real estate: Greenfield Wisconsin Real Estate 30 Days - Coldwell Banker Tom Braatz - 09/05/19 04:16 PM
 You can click here at Greenfield Wisconsin Real Estate  to search for your next home. The following information is from the MLS and is for the period of 8/5/2019 to 9/5/2019. See you at closing!
In the Greenfield Wisconsin Real Estate market 52 homes sold; 4 were list and sold by the same company, and 48 were sold by co-brokes.
In the Greenfield Wisconsin real estate market there were 58 listings.
In the Greenfield Wisconsin real estate market there were 12 pending listings.
In the Greenfield Wisconsin real estate market there were 3 withdrawn listings.
In the Greenfield Wisconsin real estate market there were 0 canceled listings.
In the Greenfield Wisconsin Real Estate market there were 6 expired listings.
In the Greenfield Wisconsin real estate … (1 comments)

real estate: Delafield Wisconsin Real Estate - 30 days. Coldwell Banker Tom Braatz - 07/26/19 10:47 AM
 Delafield Wisconsin Real Estate is a wonderful place to work and enjoy life, and Delafield Wisconsin is a great place to live. The following MLS information is for 6/26/2019 to 7/26/2019. 
In the Delafield Wisconsin Real Estate market 31 homes sold; 4 were list and sold by the same company, and 27 were sold by co-brokes.
In the Delafield Wisconsin Real Estate market there were 35 new listings.
In the Delafield Wisconsin Real Estate market there were 7 pending listings.
In the Delafield Wisconsin Real Estate market there were 4 withdrawn listings.
In the Delafield Wisconsin Real Estate market there were 0 canceled listings.
In the Delafield Wisconsin Real Estate market there were 12 expired listings.
In the Delafield Wisconsin Real Estate market there … (0 comments)

real estate: Hartland Wisconsin Real estate market for 30 days with Tom Braatz - 10/11/17 10:59 AM
                               FREE ON-LINE HOME MARKET
This Report is for the Hartland Wisconsin Real Estate for the last 30 days. The following information is for the period of 9/11/2017 to 10/11/2017  and is for the entire MLS content for this period. Enjoy the Waukesha County Life. If you would want to know more about the Waukesha County Life just get a hold of me.
In the Hartland Wisconsin real estate market 16 sold in the last 30 days: 1 were listed and sold by the same company, and 15 were sold by a co-broke
In the Hartland real … (0 comments)

real estate: Looking back would I have done things different? - 03/23/12 01:45 PM
 I suppose this is an age old question that is posed to many for many different fields, careers, or life situations. I think as I am able to grasp that many things happened to me in my career that could have been avoided or I could have been more focused to not let it get too far, too extreme, or too difficult. There were times I was stubborn, or too much of a know it all that I really should have had the sense to take a step back and see the big picture. When I finally gained the sense to … (14 comments)

real estate: Happy Groundhog day from Tom Braatz and Lars. - 02/02/11 03:05 AM
It's snowing, cold, and I think we go over a foot of snow in the last day in Waukesha County Wisconsin.Real Estate for sale in Oconomowoc Wisconsin has some snow involved with it today big time. If the ground hog came out I truly admire his tenacity. Groundhog Day is celebrated in the United States each year on February 2nd. Today, in mid-winter, the groundhog awakens from a long winter's nap, and goes outside of his den t see if he sees his shadow. This tradition is big on whether Spring is closer than we think, or not.
According to legend, if the groundhog … (0 comments)

real estate: Waukesha County: Where do I pay my taxes and more at the Waukesha County Government page. - 01/11/11 04:29 AM
I live in Waukesha County  where local Government is absolutely superb and is a true blessing to work with. We have a wonderful sheriff association known as the Waukesha County Sheriffs Department. Community involvement is seen everywhere with many Waukesha County departments and associations. I have many ask me how to find the Waukesha County treasurer, Waukesha County Land use system, the Waukesha County Register of Deeds, and more. Hence, we have the Waukesha County government page, and where the links are that can be found for Waukesha County. Please find the link right here at Waukesha County
Have a productive day and … (7 comments)

