tom braatz real estate: Realtors: Get your game on, and perfect it now! - 03/12/09 11:25 AM
It is no secret that it has been a down market, and the economy could be better. I was talking a broker recently and I literally told this individual to quit their whining and get their game on, and perfect it.
Remember when the market was great and we were always interested in other avenues of business generation that could help us, and we just could not find the time to keep up with anything because we were so busy?
The time to perfect, tweak, and get it all lined up is now. When it gets busy, and we can't remember … (0 comments)

tom braatz real estate: Your Actions will always speak louder than your words! - 03/09/09 11:27 AM
This morning I was reading my insight of the day from Bob Proctor, and it resonates of something I have learned the hard way. Bob made a movie called the Secret, is a best selling author with "You were born rich" and is a great life coach. I wanted to share a quote with you.
 "Whatever failures I have known, whatever errors I have committed, whatever follies I have witnessed in private and public life have been the consequence of action without thought."
Bernard M. Baruch1870-1965, American Financier
Unless we take action on what we intend to do everything else … (7 comments)

tom braatz real estate: It's these rainy Wisconsin days that I am starting to admire more - 03/08/09 08:07 AM
I can remember that old saying "Don't you know enough to get out of the rain?" Lately I question whoever or whatever the source of that saying was trying to convey.
When we are younger we could sit out and play in it, it had such a peaceful connotation. Years would go by and between driving and outside events it could become a nuisance.
This morning I was drinking a cup of coffee and looking out the window and reminiscing about rain in my life. Sounds strange, but it's true.
I remember some of my best thoughts, peaceful thoughts, creative thoughts, … (18 comments)

tom braatz real estate: My Anchor, my heart of my Energy - 03/05/09 08:10 AM
Many know I blog about the love and compassion I have for my dog Lars. He had done so good for people being a search dog; people lose their kids, and some challenged people walk away as well in February when it is really cold. That dog had such a nose he would not quit. I also was the recovery diver for the search team. Now Lars makes the retirement, VA, and hospital rounds. This guy I love with all my heart and soul, and am very proud of him. All he wants is to be loved and enjoy life.
My … (8 comments)

tom braatz real estate: Being on top of your Real estate game can be a modern day "Ides of March" warning - 03/04/09 03:17 AM
In a day and time where technology is a premium and we have every tool imaginable to us at our fingertips we should be selective and use the tools that give us a return.ActiveRain  is a great tool for social interaction between Realtors and peers, networking and referral system, and for great SEO and public awareness. Integration into Facebook, and Twitter and more can just add to your social and business presence. I personal love my dog so much that I use him as a branding device and he doesn't mind; he gets all the attention and recognition he can handle. In … (16 comments)

tom braatz real estate: When a time comes when a Realtor needs a true coach, and one that truly delivers he can have one; Enter Tom Braatz - 02/24/09 05:57 PM
Now you can have one of the best coaches that will turn you into the broker you always dreamed of being. The fact is, you always had it in you, it just had to be brought out into the light and let you discover the talent you always had inside of you. Let me show you what I have learned, teach you skills that would cost you tens of thousands of dollars to learn, and we will have fun at it while you also have a few closings a week. I have been coaching Realtors now for twenty three years, but … (12 comments)

tom braatz real estate: Located 10 Minutes from Manitowoc. Beautiful 4 family priced to sell at $157,900 - 02/11/09 12:44 PM
Located In Francis Creek, at 426 Norwood, and within 10 minutes of Manotowoc, this immaculate four family are some of the best I have ever seen,Absolutely mint, and impeccably maintained. Central Air, Coin Laundries, two bedroom units with all the great upgrade in carpet, linoleum. and more, Rear lot a bot French Park. This Place is new an is real Steal, Quality of ownership is prevalent everywhere, These are gorgeous, Total price of this four family is $157,900 This building built in 1976 is newer, and only circumstances allows this sale. Abuts beautiful prive yard, plenty of parking, small town living. It does not … (1 comments)

tom braatz real estate: Realize your true potential : School Your Mind For Success With Louise Goddard - 02/09/09 03:51 PM
For years I have struggled with maintaining a constant desire to keep focused. It was not so much the fact that I had the desire to be my best, but it was rather the fact that I needed to have someone help me connect the dots: Enter Louise Goddard, NLP Coach. Anyone familiar with Tony Robbins will tell you that Tony is a man that was down as can be, and then one day, yes, one day, he decide he was going to make a change in his thinking, his approach, his desire to give, be his best, and have the guts … (11 comments)

tom braatz real estate: In Trying Times The Person next To You could Be THe One Hurting - 02/07/09 10:20 AM
I see lots of good things going on lately, and I hear of good things that are being worked on. The fact that the Federal government is going to raise the tax credit for First time buyers from $7500  to $15,000 is noble of them, and very smart as a stimulating tool. I would have to sat the warm weather is welcome, and I notice activity picking up. Sure, I am still shaking my head at how in the World a beautiful multi family that is worth 1,100,000 all day long cannot sell at $785,000. It just does not make sense.

