realestate: Halloween Decor Tips For Homeowners - 10/11/23 06:21 AM
Halloween is the perfect time of year to get creative and transform your home into a spooky haven for trick-or-treaters and party guests. With so many ideas out there, it can be challenging to know where to start. That’s why we’ve put together a comprehensive set of Halloween decor tips to help homeowners create a hauntingly beautiful home during the Halloween season. Whether you’re a seasoned Halloween decor pro or just getting started, these tips will inspire you to enhance your fireplace with seasonal decor, creating a Halloween wonderland that will be the talk of the neighborhood.
Key Takeaways For Halloween Decor Tips Transform … (3 comments)

realestate: Some Homeowners Will Benefit from Other Sellers Going on a So-Called “Strike” This Spring (Are You in a Position to Take Advantage?) - 04/05/23 04:06 PM
The spring real estate market isn’t necessarily the best time to sell your house; you can get your house sold quickly and for top dollar at almost any time of year if you price it appropriately and it’s marketed correctly. But spring is definitely a time of the year many homeowners opt to sell their house.
It’s not a bad choice, since there are typically more buyers active in the market looking to buy a home. Plus, there’s a certain energy to the seasonally-driven market which just makes it feel like the perfect time of year to get your house sold quickly and for as much … (3 comments)

realestate: 3 Things Parents Should Encourage Their Teens & Twenty-Somethings to Do (If You Ever Want Them to Move Out of Your House) - 03/11/23 05:13 AM
Years ago it was common for children to move out and get a place of their own right after they turned 18, or maybe around 22 if they went to college. But times (and costs) have certainly changed over the years, making it difficult for young adults to move out and get a place of their own. So, most people would agree that young adults can probably use all the time and help they can get from their parents for as long as possible nowadays.
Rents and house prices aren’t cheap. Then of course there’s the price of food and utilities every … (2 comments)

realestate: Houses Are Taking Longer to Sell, but Here’s What You Can (And Can’t) Do to Avoid It When Selling - 02/08/23 02:23 PM
When you decide to sell your house, you’ll often hear real estate agents say that they’ll get your house sold quickly and for top dollar.
Who wouldn’t like that?! Everybody wants as much money as they can possibly get, and most people would prefer not to have buyers coming to see their house for months on end, so, the quicker the better.
But what defines quick? Well, there’s no absolute definition and it depends upon a few factors. It can mean a few days, weeks, or even months, depending upon how the market is in your area, the price range of your home, … (2 comments)

realestate: Want to Upgrade Your Space? Try One of These Manageable Home Projects - 02/01/23 12:59 PM
For many, hearing the phrase “home projects” brings to mind lengthy, stressful, and expensive home renovations.
But not every project is a major undertaking; there are plenty of small (and totally doable!) projects that can have a big impact on your home, with minimal time, effort, and/or budget required.
So what, exactly, are some of those projects?
A recent article from outlined manageable (and affordable!) home projects homeowners should consider tackling to breathe new life into their space, including:
Create a workstation. If you’re working from home, but using your dining room table as your desk, it’s time to create a more permanent solution. Find a … (0 comments)

realestate: Home Price Data Shows Slower Annual Gain - 02/01/23 12:45 PM
According to the latest S&P Case-Shiller Home Price Index, home prices continue to slow, though they remain 7.7 percent above year-before levels.
The S&P Case-Shiller Home Price Index is among the most closely watched measures of U.S. home prices. The index, which tracks both monthly and annual changes in home values, has been collecting data for nearly 30 years. According to the most recent release, home prices continue to slow in metro areas across the country. Craig J. Lazzara, managing director at S&P, says November marked five consecutive month-over-month declines. “November 2022 marked the fifth consecutive month of declining home prices in … (0 comments)