real estate: It's time to buy or sell a home in Milwaukee County Tom Braatz! Real Estate activity last last week. - 11/05/09 07:33 AM
  If you are interesting in buying a home in Milwaukee or selling a home in Milwaukee County make sure to request a on-line home value. If you are a first time buyer you will want to take advantage of the first time buyer tax credit; why not start with an MLS search below? The following activity took place for Milwaukee County and Milwaukee County Real Estate properties, and all single family, two family, land, commercial, business, and the entire MLS content 10/29/2009 to 10/05/2009
 In the Milwaukee County Real Estate market 208 homes sold; 55 were list and sold by the same company, and 153 were sold by … (2 comments)

real estate: One day I thought I had something to say; I guess at 400,000 I still have plenty to talk about. - 09/02/09 03:39 AM
It was just a few years ago someone suggested I take up blogging. I told them I really did not think I had much to say. What an understatement from someone like me. Well, little did I know I would jump first into something that I thought would have been a general pastime. I have come to be part of a large wonderful group known as activerain. They are my friends, my colleagues, my mentors, and more. Sure, it's great that by tuning myself into a pro-active advertising media and it does not hurt that a was able to make more money because … (22 comments)

real estate: Waukesha County, Wisconsin, Real Estate market activity 7/24-7/31 - 07/31/09 04:27 PM

 In the Waukesha County Real Estate market the skys are wide open for buying and selling. In fact, it's smooth sailing for buying and the conditions are perfect with rates,selection, and prices. We are Waukesha Real Estate agents that aim to make a difference.Tom Braatz; opening the doors in Waukesha County Real Estate for anyone needing a Waukesha County Realtor.
 In the Waukesha County Real Estate market the following activity took place for all single family,two family, land, commercial,business, and the entire MLS content for the week.
In the Waukesha County Real Estate market 112 homes sold; 17 were list and sold by … (2 comments)

real estate: Waukesha County Real Estate market activity 4/22-4/29 - 04/29/09 08:02 AM
If you are looking for a Waukesha County real estate agent Tom Braatz would welcome the chance to be of service, or if you would like to know more about the Waukesha County Real Estate market Tom Braatz hopes the following information may be of help. Make the best of your day With the Waukesha County Real Estate market blooming the following activity has taken place in the last seven days:
There were 66 sold properties: 16 were list and sold by the same company, and 50 were co-brokes.
There were 208 new Real Estate listings
There were 42 pending Real Estate listings.
There were 3 withdrawn Real … (12 comments)

real estate: The Last Thirty Days of Market Activity in Waukesha County, Wisconsin - 03/13/09 01:56 AM
The following is a comparison of the Real Estate activity in Waukesha County for the last thirty days.
In Waukesha County presently:
4,587 properties are listed for a total list volume price of $1,588,599,293
160 properties are pending at a price volume of $42,178,305
741 new listings at a price volume of $273,684,274
207 properties sold at a price volume $54,027,582 (Of this figure 47 were List/Sold at a price volume of 13,571,740, and 160 were co-brokes at a price volume of $40,455,842
The average day on market was 121 days 

 Tom Braatz 
You Can Sign up For VIP BUYING at 24/7 … (2 comments)

real estate: If You Could and Wanted To Move In The US Where Would It Be? What would you expect from your Realtor - 02/07/09 08:03 AM
I may be going off on a limb here but is it safe to say that many of us in activerain have become a creature of environment? I know people that have never moved more than one hundred miles from their town of origin. I have see young babies grow up grow to elementary, middle, high school, and have their own practices these days. Some have children, and grandchildren as well.
Personally I have had a chance to travel, visit, stay for a while (some not at my direction) and it puts a bug in you that lets you know that there are … (6 comments)

