Hello Activerainers and aficianatos,I have been working the multi family markets qyuite heavy for the past month. I have always worked it hard but now I see the emergence of prices becoming competitive again,and they are actually making number sense when you do an APOD or CFAT, and an alternative...
To all the activerainers'In Wisconsin there was talk about increasing the transfer tax on each transaction. To me this would be putting yet another tax burden to a consumer, and I would have a hard time justifying where it would all go. Is there talk of doing the same in any other States at this ...
Hello,Living in a State where one would think that the temperature is always going to change, and can change dramatically, that they should plan accordingly for the day. That is not always the case.I usually put on a nice tie, shirt, sport coat and such as to make a good impression.Lately I am fi...
Hello activerainers and aficianados,I almost have all my technological information figured out and I have reading a lot about vitiul assisitants. I reall can get into a down time and it seems like even before eveyhting gets moving straight again.I receive about ten emails a day from people tellin...
Recently I have been overwhelm by individuals that doing nothing but staging a home. is this to make the home look better in appearance? Is it to remove a fowl smell that may have crept into the house? Is it to take a mundane house and make it look great? Or a vacant home to show what it could lo...
Hello fellow Activerainers,Often i am approached by customers that start off a conversation with them saying " You helped my friend build up their portfolio of rentals, and we would like you to help us." I get a strange look back often when I look at them and ask  "What are your intentions, and w...
Hello my Activerain family,When I became part of Activerain I had no idea what return I would receive. I was able to get a lot of my technological questions answered. I was able to give my opinion of market conditions, comments on my marketing tools and applications. I have had the ability to sha...
Hello all you wonderful blog aficionados,   The other day I went to help my friend John look at a commercial listing and his Seller and I got to talking about farming, life, and I mentioned to him that I was into bee keeping. He replied to me " Tom, I think it is amazing how people really do not ...
I thought I would pose a question to my active rain peers,I am not in the habit of giving closing presents , but occasionally I try to give something back to the people that I have the opportunity to become friends wiht.Recently An idea came across to me, I responded to get a sample, and I might ...
Hello all you wonderful activerainers.I was sitting back reading my Blogs of new and old. I was able to go back to some and apply my spell checker. I admire a comment by one active rain individual that very kindly suggested to me to hit my spell checker one more time. I finished my coffee and off...

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