realestate: What Are “Comps,” and What Do You Need to Know About Them in the Current Real Estate Market? - 01/24/23 01:23 PM
Every industry has jargon an outsider wouldn’t understand, and probably doesn’t need to know. But real estate is a field where almost every “outsider” needs a bit of insider knowledge in order to successfully buy, sell, or rent a place to live a few times in their lives.
For instance, you could go your entire life without hearing the term “comp” once, but the minute you decide to buy or sell a house you’ll hear agents say it like it’s a word you probably already know. It’s not nuclear physics, so you can probably figure out what they’re talking about, especially in … (2 comments)

realestate: With Home Prices Coming Down in Some Areas, Will Your Rent Lower as Well? - 01/18/23 01:29 PM
If you’re a renter, you’re probably well aware that rents went up more than 20% over the past few years, but your income most likely didn’t increase by nearly as much. So this article probably sounds like promising news when the headline claims that rent prices are finally falling in some areas.
However, the article actually says that economists are predicting rental prices to keep increasing in the coming year. When they say “falling” they’re referring to the fact that they just won’t be increasing as much per year as they have been over the past few years.
Considering home prices are reportedly coming down for the first … (4 comments)

realestate: Common Myths About Buying New Construction Homes—Debunked - 01/10/23 02:20 PM
People have a lot of preconceived ideas about what it means to buy a new construction home, and whether buying a new construction home is a good investment.
But the problem is, many of those preconceived ideas simply aren’t true, and those myths are holding back buyers from exploring buying new construction, even if it might be the best move for their home purchase.
So what, exactly, are those preconceived ideas—and why are they not true? A recent article from debunked common myths about buying new-construction homes, including:
New construction homes are more expensive. Will new construction homes have a higher price tag than previously … (1 comments)

realestate: 8 Reasons You Should Seriously Consider Listing Your House in January 2023 - 12/27/22 11:15 AM
If you’ve been thinking about selling soon, you’re probably leaning toward doing so when the spring market rolls around, since it’s often considered the best time of year to sell a house. However, you might want to reconsider what constitutes the “best” time for you to sell your house.
It’s hard to qualify any specific time of year as the best time to sell, but spring probably gets ranked highest more so because it’s when more people tend to list their homes, and more buyers tend to look for a home. But that doesn’t mean it’s the most strategic time to sell yours.
In fact, listing your … (2 comments)

realestate: Buying a House Is “In the Bag” for Millennials and Gen Z - 12/22/22 02:35 PM
Many members of the Millennial and Gen Z generations would love to buy a house of their own. But according to this CNBC article, they simply can’t afford to do so.
Not only can they not afford to buy a house, many are moving back in with their parents, as Forbes recently reported, due to inflation, low-paying jobs, college debt, high rents, and the general monthly costs of living on your own. Given the current economy, it’s a smart, sensible move to stash away some cash and pay off their debts, even if it isn’t where they’d like to be at this point in … (1 comments)

realestate: Smells Homebuyers Hate & Home Sellers Hate to Clean - 12/06/22 07:15 AM
You want to get the best price for your house – and you want it to happen fast! But the competition out there can be stiff…especially if there are lots of great properties for sale in your area that don’t have bad smells. So how do you give your home the edge?
When it comes to selling your home, you’ve got to think beyond how pretty it looks, how nice the shrubs are outside, and whether the paint color on the front door is a turn on, or a turn off.
It’s no secret that you’ve got to appeal to their sense of sight … (2 comments)

realestate: New Home Buyers Bounce Back In October - 11/28/22 07:19 AM
Home buyers in Oakland County, Michigan have had a time trying to purchase a new home earlier in the year with all the competition, then the mortgage rate increases made things even harder for home buyers,  Mortgage rates were at their recent peak in October, despite elevated rates, new home buyers were active, pushing sales of newly built single-family homes higher than the month before. This improvement was well over expectations as economists polled by Reuters predicted a month-over-month decline in October.
Buying a Home and PredictionsDespite the prediction of a month-over-month decline home buyers have been active in purchasing new homes n fact, according to … (1 comments)

