fellow Rainmakers, I thought I would put a note out to my wonderful community and comment on something that seems to be happening lately in Wisconsin. Recently a buyer was referred to me that wanted to purchase more multi families. I chatted with him on the phone and told him to bring hi...
Good Day, It would seem that there was a day when March would come along and evrything would be off and running with exhausting effort. We were truely cooking with gas!! Society has changed on such a whole that what was predictable is now anything but. I was talking to my friend today which is a ...
Outside of the JUmbos, and portfolio loans on multi families, are the ARM/s fading away? It seems that when the BC paper starting toleave that the ARMs were not that great of product. I would have to think this is because some of the ARM produsts were sold a number of years ago and now they are b...
If anyone gets Commercial, Investment, and Industrial leads that they feel may take up too much time, or they are not very used to it and feel it should go to someone that does the job, look no further.I am happy to apy anyone a %25 referral upon successful closing of the referred property. If th...
Is amy one in the same position that we can see increse in homes being shwon, buy the still home is still  a bear to sell. In the Milwaukee market if I home is listed. and it is priced right, it still takes 90 days,often beforeiotgets anoffer. Then there is a tendency for Buyers to Offer 25% as a...
It is important to remember when you are selling a non homestead, hence, an investment property that at closing there are Starker papers there and prepared for when the transaction closes, the facilitator, usually the title company will have a signature from a buyer witnessing the sale, the Sell...
Hello to everyone from wisconsin. The market is starting to get stronger now, amd I have noticed that the 2 and 4 families are selling. I am having a hard time getting the single families sold, but have done about six 4 families in the last month and a half. I continue to seek out Investors that ...

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