buying a home in hoover alabama: Time for Good News in Real Estate - 12/16/09 01:27 AM
It is December and everyone is busy getting ready for the holidays.  My husband Tim and I will be working at the Boy Scout Christmas Tree lot this afternoon and that is alway a lot of fun. People seem happier this time of year (there is always the exception but for the most part this is true).  We get to think of things besides the everyday grind and we turn our thought to giving and being grateful for the people and the things we DO have in our lives.
If you DO have time to look, there is a lot of … (2 comments)

buying a home in hoover alabama: Time for Red Buds and Forsythia in Hoover Alabama - 03/13/09 03:30 PM

March is one my favorite months in Hoover Alabama, Every day is a new experience.  Two weeks ago we had snow and now the buds are coming out on the trees.  Driving down Shades Crest Road the Red Buds and Forsythia, which bud out in flowers before leaves are EVERYWHERE.
They are called Red Buds and some of the plants have a red colored flower, but most of them are Purple.  They are tall trees with thin twisted branches and can grow in the shade of other trees.
The Forsythia are bushes … (2 comments)

buying a home in hoover alabama: Buying A Home - Your Sister's Car Can Hurt You - 10/02/08 03:55 AM
I have a contract on one of the Homes I have For Sale in Birmingham Alabama.  When the buyer made his offer, the lender had given him a pre-approval letter.  He pays his bills on time and has a great credit score.  He was really excited about buying his first home!!
We were supposed to close on the 19th, but with all the changes in the economy and underwriting practices, and the fact that FHA was changing its rules effective October 1st, we were told everything was backed up, so we moved our closing date to the 30th.  Well, on … (0 comments)

buying a home in hoover alabama: Buying A Home - Why do I care About Interest Rates? - 09/09/08 11:06 AM
Yesterday the government decided to help out Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac which allowed the financial markets to feel "more secure", thus causing interest rates to go down.  With interest rates going lower, Now is a Great Time to Buy A Home in Hoover Alabama or anywhere for that matter!
Well you may be asking - What does that mean?
When you borrow money for a mortgage, you are getting a loan at the prevailing interest rate.  Let's say the going rate for today is 6%.  The two most common pay back periods are 15 years and 30 years.  The other variable … (0 comments)

buying a home in hoover alabama: Buying A Home in Hoover Alabama - Rates are DOWN - 09/08/08 10:16 AM
Wow, Interest Rates are Great Today.
There is a lender in town who sends me the interest rates on a daily basis.  I really like this becasue it keeps me up to date with what is going on in case someone wants to know.  Well, today the rates dropped BELOW 6%.  His company was showing 5.875 with NO Origination fee on a 30 year fixed rate conventional.
Makes Me Want to Buy A HOUSE !!
They claim it has something to do with the government taking over Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.  Well, if you are a plain citizen, … (1 comments)

buying a home in hoover alabama: Hoover Alabama - A City of Parks - 08/22/08 10:20 AM
Hoover Alabama - A City of Parks
I love trees and I love to be outdoors (except for those really hot days of summer).  Spring and Fall are incredible - clear days, moderate temperatures AND plenty of places to hike, picnic and spend time with your family outdoors. Summer mornings before 9:00 are also quite a treat.
Hoover is home to the Moss Rock Preserve and Aldredge Botanical Gardens.  These are world class parks that attract visitors from all over the state.  Aside from these, Hoover supports 5 Community Parks and 3 Neighborhood Parks.
Today I was at the Howard Lake Park.  … (0 comments)

buying a home in hoover alabama: Buying A Home - Is Downpayment Assistance A Good Thing? - 08/19/08 07:45 AM
As of October 1, 2008 the FHA will no longer insure loans using Third Party Down Payment Assistance Programs. 
You will still be able to get help from a family member or church, but the programs where the seller was actually asked to foot the bill are going away. These have names like Ameridream and Neimiah.  There has been a LOT of discussion about how this action will help or hurt the housing industry. Now these programs were created with the idea that they would "help" people who wouldn't otherwise be able to afford a home get into one. Now I … (3 comments)

buying a home in hoover alabama: Buying A Home - Take Advantage of the Tax Credit - 08/04/08 01:59 PM
New housing bill gives First Time Home Buyers a TAX CREDIT of 10% of the purchase price for a home they purchase.  This means if you buy a home in Hoover, Alabama that costs $75,000 or more, you will receive a $7500 tax credit.   The maximum you can receive is $7500, but even if you pay a lot more than that, $7500 is still a nice little sum.  And, get this, a 1st Time Homebuyer is defined as someone who hasn't owned a house in the last 3 years.
What a great time to … (0 comments)

buying a home in hoover alabama: Buying A Home - Save Gas - 07/01/08 05:00 AM
In Birmingham we get those hot days with the temperature inversion that holds in the humidity and smog.  I am out in it every day looking at Homes for Sale in the Hoover Alabama area. Then we see the signs over the freeway that tell us not to drive unless it is necessary.  On these days your eyes burn and your sinuses flair up; it's really hot and you are just plain miserable.  In the 1960's the pollution was bad because of the industrial plants.  We still have some of those today (thank goodness for the EPA), but a lot of … (0 comments)

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