tom braatz real estate: A Memory and Pride of Ownership Can Now Happen Again:The Wisconsin Mini Farm - 02/07/09 08:52 AM
Driving through the many rural area of Wisconsin on any given day, or weekend and you will see beautiful horse farms, equestrian centers, majestic horse stables, and a pride of Wisconsin the serene and peaceful Wisconsin farm; rolling fields, cows and animals out in the fields. As time went by the farmers would sell off their land, and some a little more. As a result you could have the family home, a barn, corral ,some limited pastures, and fences. This was great for the farmer because he had some of the money from the farm, and he was living on the … (1 comments)

tom braatz real estate: If You Could and Wanted To Move In The US Where Would It Be? What would you expect from your Realtor - 02/07/09 08:03 AM
I may be going off on a limb here but is it safe to say that many of us in activerain have become a creature of environment? I know people that have never moved more than one hundred miles from their town of origin. I have see young babies grow up grow to elementary, middle, high school, and have their own practices these days. Some have children, and grandchildren as well.
Personally I have had a chance to travel, visit, stay for a while (some not at my direction) and it puts a bug in you that lets you know that there are … (6 comments)

tom braatz real estate: The Ten Common Mistakes That Cost Home Sellers Thousands of Dollars - 02/06/09 07:48 AM

 Selling your home can be a nerve racking, exhausting experience. Last minute calls, inconvenient showings, price adjustments, and the uncertainties of being stuck with a house that doesn't sell for months on end can all take their toll. If you are not completely prepared you could end up losing thousands of dollars in profit!
 The difference between a profitable, smooth transaction and a miserable experience is often a fine line. The majority of home selling nightmares are caused by a lack of knowledge. This report is designed to make you aware of the 10 common mistakes that cost sellers … (13 comments)

tom braatz real estate: Does He Want Anything With Those Fries? - 02/03/09 08:25 AM
I have a tendency to try to eat a lot healthier these days, but if you asked Lars he would say the World evolves around french fries. Lately, I had a chance to recognize just how people will remember something like Lars in comparison to myself. I like to get my dog some fries or a dish of vanilla ice cream when ever I have the chance.
My dog likes to ride with me often and I know he has been remembered when the nice young lady in the McDonald's recognizes us and asks "Does he want anything with those fries" … (8 comments)

tom braatz real estate: REFERRALS: Dont forget Tom Braatz and His Team To Get all Of Your Wisconsin Referrals To A Closing - 01/25/09 06:32 AM
If you have a party wanting to move to Wisconsin we would be honored to pay you a referral, and see them to a successful closing. WE will treat them with service that will make them feel like they are the only customer we have ever had, and we will leave no stone unturned to their pursuit of happiness.
If you have a referral any where in Wisconsin call us, we will point you in the right direction.
If you have a party that requires their home or building sold in Wisconsin we would make sure to accomplish our mutual goal, … (11 comments)

tom braatz real estate: Reap What You Sow: Cultivating Avtiverain, the listing router,and other tools to bring High Yield. - 01/24/09 09:10 AM
Every season brings it's change of beauty, growth, elegance, and foliage. I was a farmer for some time and I remember distinctly when fall came around I worked on with getting all the rest of the crops out, lining up what needed work in the winter, fixing barn repairs, electric fencing had to make repaired and. When Winter hit, I would work on my tractor, resting some wire and insulator for my fencing, fix corrals, electrical work, and the list was extensive.
Spring was just as hectic getting out in the fields and clearing them., and then planting either corn, soy, … (4 comments)

tom braatz real estate: Getting it right the first time! A Progressive Realtor Can Often Set New Standards - 01/22/09 11:07 AM
In my personal business we allow time each day for prospecting; this includes cold calling expired listings, For Sale By Owners, Commercial contacts, spheres, areas, and more. If I had the time I could cold call four hours a day; I enjoy it, I have worked at it, and I find We have a regiment that is followed pretty close now, however, I must say that long trip time between large commercial, business, and other projects can hinder timing and it's effectiveness. True, I am a very aggressive broker; that's what my Sellers like, and when I am a buyers agent … (15 comments)

tom braatz real estate: 4008 S. Whitnall, Milwaukee. New Listing for immediate sale! $164,900 - 01/21/09 08:07 AM
Located on the South side of Milwaukee this four bedroom colonial is updated. All major improvements have been done:Newer roof,new siding,gutters and windows throughout top off this Milwaukee Gem. My son Spencer would personally tell you he loves the neighborhood old World bakeries, and the proximately to Lake Michigan.
This is truly a wonderful home, and a large yard to boot, side drive, and ready for immediate sale today! All for only $164,900.

See you at closing!
Tom Braatz 
You Can Sign up For VIP BUYING at 24/7 recorded message to obtain Free report,Buyer Package,and … (8 comments)

tom braatz real estate: Decisions and the need to be able to refine Goals - 12/27/08 04:26 AM
It would seem that just when I get my goals all ready to be laminated, I wind up with the need to review, reconstruct, and alter them to be attainable. I remember Mike Ferry once saying "Too high of goals can suggest failure, but lack of goals can guarantee it." Indeed, I think Mike was absolutely right.
It has been my observation that over the years I have had to redo my goals at certain times of the year. I would think that this is no different than maintaining a car; without proper maintenance the car will just not function properly.

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