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We are talking local D.C. area here. Prices vary from community to community like they vary from market to market. This morning in the Washington Post Real Estate section there were "Ten Tips for Today's Market." If you are planning to sell, you may want to take a look at this article. For exampl...
For the last two days, the Washington Post (WP) has used prime real estate to bring us this life changing case against Baxter the pooch in Fairfax County, Virginia. Yesterday his mug shot was on the front page of the WP and today it is on the front of the "Metro" section. It is the most discussed...
The other evening I was driving home when I heard an analyst was being interviewed on a local news station about the market. Her comment was that it is a buyer's market. Being that it was a local station, although she worked for a locally based but national magazine, one could only assume that sh...
If you are looking for a home, things just got better. If you were waiting for lower rates, now you've got them. No one can predict where rates will go from here, not even the pros but it is unlikely they will go much lower than the new national average mortgage rate for a 30 year fixed of 3.94%.
We also have the nations's worst traffic but that may be related to the fact that folks are going to work in the morning.The D.C. market, with some exceptions has historically been a robust real estate market. Prices are down from the highs but business is steady. Interest rates are at the lowest...
Once again, The D.C. area has won out over other much larger metropolitan areas as the winner of the "nation's worst traffic." I have lived here almost a quarter century, I can tell you that it is the #1 issue and has been as long as I have lived here. Back then we were in the top 5, not #1. The ...
I could call B.S. on this but I won't. I understand exactly what they are saying in this video link and for some people yes this is important. However, myself owning a 105 year old rental multi unit and no home, rental or the one I live in, under 40 years old, and having seen as many problems in ...
Normally a rate drop would cause the public to knock down the door and start buying houses or refinance. Not so much in this economy but here is why you need to buy, if you can afford to buy, and feel reasonably safe in your job or profession. Rates just cannot go much lower. Perhaps they will bu...
The truth is there has never been a perfect time in history to be alive. There have always been wars, bad economies, and other situations. I think that is the way life is planned. Not to be too easy that we get complacent. Over the last few months, it has been concerning to me where things might ...
What is the Value of a home? Other than the value to the homeowner where the value can be measured not only in financial terms, the financial value is "what a buyer is willing to pay for it." However, a report by Zillow, shown here in a video at, indicates that some U.S. housing m...

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