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Monday Blues or "Make Money" Monday? Mondays-love them or hate them.  Do you look at Mondays as the exciting opening to a productive week?  Hold high expectations coupled with a brilliantly executed plan? Or are your Mondays a slap in the face reality, back to the grind, mark time to the next wee...
Establishing Trust in the Sales Process   Establishing trust comes through integrity, purpose and your values commitment.  For this to happen, there are certain characteristics and skills that the top sales professional must possess for trust to occur with the client.  By having complete trust, y...
Why is your results where they are today?   Being in the real estate/mortgage/sales industry for 29 years of which 27 years I've managed, coached and encouraged while still being a top producer.  I've come to thirteen (an unlucky number) reasons or personality traits, why individuals are not top ...
You Can and Must-The Ten Things to Control in the Second Quarter of 2010  Is it me or did the first quarter  of this year go quickly?  For many, including myself, there were a few bumps along the way and it was hard to get and keep momentum going. I look at each 90 days as a new season of actions...

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