real estate: Reflections On A Cold Wisconsin Day In January - 01/05/09 11:32 AM
It's another icy day in Wisconsin, and it is cold. There is this amazing tranquility and peacefulness that comes with the temperature being lower than normal. A paradox is perhaps the word I am looking for. Steam off of rivers, shimmering ice, and high sculptures glowing snow everywhere.
I left a home today of someone I had known for years in this business, in fact going back to 1986. As I left the home I started to reflect on times when I first met this couple. Younger at the time, they were married, from there had children, and now had grandchildren. It dawned … (9 comments)

real estate: Milwaukeee Is The City That Make Beer Famous - 12/19/08 03:59 AM
Beer. It has stood the test of time. It has been a staple for just about every major celebration and every indoor and outdoor spectacular. It has a home at Football games, baseball games, weddings, funerals, and the list just builds and builds. Why shouldn't it? Beer has been an American, for that matter, a World institution for just about as long as this guy can remember.
It gets us through good times, hard times, slow times, fast times, productive times, peace times, war times, celebrations, and more!
Beer has it's place in this World and it made one City absolutely … (4 comments)

real estate: A large ranch awaits your purchase on Badger Ct. in Dousman, Wisconsin. - 10/04/08 01:42 AM
Many updates in this beautiful ranch home such as a new furnace, roof, windows, laminate floors. Fenced yard backs up to subdivision common area. Very private yard, patio with hot tub. All appliances included. Great family room with fireplace just 2.5 miles south of I-94. $220"S Call for appointment and make an offer today! The Village of Dousman is surrounded by scenic nature, rolling hills, meadows, and kettle moraines. Watch the sand hill cranes in the fields, walk, hike, or bike the Glacial Drumlin nature trail. There is a new adventure waiting for you when you purchase this fine home.

real estate: All great turkish coffee with my friend Dara; announcing Wyndham Homes - 10/02/08 09:14 AM
Today I was able to go visit my friend Dara Atlija. Dara is absolutely a charming woman. Class to the max, a super heart, a great builder, and a super Realtor,Broker, and land developer. She has this wonderful smile 24/7 and she sets the standards for where excellent morals and ethics should be. I enjoy her. Dara is joining activerain soon, and together Dara and I are starting to work together so Glenn and I and our staff can sell alot of properties for this charming woman. We will also sell the homes that people have to sell before they buy into there … (9 comments)

real estate: The Countryside is coming alive with color in Waukesha and Washington County,Wisconsin - 09/28/08 12:39 PM
Another wonderful  Sunday in my area of Wisconsin. My son and I go to service at the Jerusalem Presbyterian church with all it's charm; large stain glass windows, large ceilings, open area, old world charm, and a real sense of meaning and fulfillment follows that keeps this man in perspective of what really is important in life, it's fragility, and for me, this is something that my son and I can do because it keeps us level to the Earth. Every week our wonderful Pastor gives a sermon on something that hits home. She truly has a talent for bringing out the … (10 comments)

real estate: I have been Memed again, so here it is again. The new and improved Me. Tom Braatz - 09/06/08 04:04 AM
One of my past times , and I need to get more into it is scuba diving. I was a leisure diver, and I was also a recovery diver pulling people from water and rivers that were unfortunate. I was also a recovery diver for a dog team.Hence the magnificent air scent-er Lars that is a talented dog that could follow live scents through anything.

Another thing I did before I got into Real Estate is I went to school for Chemistry.  I sure liked the schooling, but I sure hated the politics that came with companies. I … (20 comments)

real estate: Labor Day is coming upon us and may we make the best of it. Thanks to all my Realtor friends - 08/25/08 03:34 PM

real estate: Tom Braatz and the obnoxious Garmin Nuvi. A lesson in patience - 08/14/08 09:59 AM
Recently on a trip my dear friend was kind enough to allow me to use one of her vehicles while I explored the area and visited the wonderful JaCi Wallace, and the most charming Real Estate Broker in Sacramento Elizabeth Weintraub. Ladies, I have a tremendous amount of respect for you.
My friend Lori says "Don't go anywhere without Garmin" As I reply " Who is Garmin?" Garmin it turns out is an information GPS locate device that can get you in your destination.
The only thing is Garmin will irritate you because every five seconds it says to turn right … (12 comments)

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