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The other day I was showing a house and my client and I walked out onto this wonderful deck that overlooked a nice wooded back yard.  A cool breeze was blowing and we were talking about how great it would be to sit out on the deck and eat dinner.  We were talking about the bar-be-cue and how much...
The last week has been wonderful.  Evening temperatures have been down in the 50's on some nights.  The cooler temperatures are causing the leaves to start turning, although we are going to need to see the 40's before we get the real vibrant colors. I've had my windows open to let in the cool air...
  What Can We Do With Our Homes ? We keep hearing about Global Warming and the fact that we need to do things to help the environment. We can cut down on the number of miles we drive on I-459 every week, and buy a more fuel efficient car. We can turn the thermostat up (in summer) and run a fan to...
My mother was taken to the hospital a week ago Saturday.  She lives in an assisted living facility in Florida (I live in Alabama).  The nurse at the assisted living called to say they were taking her, but after that I heard nothing.  After many calls I tracked her down and knew she was "safe" and...
I had someone call me the other day about one of my listings.  She said she didn't like her landlord and wanted to buy a house instead.  She told me all the promises the landlord had made that never came to reality and I really wanted to help her find a house.  In talking to her though, I learned...
  Try an Island Before you Buy.   The other day, a client and I were looking at Homes for Sale in Hoover Alabama.  She was very interested in having a kitchen with a LOT of counter space.  Because I like to prepare meals with lots of ingredients, I want lots of space in MY Hoover, Alabama kitchen...
When getting your home ready to sell in Hoover Alabama, you want it to look warm and inviting.  Just like curb appeal on the outside - you want your home to appeal to the buyer on an emotional level on the inside.  Now I'm not talking about putting out tons of stuff so the house looks cluttered,...
Interest Rates are really low right now, and we've been talking about 30 and 15 year Fixed Rate Loans. If you look at the different loan programs that lenders are offering, you will also hear about Adjustable Rate Loans.  Adjustable Rate Loans typically have a lower rate than the fixed rate initi...
  I woke up this morning and heard an incredible amount of chatter in the back yard.  There was so much noise I had to look.  There, on top of the shed were two cardinals and one was feeding the other.  They were both good sized birds, but on closer examination, one was a baby - just a little sma...
Yesterday the government decided to help out Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac which allowed the financial markets to feel "more secure", thus causing interest rates to go down.  With interest rates going lower, Now is a Great Time to Buy A Home in Hoover Alabama or anywhere for that matter! Well you ma...

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