realestate: 7 Memes That Reveal What Real Estate Agents Are Secretly Thankful for on Thanksgiving - 11/24/22 08:35 AM
Thanksgiving is the perfect time to reflect upon the things we’re most thankful for in life, like our friends, family, health, and (of course) the ridiculous amount of food we’re about to eat.
But for real estate agents, it’s also the perfect time to reflect upon the things we appreciate about our career, since it’s one of the rare days we have some down time to do so! So let’s take a look at 7 memes that sum up some of the less obvious things real estate agents are thankful for in life:

realestate: It’s a Great Time to Sell Your Home in This Market—IF You Keep These 3 Things in Mind - 11/04/22 05:05 AM
Some people feel like it’s not a good time to sell their house right now because they’ve heard that prices are dropping, it’s taking longer to sell, and the number of home sales have drastically dropped.
That’s all true in many areas and price ranges, but it isn’t across the board. A lot depends upon where you live and the price range of the house you’re selling. Your specific house could also be immune to all of that if it’s nice enough, or unique enough for buyers to beat a path to your door in droves. (Caveat: almost every homeowner feels their house is … (5 comments)

realestate: If It’s Such a Bad Time to Buy Real Estate, Why Are the Wealthy Doing It? - 10/13/22 10:44 AM
According to this Housing Wire article, 75% of people recently polled by Fannie Mae felt pessimistic about the real estate market, and that it’s not a good time to buy a house. So, if you’re among the many who feel that way, and you’re thinking about holding off for prices to come down, you’re not alone.
Considering that interest rates are up and prices haven’t dropped as much as buyers would like, it isn’t surprising to hear that news. Some marginally qualified potential homebuyers have legitimately been priced out of the market. But many others are simply being cautious, not wanting to make … (0 comments)

realestate: The Greatest Christmas Story Ever Told (Real Estate Version) - 12/04/18 02:58 PM
Updated (11am 12/24)
The original version (bottom of page) is a great story, albeit with a slightly sad ending. However, this page has been updated with a NEW version, sent in by Shelly Brunette. Enjoy! 
Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house
Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse
My signs were all out and brochure boxes loaded The ad copy in and the lock boxes coded. I just wrote an offer with that 1 perfect buyer eeghads its so low...they say they won’t go any higher So I call up my seller with the not so good … (2 comments)

Listing sites like Zillow, Trulia, Redfin are Apps That Commonly Get It Wrong but have become the go-to source for many buyers and sellers (particularly people attempting to buy or sell property on their own) to get information about the market, view properties, and connect with property owners.
But while most people believe these listing sites are a reliable source of information, there’s actually quite a bit of misinformation that can throw a wrench in your home search or sale.
Here are the three things real estate apps commonly get it wrong (and how you can avoid them while selling or buying your home):

WHAT DOES THE FALL TIME CHANGE HAVE TO DO WITH REAL ESTATE?Millions of people adjust the fall time change on their clock now that daylight savings is ending.
But what’s weird is that it’s not done everywhere; also, the actual date of when the fall time change occurs is different in some areas of the world.
It isn’t universal.
Adjusting to the time change is confusing enough for people on a local level. So, forget about trying to make sense of it nationally, or globally.
Why does it exist? Is it still useful? Why doesn’t it get observed everywhere? All questions people may ask, but none … (0 comments)

realestate: Is There a Buyers Market Creeping Up? – Realtor Tom Giliam - 08/17/18 03:52 PM
We all know that this sellers market would not last too much longer and it seems to be coming to an end sooner than later. The turn towards a more favorable buyers market seems to be taking place with 14% of all listings taking a price reduction in June of this year which is up from just 11% in 2016. Everywhere you turned you heard nothing but, It’s a sellers market and a great time to sell! which was true and still is in some areas of Oakland County Michigan like Farmington Hills, West Bloomfield and others, but are the sellers … (0 comments)

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