mortgage origination: Do You Know How To Develop A Business Plan? - 06/22/07 07:34 AM
Most individuals readily admit THEY SHOULD have a business plan, however once they get down to writing one, they often get overwhelmed.
The first mistake many people should realize is that a personal business plan:
Does not have to be a huge document. It need only include key components and serve as a guide to building a long-term mortgage practice.  It's a flexible document that should change as your business grows or the business environment changes. Consider these simple instructions when writing your own plan.
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mortgage origination: Why Metaphors Are Such Powerful Sales Tools - 06/22/07 03:31 AM
What makes the use of metaphors such a powerful communication tool? In my humble opinion, it's because they simply drive home a point with a short, memorable, and emotional punch that information and logic alone do not have.
I have repeatably witnessed the use of metaphors by some of the top superstar Realtors and mortgage professionals as a teaching tool, or to convey difficult concepts to their clients.
The flood of information coming at our clients daily is increasing, not decreasing.  More information is not the answer.  In this environment, we need new tools and strategies to get our messages heard … (5 comments)

mortgage origination: Adventures in 1st Time Home Buying - 06/21/07 07:01 AM
As a First Time Homebuyer (FTHB) authority, I have taught and consulted thousands of mortgage professionals across the country about FTHB's. That said, I can sniff out good and bad advice regarding the FTHB process faster than you can blink your eye. To my immense pleasure, I found a series of articles concerning the FTHB experience that's RIGHT ON THE MONEY!
This series of posts was penned by one of my favorite bloggers, Rich Jacobson at SoundBiteBlog. Rich has done a masterful job of articulating the FTHB process and I highly recommend consumers, Realtors and mortgage professionals won't be disappointed.
At … (4 comments)

mortgage origination: Rediscovering FHA - The Financing Options - 06/10/07 05:06 PM
The following are financing options available within the FHA loan programs recently highlighted:
30 Year fixed rate mortgage - 203b and 234c 15 Year fixed rate mortgage - 203b and 234c 1 Year ARM - 251 1.75, 2.00. 2.25 and 2.50 margins 1% annual and 5% lifetime caps SFR only (1-4 units) 30 Year term only3-, 5-, 7- and 10-year hybrid ARM Temporary buydown - fixed rate mortgage -  qualify at note rate … (0 comments)

mortgage origination: Old Time Seller Concessions Making Comeback - 06/03/07 05:37 AM
No doubt about it, we are definately in a Buyers Market!
In today's current market environment, sellers are now willing to provide consessions to sell their properties. This sets up a perfect opportunity for you to contact your Builders/Realtors to promote seller paid buy-downs.
This market reminds me SO much of the eighties and early nineties when buydowns were commonly utilized to market slow moving properties. If you have been in the business less than 10-15 years, this market is something you have never seen. However, for us old-timers, we are are starting to see marketing strategies that has not been in vogue … (6 comments)

mortgage origination: Pre-Approval Letter Defined - Again - 06/02/07 09:38 PM
I'm starting to see more of a dirty little secret not often discussed in the mortgage and real estate industry. It however is is starting to pop it's ugly head more than usual and I have a feeling our current market environment has something to do with that.
I'm talking about "Pre-Approval Letters" and what they REALLY mean.
While researching this issue, I came across a post written by Rhonda Porter titled "Pre-Approval Letter Defined." Rhonda is a top mortgage originator in the State of Washington and in her Blog she wrote a very clear and concise article about Pre-Approval Letters.
Pre-Approval Letters … (8 comments)

mortgage origination: Rediscovering FHA - Part 2 - The Loan Programs - 06/02/07 09:18 PM
The following are the most commonly used FHA loan programs along with their characteristics.
There are multiple sections of "The FHA Act," these however are the primary programs most commonly utilized:
203b (Regular)
Most widely used section of the act Can be used for 1-4 unit properties, PUD's, manufactured housing, but not condos Requires up-front and annual renewal MI Has a fixed rate on interest234c (Condo)
Used only for condominiums (not PUDs) Unit must be in an FHA-approved project Qualified spot condo approvals may be available Requires up-front and annual renewal MI Rate may be fixed or adjustable251 "ARM" (Adjustable Rate Mortgage)
Caps of 1% per … (0 comments)

mortgage origination: Leadership, Respect and Loyalty...a Lesson Learned - 06/02/07 09:14 PM
During the early spring of 2005, I was leading a national project team that had sixteen incredible people whom I had a tremendous amount of respect for. One night while in a hotel room and thinking about the project, I suddenly realized such and became overwhelmed with appreciation regarding the individuals I was working with.
It was at that point I started composing an email in which I wrote a paragraph of what I respected and appreciated about each individual on the team.
When completed it ended up being a five page email.
After reviewing it, I then hit the send button and … (2 comments)

mortgage origination: How One Client Turned Into 72 Closed Transactions - 06/01/07 12:59 AM
We always hear about building a 100% referral based business. While I don't think very many can claim 100% of their business is referral based, I know numerous superstar mortgage and real estate professionals who's business is in fact at least 90 to 95% referral. The Best Time To Get A Referral
What do people talk about with their friends when they're buying a new car? About new cars! Better yet, what do people talk about when they are buying a new house or refinancing a mortgage? That's right...houses and mortgages.
More importantly, when they talk about mortgages, are your customers talking … (51 comments)

mortgage origination: What Makes A Good Mortgage Blog - 05/29/07 03:43 AM
What makes a good blog? Given that mortgage and real estate blogs are starting to proliferate, I get this consistent question from my readers. First, I do not claim to be an expert...far from it. I can however give my my opinion on what I enjoy in a blog.
Honesty Readability Transparency Sense of the bloggers voice and personality Non corporate and making sure it doesn't sound like a PR machine Fun, interesting and relevant content BrevityAdditionally, I have compiled a list of informative and helpful links you should find interesting and helpful while providing you an excellent overview of what makes … (0 comments)

mortgage origination: Turning Lemonade Into Mortgage Leads - 05/28/07 09:26 AM
Just read a post that had a great marketing idea for originators calling on Open Houses. When I was starting out, one of the most effective ways I found to get Realtor business was calling on open houses. Recently I was speaking to a gentleman who started in the business thirty short months ago and last year he funded $40,000,000 (80%  Realtor referred) with an average loan amount of $209, that's a lot of loans for someone who just recently started in the business. When I asked him how he had build his Realtor based business so fast, he told me … (2 comments)

mortgage origination: Rediscovering FHA - A Few Benefits - 05/25/07 02:30 PM
The are many advantages to providing an FHA solution to a borrower.
These include:
Lower down payment (1.25% to 2.75%). The lower down payment requires a minimum cash investment of 3% which may be a combination of down payment and borrower paid closing costs. FHA loans are not credit score driven - There is NO minimum FICO score requirement. Seller may pay ALL of buyers closing costs, or the closing costs may be paid by the lender through "premium pricing." Seller financing concessions and contributions are allowed up to 6% of the sales price. Cash reserves are NOT required - The only exception … (0 comments)

mortgage origination: Is The Customer Always Right? - 05/22/07 03:59 AM
Is the customer always matter what?
My first years in the mortgage business, I believed the answer was emphatically yes. After all, that's what my business professors taught me in college. However, after a few years of dealing with more than a few difficult customers, I seriously began re-thinking the customer service mantra "the customer is always right."
Have you ever had a customer who was impossible to please? No matter what you did, nothing made them happy? I have and below are a few other facts I realized:
They were typically my lowest profit loans (if they closed at all) Allocated three … (8 comments)

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