real estate: FHA, VA, and the need to look at a now great alternative to "what was" - 05/27/08 11:10 AM
  Today, I had lunch with my charming friend, Rick Bernstein, from Mortgage Bankers of Wisconsin. As we were talking, and planning our events we were going to accomplish this year, the conversation turned to the FHA and VA loans that were out there, and what we were doing. Rick and I have decided that we were going to look into a radio show that was offered to us at a large Wisconsin radio station. As the conversation moved on we decided that we would also plan on a first time buyers seminar, a buyer seminar, an investment seminar, and a 2-4 family … (4 comments)

real estate: It's that time of year! Farmers markets in Waukesha County, Wisconsin - 05/26/08 08:45 AM
I think it is an absolute splendor to walk around and shop at farmers markets in Waukesha County. Not only can you find all different kinds of fruits, and vegetables, but you can always find a variety of fresh flowers, honey, and lots of other very interesting things.
Why not take a walk around some of the farmers markets listed below to see what you can find:
Oconomowoc Farmers market: 7 am to noon, Saturdays,May thru October,Fruits, vegeatables, and crafts, 210 E. Pleasant St. Oconomowoc
New Berlin Farmers market: 7-noon, mid May to late October, Saturdays, New Berlin Plaza,West National Avenue … (10 comments)

real estate: Genesee Depot: Home of Ten Chimneys and the Estate of Alfred Lunt and Lynn Fontanne, stage greats - 05/25/08 11:58 AM
One of the most charming little towns in Waukesha County is Genesee Depot.This town is full of history, and was also home to a couple that help made it famous. A monument at their grave says "Alfred Lunt and Lynn Fontanne were universally regarded as the greatest acting team in the history of the English speaking theater." They were married for 55 years and were inseparable both on and off the stage. 
By the mid twenties the couple were the two most respected, most popular, most critically acclaimed, and highest pay stage actors in the country.At the height of their individual careers, they made … (9 comments)

real estate: Wales, Wisconsin; Rolling hills, Kettle Moraines, and a great place to live. - 05/24/08 09:52 AM
It is easy to see why the early Welsh settlers felt so comfortable when they arrived in this area of Wisconsin located in Waukesha County. It reminded them of home at their first glance.
Ask my son Spencer what he thinks is the highlight in Wales and he will reply that it is LeDuc's frozen custard. This place is the only place I have ever seen that it can be below zero and there is a line of twenty people waiting for Carmel Cashew ice cream.


One can still ride through Wales and see a great number … (3 comments)

real estate: Happy Memorial Day weekend to everyone. - 05/23/08 09:37 AM
It is that time of year that tarditionally starts off the summer; that being Memorial Day weekend. I wish everyone a safe, happy, and enjoyable Memorial Day. I would also like to acknowledge the many that paid a ultimate price and could not be with us to enjoy this weekend, but they are with us in memory, and we shall never lose track of, or what they have done for us in an unselfish way.
The fact that I can sit in an office and type this blog because someone that does not even know me is out there protecting the … (11 comments)

real estate: Dousman, Wisconsin: A great Village in harmony with Nature and people. - 05/23/08 04:12 AM

It does not take long when you come into the Village of Dousman to realize that everyone is in cinc in everyone else. This is a community where people participate, and it also is a community that has the luxury of being surrounded by majestic fields of Sand Hill cranes, birds, wild life, and more.
It is truly amazing to watch such a beautiful bird gather with others, nest, and enjoy the fields, waterways, and conservancy they way they do. I hope that picture never leaves my head in my lifetime. You can walk down the Drumlin trail which reaches … (1 comments)

real estate: Pewaukee, Wisconsin. A charming City, and Village centered around a beautiful Lake - 05/22/08 09:21 AM
When I was younger I always heard lots of interesting inuendos about Pewaukee, and Pewaukee Lake. One in particular made me actually think it could hurt someone. The big thing was to stop at every bar around Pewaukee Lake and stop at every bar for a bar. This, in my eyes, not only would be dangerous, but crazy. There was seventy two bars at the time. Wouldn't that be a nice conversation with that individual!
Gangsters used to come to Pewaukee to have a good time as well. I personally think one of the craziest things we used to do with my … (13 comments)

real estate: 426 Fairview Avenue, Waukesha. All remodeled and very attractive. $152,900 - 05/21/08 08:07 AM
This new listing located at 426 Fairview Avenue, in the City of Waukesha has been nicely remodeled, and shows extremely well. Three bedrooms, dining, living room, and best of all is that this home gets lots of natural sunlight to make it bright and cheerful.
Some updates include kitchen, paint, wood floors, and more. Located close to Waukesha Memorial, this home sits on a hiiltop. It is minutes from Retzers Nature center, and moments from the country.

Looking to work with a Broker that wants to make a difference? A Broker that will work with passion to make … (2 comments)

real estate: High Visibility, Busy business location, High traffic, Seller may assist. $224,900. Milwaukee, Wisconsin - 05/21/08 05:22 AM

real estate: Hartland, Wisconsin: A beautiful place for living ang working. - 05/20/08 04:17 AM
One cannot help but to be amazed at the friendly people you encounter walking down the main street in Hartland; Capitol Drive, or Cottonwood, or North. Friendly merchants offer you complete hospitality in their restaurants, card shops, specialty shops and more.
I personally would hang out with my grand parents that lived just north of Hartland in a little town called Chenequa/North lake area. We always would come a couple minutes south to Hartland to watch parades, visit relatives, or eat at the wonderful Swiss restaurant, or the CobbleStone restaurant on the river.
Hartland has retained it's charm for all these … (4 comments)

real estate: Delafield, Wisconsin. A charming City that has maintained it's charm - 05/19/08 05:01 AM
When one walks through the City of Delafield they immediately see that any new building has taken on a "Shaker" look, and old World charm. Some of the buildings in Delafield such as the fish hachery and more are old, but stunning just as well.
Like Oconomowoc, the City of Delafield sits on the shores of Lake Nagawicka. Every weekend there is something going on in Delafield. bazaars, craft sales, building tours, and more.



