marketing rea: What Is Mortgage Planning? - 06/18/07 06:12 PM
Over the last few years, the term or title "mortgage planner" has been growing significantly in its use by mortgage originators.  While sounding impressive, what does it really mean?  Is it possible for someone to actually plan a mortgage?  After all, don't lenders simply establish the terms of various mortgage products and at that point let the consumer merely select the one they figure best suites their needs? 
For the consumer, where, what and how does the so called mortgage planning actually occur?
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marketing rea: Generating Unending Referrals Through Affinity Marketing - 06/10/07 05:10 PM
Came across a great article regarding Affinity Marketing at one of my favorite sites; Top Producer Strategies.
Affinity marketing  simply means forming mutually beneficial business relationships and the continuing process of  nurturing and growing the referral trees that stem from them.
Affinity marketing relationships could be a relationship between a financial planner and mortgage professional, a Realtor and mortgage professional, a corporation and a mortgage professional and/or Realtor and/or financial planner, etc. A sword has two edges. Just as you will only refer your clients to professionals you know, trust and respect, you will only receive referrals from those who know, trust … (3 comments)

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