overpricing: The Stages Of Taking An Overpriced Listing: As Told By Shark Tank - 11/09/18 06:58 AM
We all know you should never take an overpriced listing. But let’s be real: Almost every agent does it at one point or another. Well, except for “Tom” from Texas who’ll probably comment on this post and say how he’d nevvvvvvver do it. Good for you, “Tom”…good for you. But for the rest of you who couldn’t bring yourself to say “I’m out!” and took on one (or two) in your career, you’ll surely relate to this article. (Spoiler alert! You come out on top at the end!)
1. When you land the listing appointment…via GIPHY2. When you’re jotting down all the … (2 comments)

overpricing: Stopping Making These 5 Silly Mistakes When Selling Your House - 08/09/18 06:38 AM
Most homeowners, who plan to sell their house, often get stuck on two things: renovations and repairs. While these two points do matter, there are a few legal considerations that are swept under the rug. These small mistakes tank your deal and that is how bad word spreads about your house.
The key to avoid these mistakes is to think objectively instead of subjectively. Once your feelings are involved, you won’t be able to market or sell the house properly. Most people stick with major repairs and leave the small ones. Of course, this will make a huge difference in the way … (2 comments)

overpricing: Avoid Overpricing Pitfalls - 12/01/15 11:03 PM
Some sellers think pricing their home above what it is worth is a good idea. What could go wrong?
A high listing price doesn't deter buyers because price is negotiable, right?Fuhgeddaboutdit. Buyers are savvy. They know what comparable homes are worth and what they're selling for at year-end. They might see your home listing online (if it isn't priced out of their search-price range), but based on its specs, location and price, might simply skip viewing it. And, if buyers don't tour your home in person, they're not going to buy it.
If buyers don't like the price, they'll simply offer … (4 comments)

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