History abounds in Delafield. Dealfield, Wisconsin was originally known as the Michigan territory, and began it's settlement in the early … (7 comments)

real estate: Oconomowoc, Wisconsin: A City that is in the Heart of the Lake Country - 05/18/08 09:43 AM
One can take a drive trough the City of Oconomowoc, located in Western Waukesha County and be amazed how beautiful homes sit on Pristine Lakes, and the Lakes surround this beautiful City. Full and History, and loaded with charm, Oconomowoc is truly a magnificent City to visit, and to work and live in.


The poineering and developing of Oconomowoc began in 1837 when the first white man, Charles Sheldon, came to this area to build his log cabin. He found that the Potowatomi Indians had already laid the foundation of what they called Coo-No-Mo-Wauk (where the waters meet, … (7 comments)

real estate: Branding myself: My dog Lars always get a acknowledgement; I am not that lucky. - 05/16/08 08:08 AM
Recently, I had a customer ask me how my dog was. Being the person I am I said he was just fine and always turning it on for dog treats.
I had another client tell me that they remember the picture I always use that has Lars and I together in the picture. They made a comment on how nice looking of a dog he was. I get this often. At first I was thinking it was wrong that no one ever remembers what I look like, but they can remember what my dog looks like.
The more I thought about … (24 comments)

real estate: Waukesha County, Wisconsin. A lot of beautiful History: The City of Waukesha - 05/14/08 03:57 AM
Years ago this City was resort City. People would come from miles around just to put their feet in the Fox river, have a mud bath at the Moor Downs mud baths, and the City was renowned for it's natural springs. It was deemed "Spring City"
Resorts were plentiful. There is a large bible college that used to house a famous resort on the corner of Arcadian and Hartwell. One really would have a hard time imagining the beauty that was Frame park. A beautiful park on the Fox river that had outstanding floral gardens, trelleses, ponds with fish, and views that … (5 comments)

real estate: Tom Braatz; Working even harder than a rented mule, but new and improved! - 05/13/08 10:58 AM
Real Estate is an Industry where everyday you have to take a step back and look at the big picture. In the blink of an eye you can lose that important lead. We work in an Industry that involves rigorous time management and technology changes each day.
The concept of being personilized and creating your own niche is paramount, and really, why would we not just be ourselves.
I have been very fortunate to have some of the best customers and clients on Earth. Never under estimate the friendship that can devlop with having such customers and clients, let alone being … (7 comments)

real estate: Marketing your home for all it's worth: Determination of listing price - 05/10/08 05:57 AM
As we prepare for our listings to sell sometimes the painfully basic initiation process can be the most important.
Recently, I was looking at a graph from twenty years ago. The graph was a parabola that had an ascending slope to a point where it topped off and went downhill. Downhill-an ambiguous word indeed. The graph explained that most buyers would look at and purchase the home within thew first three weeks. The assumption in this graph has certainly changed with the times. Variables are in place like economic conditions, supply and demand, and an adjusting market.
However, just as technology … (6 comments)

real estate: May in Wisconsin; America's Dairyland - 05/08/08 04:25 AM
The slogan for wisconsin has long been America's Dairyland. Just take a look at any Wisconsin license plate.
   May is a beautiful month with new growth taking place; the heads of flowers and plants emerging from the Earth and seeking to grasp their share of photosynthesis and photokinesis.
   My personal favorite is when fruit trees such as apple, crabapple,pear, plum, pear, and cherry trees blossom. Never under estimate the tenacity of a plant. The plant will do everything it can the aaccomplish it's goal and have positive growth. This even applies to beautiful weeds.
   Are you looking to grow, and possibly … (9 comments)

real estate: Harley Davidson motorcyles building a museum in Milwaukee, Wisconsin - 05/07/08 04:27 AM
An American Institution is building a museum. The legendary Harley Davidson is sinominous with quality. Ask some Harley owners and they will tell you they will defend their Harley davidson until their death.
In one case a woman was tired of her husbands infactuation with his Harley. When told he had to make a choice between his beloved Harley or her he replied " I am going to miss you dear."
The museum should be open to the public by the scheduled 105th Harley Davidson reunion.
When you need to buy or sell Real Estate in Waukesha, Milwaukee Counties, and more, call a Broker … (5 comments)

real estate: A new Museum in Milwaukee, WI., Les Paul - 05/07/08 04:15 AM
Milwaukee is a City which has many attractions and interests. There are two new Museums being built and added to this large city on the Lake.
The first is for the "Wizard of Waukesha, Wisconsin" Les Paul. Mr Paul is the inventor of the electric, and the solid body guitar and has influenced many musicians and his accomplishments have forever changed history, and music as we know it. Les Paul is now 93 years old and lives in New Jersey. When told of the museum he said "I'm finally coming home." Looking for a Broker that works with passion? When you need … (1 comments)

real estate: Paradigms in Real Estate: preconceaved notions - 05/06/08 04:49 AM
Recently I was forced to look back at my life and make some pretty important decisions; prior I had paradigms that really may not have been the fact.
The same can exist in Real Estate. Brokers, Sellers, Buyers, and more can fall victim to this fast.
For example; If the market is bad it is bad everywhere.
Don't buy because of the economy because media enforces this idea. The real truth being that if you are working, and have good credit, the selection is wonderful, and interests rates are great. 
Every home is a super deal. Yes, price is a variable, but good brokers have … (4 comments)

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