preapproval: How Buyers & Sellers Can Prepare For An Early Start To The Spring Market - 03/04/20 06:50 PM
Is January the new April? When it comes to the real estate market, experts say yes.
Regardless of whether that famous groundhog sees his shadow, a recent article on CNBC suggests spring will arrive early this year—at least when it comes to the housing market. In fact, some are speculating that January may very well be the new April.
What’s causing this already-busy buying season to kick off ahead of schedule? Low inventory and rising home prices are spurring house hunters to come out of hibernation months before they previously would have.
With that in mind, whether you’re buying or selling, or both, it’s time to … (2 comments)

preapproval: Why Do Real Estate Agents Ask If You’re Pre-approved? - 10/11/17 06:27 AM
Have you ever walked into an open house, or called a real estate agent about a listing, and within minutes, they’re asking you if you are “pre-approved” for a mortgage?
If you haven’t, then you have never walked into an open house or called an agent. Or at least enough of them…
Just wait. It’ll happen.
And you’re going to feel like it’s pretty pushy for them to ask that.
It’s like a joke.It makes you feel like telling real estate agents this knock-knock joke…
You: Knock-knock.
Real estate agent: Who’s there?
You: Nunya.
Real Estate Agent: Nunya who!?
You: Nunya business if I’m pre-approved or not! Just show me the house, and I’ll get … (2 comments)

preapproval: Realtors and Home Buyers Be Ready, Especially in Todays Competitive Market - 09/10/13 09:56 PM
As a professional Realtor for many years I have seen the scenario of Home Buyers become discouraged form buying a home due to credit issues that prevent them from getting a Mortgage Loan when they feel it is time for them to get ready to buy. As a Realtor sometimes you feel uncomfortable asking about a buyers credit worthiness, although you should always ask if they have been “Qualified” not just “Pre-Approved” for a Mortgage Loan as we all know there is a big difference between the two that the potential home buyers are not clear about or understand. As Realtors … (6 comments)

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