farmington hills homes for sale: 12 Things Home Sellers Do That Drives Realtors Crazy - 04/09/19 05:58 PM
For most people, their home is the largest asset they’ll ever own. That means that when it comes time to sell it, many experience a welling of emotions that makes them eager, anxious, and overwhelmed simultaneously. (A dangerous combination indeed.)
While Realtors® are there to help navigate this tricky time, often sellers become their own worst enemies — and drive their agents nuts along the way.
We asked real estate pros to share the behaviors sellers exhibited that bothered them most. See if any of these sound familiar.
1.Sticking around for showings“A homeowner who not only would remain in the house during all showings … (1 comments)

farmington hills homes for sale: Is the Timing Right to Buy or Sell? Farmington Market Update - 09/02/18 08:02 AM
Farmington, MI Sun Sep 02 2018
This week the median list price for Farmington, MI is $319,900 with the market action index hovering around 43. This is less than last month's market action index of 48. Inventory has held steady at or around 232. Click here to stay informed with the Farmington market!
The market has been cooling over time and prices have recently flattened. Despite the consistent decrease in Market Action Index (MAI), we’re in a Seller’s Market (where significant demand leaves little inventory available). If the MAI begins to climb, prices will likely follow suit. If the MAI drops … (3 comments)

farmington hills homes for sale: Realtors Work Hard For The Money: 184 Things We Do! - 08/18/18 05:40 PM
Listed here are 184 typical actions, research steps, procedures, processes and review stages in a successful residential real estate transaction that are normally provided by full service real estate brokerages in return for their sales commission. Depending on the transaction, some may take minutes, hours, or even days to complete, while some may not be needed. More importantly, they reflect the level of skill, knowledge and attention to detail required in today’s real estate transaction, underscoring the importance of having help and guidance from someone who fully understands the process – a REALTOR®.
Pre-Listing Activities  
Make appointment with seller for … (1 comments)

farmington hills homes for sale: YOUR FARMINGTON HILLS MICHIGAN REAL ESTATE AGENT BENEFITS - 06/22/18 02:12 PM
Are you planning to take the FSBO route for your Farmington Hills Michigan real estate? Before you put up that sale sign, there’s one thing that we would like to ask:
Can you handle this deal “ALL ON YOUR OWN”?
Let’s not be too hasty by saying “yes”. If you are thinking about saving that commission, which you have to pay to the real estate agent, then we would like to tell you a small fact:
You might not have those savvy negotiations skills that are required to cut a profitable deal… which means that you will be losing money on the sale price.
The one thing that … (0 comments)

farmington hills homes for sale: Increase Your Farmington Hills Michigan Homes Value - 12/14/17 08:02 AM
When selling your home, you want to do everything in your power to do things that will increase your Farmington Hills Michigan homes value and get you the highest offer possible, makes since right? You may think doing major renovations are the way to go, but sometimes it’s the smallest less expensive things that will add the most value to your home and bring you the best offer possible.
Here are 4 small and inexpensive ways to increase your Farmington Hills Michigan homes value to get the best offer possible.Clean Up the ExteriorMany homeowners in Farmington Hills Michigan focus on the interior … (0 comments)

farmington hills homes for sale: Amazon Invades Farmington Hills Real Estate!!! - 10/17/17 03:59 PM
Amazon has invaded the realm of Farmington Hills real estate—but you couldn’t say it’s happening in a big way. It’s happening in a tiny way. Last week the improbable news arrived that the web’s 400-pound gorilla had made its first foray into the realm of real estate. Since Farmington Hills real estate (like all real estate) is by definition local, its very nature would seem to preclude the buying and selling of homes as a mail order enterprise. But since has succeeded in other industries where failure had been assumed (high-end fashion, for instance), could local Farmington Hills real estate soon be monopolized … (4 comments)

farmington hills homes for sale: Farmington Hills Pet-Friendly Homes Advantages - 10/02/17 04:22 PM
“Pet-Friendly” is a term that used to be confined to the Farmington Hills Homes for Rent ads and a few open-minded hotel chains. Given the 84+ million American households which now include pets as family members, Farmington Hills homeowners who plan on listing their property anytime soon might include those animal census numbers in their thinking.
There may not yet be an official “Pet-Friendly Home” seal with stringent qualifying requirements, but it might not be such a bad idea. What research there is indicates that most prospective home buyers don’t at first concentrate on their animals’ needs—yet when you add the 36% of dog-owning households to … (0 comments)

farmington hills homes for sale: Farmington Hills Homes with “Empty Nest Syndrome” - 11/14/14 02:28 AM
“We’re not getting any younger honey!” Have you heard this one before? You may be getting to that age now where the kids are either close to finishing college, finding full time jobs and picking up a sweet rental, or finally tying the knot. There may still be one 20 something year old lingering around for longer than expected, and you haven’t fully achieved “empty nest” syndrome yet, but the time is coming soon.      
So what do you intend on doing with all this new found time, space and energy? Chances are you don’t plan on just staring … (0 comments)

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